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 [feel free to use as much or as little of this as you want; I got just a bit carried away - but l was wondering how bad I'd be feeling is I'd lost 1/3 of my body's strength/use/mobility like Raddok did, &  others had been hurt worse earlier in this adventure; glad I never had to actually go to war, even as a nurse (Viet Nam is my era)]

As Raddok stumbles through the portal, holding one of Barbosa's legs to help Z'leyra with the dwarf's limp weight, he is stunned, shocked by the sudden darkness and streams of water seeming to flood over him, and is relieved when Z'leyra stops quickly and sets Barbosa down. Raddok can barely see after the bright, pulsating lights of the portal they just passed through, and is glad to set the dwarf down. He looks at the limp form, and feels more shocked - the dwarf looks dead!

Raddok suddenly is aware of the heavy rain, soaking coldly under his armor, down his neck and back, and he shudders, which sets off the pain again. He again wished he had chosen to bring the heavy sword, although the shield had undoubtedly helped save his life tonight. He looks up quickly at the sound of a pursuit ahead, but having lowered himself to one knee to set the severely injured dwarf down, Raddok finds he cannot get to his feet again - he is lightheaded again, and a bit nauseated, and has to keep himself from falling with both knees and his free hand. Raising up on both knees, he draws his mace again, but feels too weak to stand.

His struggle to get up is forgotten as he watches Z'leyra try to revive Barbosa, and sees her apparent inability to do so. Raddok feels grief wash over him, as he looks at the pale, sturdy, stocky body, seeing him with the eyes & memories of the irascible dwarf's conversations aboard the ship over the last several weeks, and the miner-turned-adventurer feels faintness mix with his sorrow.

"I think I need help," he tries to say, as he closes his eyes in the sudden remembrance of pain. Definitely, fighting had kept his focus away from it before - nothing like trying to just stay alive, he grimly smiled. The smile faded into a grimace, and he closed his eyes for a moment. Since he could not stand, he tried to listen with his eyes closed - was there danger nearby, or just the stormy night? Something was wrong about this place, but he was too tired to care - how far had they come? Had had happened to the sun? He felt very dizzy. He just wanted to sit down for a little longer. Although he felt and half-saw the others coming through behind Z's & his own exit - he now saw the portal suddenly vanish in fire and steam. He winced at the sight, but barely cared; he was just glad they were together again.

Bess L. Hadley
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