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   HT         Player       Character Name     Type    Status/Notes   Sex
   -- ------------------------------------------------------------------

   FH.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar... Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W2.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Game Update #1 sequence (file #51)

       Admin Notes: While this is technically the first official
       update I will still use my pre-#1 numbering scheme for 2 more
       IBTs that are due out.  Just to stay formal with update #s.


       [New Stuff]

           [Marqi Frisda 23rd, 1636TH; Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 8:15 am]

             Dorhak examines his prize.  It has taken him a long time
           to get to this point.  A dwarf without a nation of his own
           kind.  A dwarf without even a single other dwarf in this human
           infested land he finds himself in.  The only dwarf among this
           crazy band of adventurers.  To join the party during a hippogriff
           attack on the Zen'da plains and to end up here in Sivas.  Such
           a strange name humans call their places.

             Now a bit over 3 months later he has become native.  Having
           a place - a hovel he rents - is not a dwarf Kril.  But it
           is something until he can find his way in this human infested
           world.  Dorhak sniffs the air around the courtyard of his hovel
           and smells the early morning meals being made.  HE is though
           not openly admits it, happy to be here.  This Artist Quarter
           of homes is something he has grown used to.  To sculpt and
           to watch art - even lessor human art - is a place he has
           learned to fit in.

             While on the outside he looks ugly and like a dwarf
           who constantly is constipated he has made friends here.
           Even the motherly hen painter across the way with her
           ample flesh in various unnatural positions.   Even the
           old man sculptor who taught him a bit he would never admit
           to learning from a human to other dwarves.  But he has
           appreciated this place.

             But outside this Artist Quarter he finds the typical
           riicule the humans dish out.  The snide comments and
           stares.  The laughter from the kids and the stuck up
           noses by the adults.  This place is still not a friendly
           place to dwarves.  While they don't openly tar and feather
           him they don't make him a honored guest either.  Like
           Fremea and Kaylle the dwarf still has issues.  Some believe
           if he just shaved he'd look more friendly.  A dwarf shave
           his beard!  How absurd is this!  Some in the Quarter even
           threatened to do just that when they found Dorhak drunk
           on the lawn.  But lucky for them none never did.

             To the humans this is Frisda the 5th day of the weird
           6 day human week of the calendar adopted by Marentia
           from a land called Thaliba.  The climate here has been
           reasonable.  Cold but not blizzards like the great mountains
           his people are known to be from.  To the humans this is called
           the Planting season of the 6 seasons.  Dorhak actually liked
           the last season called the Dark Season.  But now is it
           mostly spring to the humans.  While it is overcast the
           day is warm at 80 degrees already.  A warm breeze rolls in
           from the Sea of Cholchara in the north.

             But at least Dorhak is eager to get rid of his winter
           clothing.  Now he stands looking at his prey and prize.
           He smiles as he grunts and runs a finger through his
           whiskers.  He bends down to examine the quarry in
           the prize.  For a sculptor he sees this stuff.  A warrior
           is also a sculptor!

             He reaches out to grab his prize and hefts it up as he
           stands.  The 4 foot piece of stone work is one of his
           best pieces.  A mere 38-40 pounds he estimates.  But the
           stone from the quarry is exceptional.  The blue hair who
           wants the piece done will pay him a godly sum of 40 gold!
           He laughs as its probably not worth a tenth that much!
           Why do old human females even have blue hair?  Is this
           some divine curse?  He shakes his head as long as the
           have the gold he doesn't care if they have purple and
           green hair!  But if she pats his head one more time he
           may just smash the statue over her skull.

             Dorhak begins his trek into the city streets.  It
           has been a fun few months.  Who knows maybe it is time
           to move on and find some other dwarves.  What fun would
           that be.  Couple months back he heard from Z'leyra that
           there was actually another dwarf the party traveled with.

             Khalgon joined the party some 3 odd years before. It
           seems during some event where Varange freed a prison
           wagon with the party inside did he leave.  His current
           location is not known.  Rumor is that he and Varange
           went to the lower world.  Whether this is true no one
           knows for sure.

