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   Arawn felt drained but ecstatic upon finding a pulse on the downed dwarf. Barbosa was still in a vulnerable state but at least he was alive! But the alfar had little time to focus on this as trouble remained abound - Fremea was paralyzed, the Book was missing, and the party was far, far from home in hostile surroundings!
   He considered using his druidic abilities to free the faerry from her immobility but realized that with the Book missing his magic might be needed elsewhere. After a split second of considering his options he rummaged through his pack for an iron goblet, pouring into it some Goideli wine from a wine skin before swirling his magical Toadstone into the precious liquid.​
   "Give her this!," he called out to Z'leyra before handing her the goblet.​
   He continued to monitor Barbosa in the meanwhile but called out, "Grab the arrows from Velf. We can use it to track his assailant if more mundane methods fail."​


   When Fremea came to and asked him about peering through time he responded,​ "I can though Z'leyra is more adept at it. However, I am an oracle of the gods and can spy the general location of the book as well as speak to Velf's spirit."​

OOC: I'll wait to hear replies/plans before moving further ahead with Arawn's actions. However if no trail can be discovered or alternate plan made Arawn will cast Questing Sight at max EL using his wand to locate the whereabouts of the Book. He'll cast at double mana to double the range to 18 miles.
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