[pnpgm] ..delay..

pnpgm pnpgm at comcast.net
Sun Jan 6 06:54:06 CET 2019

Five (5) min from update...sigh

But no....staff left me....

Off to slack..so close..

So will try to finish tue/wed if the staff gets up on time not hours late...


Fremea what are plans once at ship?

IX/Mae Deadline set.  If not alive/active by landing on VAhear will 
turn to npc mode and you'll stya on ship.
Hopefully this will bring you back to life? :)

Arawn if you plan on battle mind keep in mind everyone is spread out.
Some in back/front and middle.
I am unsur eon range but may not cover all.

I'll assume all can don armor.
But if you done Chain+ let me know.
Since Chain/Water doesn't mix.
Glug Glug.

Any last min actions cna be posted by
Monday AFternoon.

So darn close...sigh

off to bed..

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