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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate
..Brutto..........Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #1
..Finn............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #2
..Ardrackle.......Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #3
..Zepp............Sailor..Npc................Ma..Sailor #4
..Corona..........Eagle...Npc................Ma..Companion to Z'leyra
..Zol.Zim.........Wolf....Npc................Ma..Zehani Wolf/Ix's Friend

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         Game Update #88 sequence (file #693)

         Admin Notes: None.

            From Dorhak; [Re: Actions]
                 Dorhak struggles in Barbosa's grip.  "By Goibniu's Flagon!  

                 ooc.  Seeing as the others were 
able, it seems, to bring along my gear, Dorhak 
will not be taking up Kiet on his offer of knife or small shield.
            GM: Ack.

            From Dorhak: [RE: Actions]
                 Raddok translates Velf's words 
to Dwarf Elder, although he feels 

            GM: Ack.

            From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
                 "I think it's time you tell us 
everything you know about these 

                 (IC to try and get Velf to open 
up more about the dangers he's aware of and how they might be bypassed)

                 Does Arawn's Scholar 
(Myths/Legends and Metaphysics) give him any 
insight into the location and if alternate 
methods can be used to safely bypass the test 
(like using rope and grappling hook or maybe 
throwing sand to look for an invisible bridge 
instead of just blind faith to cross the gap or 
maybe trying Elder magic to give Dorhak Flight)??
            GM: Ack.  Scholar might indicate 
going around wall but to be honest you figure 
they'd be smart enough to detect such 
tricks.  Now you have noticed based on dustand 
missing dust it can be assumed rope/hooks were 
attempted and probably prevented.

            From Raddok: [RE: Actions]
                 (OOC: Will Raddok's Mental 
Invulnerability make him invisible to any magical 
sensors/items involved here? Not that Raddok will 
know the difference (unless something radical 
happens to make him aware of it - & I suppose 
that the magical ring & bracelet might be visible 
anyway? - idk -never thought about it before – lol)
            GM: Ack.

            From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
                 Much as the artist in Z'leyra 
would like to examine the patterns 

            GM: Ack. Translations are being openly.

            From Raddok: [Re: AWOL?]
                 [are folks on vacation?]
            GM: Ack. Dunno about others but I've been busy see below.

         [New Stuff]

         [Ma 3rd, 1636TH]
         [Time: 1:06 pm – South-East of Ma'Dor]

            [Moments before Dorhak takes his leap of faith.]

            Much as the artist in Z'leyra would 
like to examine the patterns on the walls, she 
would not like to trigger a ward's attack. Hearing the dwarves talk
amongst themselves she regrets that they hadn't 
given her permission to learn Dwarf Elder. 
Sighing internally she just waits and continues watching out for
any dangers.

            Raddok translates Velf's words to 
Dwarf Elder, although he feels sure Dorhak knows 
what is expected. "The man says 'be willful and 
believe you can cross.'" He whispers, "be careful, please."

         [Time: 1:09 pm – South-East of Ma'Dor]

            Dorhak struggles in Barbosa's 
grip.  "By Goibniu's Flagon!  Release me!" he 
says in Dwarf Elder. He shifts over to Dvallin 
and says, "This is a dwarven warren and I am of 
the House of Dvalinn, a son of jewelers, and 
skilled in stone. I have been named as steadfast 
as a Red Wall!  Release me!  I will not be harmed! Not by my own kind!"

            When Barbosa leaps forward & tries to 
stop Dorhak, Raddok says, a bit more loudly than 
he intended, "Stop, Barbosa! Please, trust him to 
be careful!" and he grabs & pulls at the dwarf's 
arm to help release Dorhak, turning to face the 
distraught dwarf, and place a restraining hand on 
his shoulder, braced to stop the dwarf plunging 
after Dorhak. Raddok's face is grim with worry - 
& a little fear that the dwarf will push them 
both over the edge. He turns his face back to 
watch Dorhak, and glances at the others to gauge 
what they might do next. Only then does he notice 
the lights above them & his eyes widen – startled.

            As Dorhak dangles over the edge in 
open space, Barbosa hangs on for dear life to his 
neck.  Velf at the same time tries to releases 
Barbosa's hands.  Raddok translates and tries to brace for the dwarves.

            Velf then does a chop at Barbosa's 
neck.  This causes the dwarf to cough and 
instinctively release Dorhak as he grabs his neck.

