[pnpgm] Update #87 - Raddok

Bessie Hadley eleabess at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 4 09:04:01 CEST 2019

Raddok translates Velf's words to Dwarf Elder, although he feels sure Dorhak knows what is expected. "The man says 'be willful and believe you can cross.'" He whispers, "be careful, please." 

When Barbosa leaps forward & tries to stop Dorhak, Raddok says, a bit more loudly than he intended, "Stop, Barbosa! Please, trust him to be careful!" and he grabs & pulls at the dwarf's arm to help release Dorhak, turning to face the distraught dwarf, and place a restraining hand on his shoulder, braced to stop the dwarf plunging after Dorhak. Raddok's face is grim with worry - & a little fear that the dwarf will push them both over the edge. He turns his face back to watch Dorhak, and glances at the others to gauge what they might do next. Only then does he notice the lights above them & his eyes widen - startled.

Bess L. Hadley

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