             Dorhak considers his new found friends.  Arawn the
           crazy Elf - no they say he is Alfar son of a god?
           The Elf who can't decide what to be.  A priest, wizard,
           druid, healer, scholar among other jobs.  He was gone
           for a long time and rumor has it he has recently come
           back.  But if he continues to preach to Dorhak he might
           end up with a smelly sock stuffed in his mouth.  Dorhak
           giggles at that though as he avoids a fast moving horse
           passing by.  If someone hits his statue and damages it
           they will pay dearly!

             Fremea the kind Faerry.  Dwarves have little contact
           with Faerry as a general rule.  They just don't trust
           them at all.  At least with humans you can see the
           deception fast.  But with Fae they are pranksters and
           like to do wild things.  Dwarves for the most part
           do not have a good sense of humor.  But for Fremea
           she is a good one - not that Dorhak knows of another
           Fae around except for Kaylle.  But Dorhak knows there
           is still darkness in her.  But as a warrior he knows that
           darkness can be a benefit for the right purpose.

             Kiet the acrobat who recently threatened to fire his
           gardener if he finds ONE snake in his yard is a funny
           man.   The acrobat seems care free but his wizardry background
           gives true merit to the gods.  Dorhak has little use for
           the gods.  But he can see Kiet cares for them - at least
           for what he needs from them.  Maybe after he gains his 40
           gold from the insane blue hair and downs a barrel of rum
           he'll visit Kiet in his new place.  He just keeps forgetting
           to go over there.  First time he did the cook did not
           enjoy him in her kitchen but never spoke to Kiet about it.
           He did bath recently that week at least a week before!

             Dorhak yells at 2 kids who run past almost knocking
           him down.  Why do humans seem to treat him as some
           odd target that says 'Knock me down'?  He giggles as
           he recalls the slap heard around the world.  Well at least
           to his mind.  The crazy red head who almost killed him
           and then his justice with that keen slap.  She might like
           this statue of the Promenthian Captain.  A famed hero in
           some old dusty war the Marentian was in.  Some naked fool
           man who only used a sling and a club of all things.  He
           examines the state of the naked man.  The blue man wanted
           him well endowed but while the customer is always right
           it just was weird to spend hours on that one part for
           Dorhak at least.  He wonders if Mae is even still around
           or fled to seduce some old man for his gold.  Last he
           heard she was at some brothel.  He actually considered
           some of those places but the brothel owners always threw
           him out thinking he was some carnival kid midget who had
           a hair curse.

             Then he watches 2 sailors pass by.  Sivas has such common
           signs of sailors and crews.  He wonders where Mournath went
           to and why he left?  More importantly he wonders if he
           could get his share of the gold.

             Pyan the quiet hunter he met a few times in some tavern
           and drunk the kid under the table.  He just couldn't
           hold much rum.  Some humans just can't learn to drink
           well!  But Pyan was a good teller of stories.

             Dorhak jumps back as a camel spits on the street almost
           hitting his precious statue.  Why do the ugly beasts
           even show up here?  Aren't they like desert beasts?
           Sure ships dock with such exotic things but they seem
           too frequent here.  Ugly beasts that make Dorhak look
           quite handsome.  Speaking of ugly beasts he wonders if
           Raki knows any dwarf lore.  He'll have to talk to him
           if he hasn't gone off to kill some god lately.

             Then there is Unali the woman who can dress to
           please nobles in a court but still use daggers like
           a weapon master uses a great sword.  Dorhak finds
           her most fascinating to walk in these diverse worlds
           of mud and dirt yet the palace court.  Dorhak also
           suspect there is something about her that he just
           can't place.

