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                 When Arawn mutters his suggestions, Unali mutters 'I /hope/ 
            GM: Ack.  Sorry man I know delays suck.

         [New Stuff]

         [Ma 3rd, 1636TH]
         [Time: 1:14 pm – South-East of Ma'Dor]

            Arawn considers the omen and wonders 
if this is all related.  If only he could tie the 
two together?  His keen intelligence works 
overboard as he works on the riddles.

            "Desire, soul, life, ambition...," 
Arawn muttered. "It's something close to that but I just can't quite place it."

            He looked to the party. "Any thoughts?"

            Raddok translates and Barbosa turns 
briefly around hearing the answers.

            When Arawn mutters his suggestions, 
Unali mutters, 'I /hope/ he finds the answer soon 
and we can move on.” in return.

            Arawn quietly casts a spell and sends 
the suggested answers to Dorhak.

            Dorhak turns around and raises a 
eyebrow.  Then he repeats the words.

            The Wards remain yellow in color.

            Barbosa turns to Arawn, “try spirit.”

            Arawn adds the new word.

            Dorhak gives the new word.

            “Correct.  What has a tail and a 
head, can flip but has no legs?” The Wards bellow out the next riddle.

         Actions? Comments?

         Next Update...Wednesday?

         GM: I do apologize for the delays.  Work 
and real life issues  Lots of stuff going on 
here.  Also Dorhak/Arawn have been busy so that 
has delayed a bit.  With hurricane coming I'm 
also been busy and prepping. I didn't think the 
riddle – btw its 100% my riddle – was hard. :) 
This one is a easy thing.  A 3rd riddle will be 
given if so and then we'll move on.  Sorry. Its 
been years since did riddles in this game.  Made 
them too hard. :<  So if storm comes next week we 
could have no power tue/wed.  Alex will know by 
me not being online.  He can warn folks then.  If 
storm is over by then can work on update wed or 
so.  But next couple days will be busy getting 
ready.  Again thanks for patience.  I made this 
update small and fast for speed instead of a longer one I wanted.

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