            Dorhak falls into the abyss of darkness.

            Barbosa lunges for the edge as he 
continues to cough.  Then he turns to Velf and 
stands and grapples for Velf to throw him over 
edge.  But Raddok stops him knowing they still need the man alive for now.

            Suddenly the rune-wards change from 
yellow-white to red.  A beam of energy hits 
Arawn.  Sending him against the wall with his breath knocked out.

            As Barbosa begins to yell a faint thump is heard.

            "I think it's time you tell us 
everything you know about these tests," Arawn 
said to Velf, seemingly unperturbed by the 
glowing crystals.   The Alfar recovers from his 
breath being taken away as he breathes fast.

            Velf kicks Barbosa away with help 
from Raddok. He glares at the dwarf then Arawn 
then back at the wall where the runes are now a 
dull gray.  “No time! Suffice it to say we tried 
to help others...several on this side died interfering.”

            Barbosa looks down at the abyss 
knowing Dorhak is dead for none other than a stupid riddle.

            From far below in the darkness a 
muffled cry is heard.  Sounding like “owee...my nose.”

            Barbosa leans over the edge and yells, “Dorhak?”

            But 14 feet below Dorhak hits some 
small earthen ledge.  He can feel his nose 
probably broken.  It is gushing blood.   Dorhak 
growls and stands on wobbly legs.  The glow of 
the gray runes some 20 feet above him casts a 
fog-like mist around the area but with his cave 
eyes he can sense and see a earthen bridge of 
some sort from one wall to the other but at a 
steep angle.  He swore as he fell this
thing was not here a moment ago.

            As he glances around the bridge seems 
only 1 feet thick but goes up to the edge of the 
cliff on the other side.  Then he feels a 
vibration as the bridge seems to shake. Without 
thinking afraid it'd collapse he rushes 
upward.  The bridge has formed a somewhat steady 
stream of sand steps.  As he gets 5 feet up the 
far edge where the party's section of cave is crumbles.

            Hearing this those near the edge lean 
over to hear the dwarf scramble up like a spider along the wall.

            Three feet...2 feet...the bridge is 
falling out from below his feet.  The last 2 
steps crumble to dust as Dorhak leaps toward the 
edge.  He catches the edge as his feet dangle over the abyss to his death.

            Barbosa turns to the others, “help him!  Toss rope.”

            Velf shakes his head, “I do not encourage that.”

            Dorhak's hands begin to slip under 
the weight of his chainmail and gear. IN some 
cases only half a finger means certain death.

            Barbosa stands and speaks loud in 
dwarf elder, “Take me!”  As he beats his chest and look at the wall.

            The runes turn from gray to white.

            As Dorhak's fingers slip away from 
the edge of the far cliff wall, a beam of energy 
shoots out from both wards.  The two beams 
converge and move downward toward Dorhak.  He 
flinches forgetting he is falling to his 
death.  But the new engorged beam surrounds 
Dorhak.  Dorhak feels static discharge all over 
his body and he begins to lift upwards 
slowly.  Inch by inch Dorhak is moving above the 
rim of the cliff wall opposite the party's cliff 
wall.  Dorhak is carried over the edge and beams 
dissolve and Dorhak falls to the side toward the wall of runes.

            Velf does a fist pump, “yes!  That is 
new and never happened before.”  He turns to 
Arawn.  “You work for me so I answer things on my 
time.  As to these...tests as you call it its 
random.  No two tests are the same.  So do I have 
an idea what’s next?  No.”  He squints and 
narrows his eyes.  “Now how did he survive that fall?”  He glares at the party.

            The runes turn to a dull 
gray.  “Stand brave and foolish dwarf. State your 
ilneage.  Are you ready for the final and most 
dangerous, for you, part of this exercise?  This 
will be for you only no one else will 
interfere.  Fail and the fall will be real.”

         Actions? Comments?

         Next Update...Thursday?

         GM: Finally.  Sorry for delays.  Its 
about 85% staff issues who like to slack and 10% 
me just being busy and 5% storms and other stuff. 
I lost about 20 hours I could've done update due 
to it.  Only so much I can do. :)   Next week 
will be super busy with doc visits and such.  I 
may have some time Thur/Fri but unsure.  Depends 
on if get help.  Next update may be short based on  Dorhak's reply.

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