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OOC...From Book 1...”Eloquence - A Character’s mental dexterity. It can be viewed as his ability to think quickly. Problems that require a person to be convincing in interpersonal relations, think quickly or respond with mental rapidity require Eloquence.

Kiet sees how difficult his choice becomes with the flames, but it seems to have helped.   But now there are still 'suits' active and hurting group members.  Kiet hates the idea of possibly damaging such valuable armor, but they are animated and active against us!

Kiet is going to run over suit #9, stepping on it and dodging any attempt it might make to attack, then head towards Mournath.  As he approaches Mournath, Kiet activates the Jump function in his boots to go over Mournath 's head to lite just beyond him.  He then heads towards Dorhak and his attacker, swinging wide and then swinging around toward the portal.  The intent is to approach suit #2 closely enough to attack it with tulwar.

Obviously, do not block portal with fire.

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