[pnpgm] Update...

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Thu Jan 31 06:54:44 CET 2019

Was gonna do a update today but started 2 hours late.
Not my fault..oh well..

Dorhak still needs ideas and help.

So Sitrep:

Rear ship:
Dead in water, Arawn now a prisoner.
Not moving, Rigging destroyed.

Fore Ship
Sails destroyed. This menas can still us ewater currents to move.
Anywhere from 10-30 speed.
Can only do wide arching circle turns no pinpoint maneuvering without sials.

Player ship:
Moving 60-90 due to wind/spell still in effect.

So simply coming along side may be difficult
60-90 to suddenly stop around 10-30 speed.

MR 6-9   1-3

To maintain speed woul dneed ot drop anchor very suddenly to grapple 
to board ships.

Unless use spells like teleport.

So Dorhak needs optoins?


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