[pnpgm] Game Update #101 - File #751 - Escape to death?

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Fremea is extremely upset. First, about her target being dead already (not even sure how, since she was directly on his tail) and second, because it is raining so much. She really hopes to find the trail, where the arrows came from, or really the book. Even though it is raining, she will use her Mana sensing to see if there is anything she can determine. Maybe a trail of residual magic if the book itself could leave something.

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Resending in case list was down...should be back up

   Character Name
Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate
..Corona..........Eagle...Npc................Ma..Companion to

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Update #101 sequence (file #751)


Notes: None.


   From Pyan: [Re: Actions]

        Pyan makes sure
no Armor suit is going to attack him them makes …

   GM: Ack. Good stuff.

   From Kiet: [Re: Actions]

"Arawn!  Move it!"

      If he doesn’t move immediately, Kiet’s
going thru that portal!

   GM: Ack.

   From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]

        Unless in
immediate danger, once thru the portal Z'leyra will cast the best healing
spell that she can cast in one phase on Barbosa. If no danger
threatens she will follow that up with regular healing skills.

   GM: Ack.

   From Bess: [Re: Emails]

        [I found several
pnpgm emails in my Spam folder, when looking for an email I hadn't yet
received. Evidently, the last time Yahoo Mail updated itself, several
things got moved to Spam, which were stupid choices. Good thing I
checked; I've cleared the ones landing there (that I found) & am
still going to the website to be sure I have all the information. Will be
checking spam foldre now for the next 1-2 weeks, to get everyone's emails
back on track. (Stupid computer program :(

   GM: Ack. Glad found it.  Issue is with these free
emails like yahoo, hotmail, google and such they aren't as good as a ISP
meal like say @comcast.net or such.  For example in 8 years I've had
only 3-4 spam emails but 0 went to spam. Thanks to the comcast
servers.  But it also means they can block emails seeing it as
spam.  So its not 100% perfect.  But I'm confident in my isp
over the free ones. :) Gmail for example will often bounce stuff very
often.  Beyond my control. :<

   From Raddok: [Re: Actions]

        Raddok dashes to
the portal after his final swing at suit #1, …

   GM: Ack. Good post.


        [Ma 3rd,

1:24:28 pm – South-East of Ma'Dor]

   Pyan makes sure no Armor suit is going to attack him then
makes for the portal at full haste as he looks around do make sure he
doesn't run into another suit of armor he notices Barbosa missing, did he
already make it through the portal? He also notice Z dragging something
and wonders what she's up to, but he was ordered through the portal *now*
so doesn't think anything more about it, instead focusing on the terrain
so he doesn't trip while running as fast at he can.

   Raddok dashes to the portal after his final swing at suit
#1, coming almost to a stop at the pulsating entrance, Z'leyra right in
front of him. He quickly slings his mace onto its belt hook & gives a
hand to her, grabbing for one of Barbosa's ankles to help move him
faster, but his injured shoulder gives a
serious twinge as he lifts the unconscious dwarf's leg, then trying to
grab behind the limp knee to better lift him.

   Nevertheless, he plunges through the
portal doing his best to keep hold of at least that much weight,
vanishing into the unknown with Z'leyra & Barbosa, already thinking
he might have to drop
Barbosa's leg to re-draw his mace once he can see again. He's beginning
to feel a bit dizzy now with the light all around him, and with the break
in the
fight - brief as that may turn out to be.

   The shield was heavy, & he kept it as close as he could
to balance its weight above his injured shoulder & off the arm
itself, for the strain on the arm would weaken his hold, until the
shoulder could be tightly bound to support the torn muscles. He could
feel some blood trickling down his back, but he was far more concerned at
the moment of how bad Barbosa looked.

1:24:30 pm – South-East of Ma'Dor]

   "Arawn!  Move it!" Kiet bellows as smoke
rides from the fires.

   Arawn turns around and becomes almost panicked.  If he
was a human but he is slightly above that due to being a Alfar and a
trained priest.  But his heart aches and his mind reels.  Sure
the creature slept here high above for centuries. But it can do that
again? Surely it won't starve.  Arawn knows his weakness – to others
– is his caring of others.  As he turns he sees Kiet slow down – no
– his mouth and words? He glances at the portal and it too is slower in
its blink rate. Is time slowing or is he? Back at the flying castle
island he did things he had no clue he could do.

   Arawn turns back to the runes.  A mental map of the
choices shines in his mind.  The dormant rune has to be it.
But he can't determine the combinations on how to fix the portal or
remove magic here to allow escape.   He pushes the dormant rune
and it turns gray.

   Then seem to flex faster.  Before Arawn can try 2
possible runes he feels a tug.  Suddenly the creature lifts him
fully in its mouth – but no pressure – and moves toward the portal.
As his body transitions into the portal he tries to mouth a prayer.
But his eyes fake him out ?  The creature is dissolving?

