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[1st question - do all hear the voice on the far wall, or nobody but Dorhak?]

[OOC: Not knowing, at this point: can add following action]

Raddok is till grasping Barbosa by the shoulders after pulling him off Velf, when Barbosa, seeing Dorhak clinging desperately to the far cliff's edge, leaps to a stand, crying out to the light "Take me!"

Raddok's eyes widen & his mouth falls open as the lights glow brighter & Dorhak is gathered and lifted in the beams, to safety. The miner leans forward to grasp Barbosa's shoulder again, and whispers softly in Dwarf Elder, "I think you might have - did you - wow, you might have just helped save Dorhak." Suddenly he remembered his role in this venture, and added, a little louder, again in the Dwarf's tongue, "Now I have to shake you up a bit for supposedly disobeying, so," and his volume increased & he shook the dwarf's shoulders a bit, gripping hard, "you have to be more careful & remember you're a playing a prisoner here! And so do I!," and shoving the dwarf back, he released him, glaring at all those around, eyes ending at the view across the cleft. He knew a bit about how Barbosa felt at the moment, & he silently sent a prayer upwards, "God of Dorhak, please keep your servant and our friend safe from harm. So may it be."

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