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The Captain reaches out to Raddok and says "Translate for the others."

Dorhak realizes that the people in the cave, whether or not they are the people we were following, probably are plenty awake and aware now.  Just great.  Is nothing simple anymore?  He quickly chides himself, however, on not leaving watch at the mouth of the cave.  Stupid.

He walks out toward the cave entrance, purposely letting them see him, but keeping his shield ready and mace in hand.  He yells out, in Dwarf Elder "Cease your silly bellyaching!  We were just trying to find someplace dry.  Besides, by Goibnu's mug how the hell are we supposed to know it’s you land?  I thought it was Kotothi land, by the gods, with the evidence we saw.  You allow snake headed gorillas on your land?  Are ye daft?"

Dorhak finally gets a good look at the person he thinks used the dwarf's own language.  "My name is Captain Dorhak.  And just who might you be?"  A short pause (pun intended) then he says "and what the hells are you?  By Dvallin's plaited hair!  Your face is naked!  Have you no sense of decency or modesty?"
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