             Dorhak hugs a wall as a wagon full of grain passes
           by  Why can't these fools drive with their eyes open
           not closed?  Maybe he can find a nice alley to do
           some short cuts.  If he recalls he is only a few miles
           from the blue hair's place.  Speaking of blue hair Dorhak
           recalls Z'leyra.   the woman who can't decide to be
           Healer, Wizard, Crafter, Warrior, Armorer, Jeweler,
           Tanner and now tailor he hears.  Why can't she just
           pick a job and stick with it!  Using all those silly
           toys of hers.  Then again maybe she'll get some toys
           for him made.

             Dorhak passes a tavern and smells rum and sniffs the
           air.  Maybe just 5 minutes?  No.  No!  Taverns have
           bar fights and he could lose his prize.  Maybe    later.

             What? What?  What was that man saying?  Something
           about that alley is full of glass and oil?  Should
           not go that way? Fine.  He'll take that alley and
           head to the south.  Would not do well to slip on
           oil and break his statue.

             Guy looked like a sailor needing a brothel though.
           Maybe he was drunk?  But no time to argue he is
           due soon.

           [Time: 8:32 am]

             Dorhak enters a alley full of trash and crates.  He
           is wary for drunk beggars.  At least he has his
           mace on his hip for those fools.  Giving well earned
           gold to beggars - are humans all mad?

             There if he recalls that's Solis Streets some 30 feet
           down the alley.  Then a quick right and maybe a mile
           to her place.

             Suddenly a man exits a door to some place to his right.
           He nods and doesn't see Dorhak at first.  This almost
           causes a collision.  "Sorry..."  he simply says as he
           carries a sack of something.  But this forces Dorhak
           to move a bit to the right wall.

             Dorhak turns to the back and glares at the man.
           But why is the man looking up?  Dorhak shrugs and
           then hears a noise from above.  He looks up and sees
           a very large net falling straight for him.

             Humans say life can flash before death fast or something
           like that.  It seems to take hours for the net to fall.
           But he considers his options.  If he runs he has to dodge
           at least 4 crates.  He could turn back but the man
           is there.  He could hug the right wall but surely would
           hit the net.  His only option is to the left toward the
           door the man exited.

             As he turns left he notices a shadow near the sky and
           looks up to see the sack of whatever coming his way.
           His prize!  No!  Dorhak hugs his statue and prays that
           this man is just tossing his sack to the ground so
           he can avoid the net.  But no!  It impacts his head.
           Ow!  Dorhak is pushed backwards 2 feet.  But he still
           holds his prize!  Yes.

             But under foot he slips on a piece of trash and he
           falls to his butt.  He looks up to see the net now
           just a couple feet above him.  Why do humans seem to
           love to knock into him!  Can he toss his statue to
           the side?  It might break.  Maybe he can hug it to
           his chest and take the net.

             Whoosh!  The net that is it seems 12 feet wide falls
           on him.  But his status is intact!  Yes!  Now to get
           out of this net and kill the man.  First put the statue
           down and pull this net off.


             Something hits his head.  Thank goodness for helmets!
           Oh.  It was a pretty flower pot.  Oh that hurts.  Why
           does he see dancing Fae around his head?  Why are
           they singing now? Ahh.  Darkness no more singing that
           is good.

             Dorhak rouses up and looks around.  Around him there
           are now 4 men including the man who carried the sack.
           They are now ensuring the net is around him.  Where
           is his statue?  Dorhak panics.  Gold first he can
           always kill these men later.  Where is it!?

             Ahh there it is! The head...and there is the legs
           over there..and that male member he spent hours on
           against the wall.  Anger boils up inside as he sees
           gold slipping away from his hands.  Now these men
           WILL die.

             Suddenly a man appears from down the hall and
           charges sack-man.  The sack-man pulls a short
           sword and swings at the new man. The new man - nice
           goatee man Dorhak calls - ducks easily.  The
           man draws his own sword and impales the man with
           one fluid motion.

             The other 3 men turn and draw daggers and short
           swords.  Now it is a 3 on 1 fight.  Dorhak takes
           the time to pull and pull the heavy net off him.
           But it will take some time.

             Dorhak can only see open gaps in the net with
           flashes of intense fighting.  Goatee man slices
           once and twice taking another man down.