   Arawn sees images in his mind.  As if to signify too
late time is up. Then suggestion of its his duty to remain here.
Then Arawn can feel gratitude. Arawn concentrates and conveys there are
always possible solutions.

   At the threshold Arawn is dropped and he drops his shield
from his back. Then Arawn reaches out and touches the creature's face and
feels a tingle as the  creature tilts his head and pushes Arawn
through the portal.

   Then Arawn leaves.

   Kiet reaches down and grabs the discarded shield.  He
looks up to see the creature yawn and shake his head as if confused or
sleepy?  Then he hears a rumble all around. He has heard this before
when the entrance collapsed.  Suddenly rock and debris falls from
the ceiling.  Then boulders size of wagons.

   Kiet turns to back himself through the portal.  Never
turn back to a creature.  As he transitions he believes he sees an
illusion?  The form of the creature seems to lose mass.  Or is
that the insubstantial effect Z'leyra uses?  At the same second the
creature seems to lay down but a shimmer of some energy surrounds him as
boulders land on him but bounced off by some shield?  Maybe the
dormancy protects him?  But even more happens.  At the last
half second of flames engulf the portal it seems the portal sucks in that
insubstantial creature energy. But does it set if on fire or something

   Then Kiet leaves the cave as it collapses.


1:24:12 pm – South-East of Ma'Dor]

   Fremea flies out of portal with dagger in hand and is pushed
downward. She is suddenly hit by a drenching deluge. The water is pushing
her down and soaking her wings.  Wasn't it sunny and clear outside?
Now its dark and raining.  It takes here a few moments to try to get
her bearings to find Velf.

   Then Unali appears and is drenched.  She shields her
eyes to get her own

   Then Fremea detects movement a dozen feet away.
Visibility here is maybe 20 feet if 15 at times.  She tries to fly
that way but is water logged so slower. She sees a human black form and

   Unali follows fast behind.

   Fremea reaches for Velf's shoulder? But as she does Velf
tumbles to the ground.  What the heck?  There is a arrow on his
side and another broken on the ground that fell off from his back.
She checks the body and find him dead.

   Fremea curses as Unali arrives.  Fremea looks for the
book and looks.  But doesn't find it.

1:24:20 pm – South-East of Ma'Dor]

   Seconds later the rest emerge into the new area and move
aside for the next person.  Z'leyra and Pyan appear with Barbosa

   Fremea takes to the sky to see may have shot those
arrows.  But she is so weighted down by the water she can only get
to top of the trees and standing on a limb.  She strains for clues
but the rain is so thick.

   Unali bends and tries to follow a ground trail but what is
damage from the rain and from a person?  She needs Pyan who may have
experience here.

   Z'leyra leans down ignoring the rain and checks Barbosa but
finds no pulse at all.  She quickly casts a spell before doing any
first aid and tries to heal the dwarf.  But she checks again there
is no pulse.  She curses too – too much damage. Maybe if she healed
him in the cave moments earlier he might've lived?

   Dorhak stares fist clenched at Z'leyra.  He watches as
she tries but fails and sits back slightly giving up.  He growls.

   Then Arawn is almost tossed through the portal.  He
sits on his knees and hands sad – a tear or is that just rain falls down
his cheeks.  Then he realizes if he can go back he'll try.  He
turns and stands just as Kiet shows up.

   Kiet finds himself in a steam bath.  The fire tries
almost in vain to douse the flames out behind him.  They are now
about 90% out and creating clouds of steam due to the rain.

   The portal closes just as Kiet arrives.

   The party finds themselves in darkness drenched by
fire.  But its not a storm darkness its night.  On Vahear it
was day now its dark?  Where have they ended up?


Update: Saturday?

        GM: A good
spot to stop.  Was going to do a bit more.  But can do that
later. I work Monday so can't do update then.  Tue/Thur busy.
Wednesday I can try but we shall see if not it'll have  to be
Saturday.  Sorry I've not done 2 updates a week lately.
Tue/Thur are super busy for at least another month.  So not much of
a vacation. :<  BE ADVISED: Comcast alerts me that email will be
done Sunday night for a few hours.  I assume this means 11pm est?
Sat night or Sunday night unsure which they mean.  I assume emails
will not bounce.  But send to the list and it should get to me once
I pick them up.  But if you have personal emails send Tonight/Sat or
Monday/day.  Experience noted and recorded – See mana chart online
for details. Just experience updated mana and other stuff not

        GM: Kiet –
fire should end in 15-20 seconds as spell.

    Arawn – You literally ran out of time.  Based on
your email and other factors I hope you like above.  Unless Kiet
tells you, you are unsure if creature lived or not even Kiet may not
know.  Fun mystery.  :)

   Pyan – Your connection to creature was done before Arawn
technically and you may have saved the party.  After it read your
intent and maybe mind he saw no threat and that's why he didn't
rampage.  But if hadn't made that 1st connection things might've
been far worse.  Good job!

        GM: Damage



        16+4+1+5 [Dead]








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