[pnpgm] Update #110 - Raddok is upset

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[OOC: If this doesn't fit, remove it, or any parts - condense it - lol. But I felt...]... Raddok has about reached the limit of his ability to be passive and let events unfold as they will. He knows that Gnorff seems to understand/speak Dwarf Elder, even if he is not quite a dwarf, so he wants to throw out a quick summary of what, in his own mind, has been going on around him - not so diplomatic, perhaps, but frank and open anyway, without Dorhak's angry sense of injustice.

Raddok had intentionally spoken out about what he had discovered about the so-called 'raiders' being miners, not warriors, in Dwarf Elder as well as Marentian. After all, he wanted the visitor/native - Gnorff - to know what he was saying, both about his discovery & about what he was saying to his companions. Then, showing Gnorff back to where the sleepers were, he had noticed that the dwarf-appearing man seemed direct enough, not the cruel type, planning to have his people just kill these trouble-makers now unconscious around them. He had found himself kinda liking him.

But Gnorff's apparent belief that some of his party, & friends, were complicit in whatever had been happening, was very disturbing to the miner. He blurted out without thinking, in Dwarf Elder "But we don't even know where we are! We were only chasing an evil man who was responsible for enslaving & killing many dwarves back in Marentia, for some unknown secret he wanted. We finally catch up to him & he creates a - portal - and escapes through it, so we chased after him, and found ourselves suddenly in the middle of the night in a rainstorm - here!" And he spread out his arms, lifting them up slightly & looking about, indicating the general area around them. "And then we were attacked by those snake-headed spiders! I don't know about the others, but I have no idea where we are now. Those 'raiders of yours killed the man we were chasing - so we were worried - who were these horsemen? So we followed them here."

He looked beseechingly at Gnorff. "Don't you see, asking us to give up our weapons to strangers - even kind strangers - is very threatening to our sense of safety right now. Can't you compromise & just ask us to put the weapons away. I'll gladly put my shield & mace back in their holding loops. But I want to be able to protect myself from any more snake-headed spider monsters or other unknown beasts out there - not to mention what seems to be an invisible snake in here around the horses. How can I trust an unknown number of strangers - who seem to think this is our fault, not these sleepers, or that we are part of whatever the gods know is going on around here?!" He took a deep breath to calm down. "Do you understand? We don't know these people - or you. All the thieves are only asleep - not dead. My friends are all awake; and we killed no one. We have stolen nothing - we only sought the one responsible for the death of many dwarves." 

Raddok shuts up, a bit afraid he's maybe said too much, altho he mentioned no 'treasure.' He hopes Fremea & maybe another member of the party have successfully hidden themselves - just in case.

[I know this is a lot of monologue, so shorten or interrupt it if necessary to fit the story (sigh - lol)]

{Happy 2020, everyone!]

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