[pnpgm] Dorhak's last attempt at reason

Dorhak Red Wall dorhak at comcast.net
Sat Jan 4 19:26:37 CET 2020

Dorhak is about ready to throttle this moronic, beardless dwarf.  It would be easier, at least, to do so without the hair in the way.  Still, he has to try one more thing.

speaking in Dvallin, he says to Gnorf "know ye now that I speak the truth.  We were brought here following the man that was murdered. He stole from us, so we do not mourn his loss.  We were able to track these bandits to this cave and recover what was ours.  We are not from around here.  The Lemasans, except for that one looking for snakes, are all bandits.  We subdued them.  These other humans and the elf are my crew.  We mean you and your people no harm."

"May Dvallin deal with me ever so severely should I not speak the truth!"
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