             Dagger man slices the Goatee's tunic and this causes
           the man a nasty frown.  Dorhak figures it is a nice
           silk tunic not to ruin.

             Just a few more feet of this blasted net!

             Suddenly one of the man falls onto Dorhak.  Dorhak
           grunts and wraps the net around his neck and
           strangles the man.  Why do human keep knocking into

             There!  Dorhak grabs the man's sword and cuts the net
           finally with a nice blade.  Dorhak stands and
           tosses the short sword aside and pulls his mace.  Now
           to kill this dagger man.

             Dorhak bashes the man on the back and then shoulder
           knocking him down.  Then out of pure rage bashes
           the man in the skull.  Blood spurts all over the
           broken statue.  Dorhak groans and kicks the dead
           man three more times.

             "Whoa there..." Goatee man speaks.

             Dorhak looks around as all of the 4 men are down
           or dead.  He raises his mace at Goatee man.

             "I'm not here to hurt you.  We need to figure out
           why these men...want...ahem..you."

             Dorhak feel a bit of a insult from that but nods.  He
           watches as the man looks at the men.  "All sailors based
           on their tattoos.  Dorhak has heard of shanghaied people
           taken on ships as slave crew.  But Marentia has strong
           laws against such.

             Goatee man bends down and checks the first 3 men.  Then
           checks Dagger-man.  He finds a slip of paper and
           reads it.  "Dock 17, Slip 2.  Amons Dock yard."
           The man ponders this.  "That's for merchant ships."
           he stands and smiles.  "Hi.  My name is Damon."

             Damon notices sack-man moan.  He rushes to him and
           slaps him a bit.  "Why do you want this midget?"

             Dorhak groans he is a dwarf not a midget!

             "..I need...healer.." Sack man groans.

             "Sure sure.  I know of a great healer.  First why him?"

             "...more..more...need...more..of us..them...for...
           the...ship...them more..." He then begins to slur and
           Damon notices blood cloud his eyes.  Dorhak kicks the
           man and Damon glares.

             "No need for that son...sir...son..?"  Damon stands.

             Yes there is his prize was ruined!

             "We could wait for the city guards.  Spends a few hours
           answering questions on self defense or we could find
           this ship?"

             Dorhak looks to the street down the alley and knows
           only a few minutes before someone sees the bodies.
           Dorhak grunts and waves Damon on.  They rush down
           the alley and away.

             As they quickly move the man speaks.  "I actually
           own 2 ships myself.  A thriving business up the river
           and Cholchara Sea. "

             Dorhak ignores the man he seems way too cherry for an
           a man who just killed at least 3 men.

             "Not seen many of ...your kind around here.  I'm
           Captain Damon.  You are...?"

             Dorhak grumbles his name wondering why this human wants
           to be so friendly.  Is this a trap?  Dorhak seems to
           faze out the man as he blabbers on about his ship and
           crew.  Who cares!  The man is rather handsome though
           at least a human can wear a nice beard!

           [Time: 9:03 am]

             The two end up near the docks.  Damon tells him
           to wait as he points to a shed.  Dorhak grunts. He
           may not be 100% fluent but he knows the language
           well enough now to be a native.  But he just doesn't
           trust this man.

             "See the sign? It says Dockmaster.  I'll go ask
           him about the slip and ship there.  See what
           it is doing.  Okay?"

             Dorhak squints at the sign.  Strange lettering but
           he doesn't get it.  But it seems to only have one
           exit so this Damon man can't flee to warn city guards.
           Dorhak nods.

           [Time: 9:12 am]

             Dorhak paces back and forth.  If this Damon person
           left him and is reporting him to the guards he will
           have to pay the captain back three fold - with a nice
           mace spike head.  But finally the captain leaves the
           building. and approaches.

             "Ship is the Black Depths with Rhias as the Captain.
           Her flag is Gom but between you and me the dockmaster
           was probably bribed.  Based on how he reacted.  I suspect
           Gom is not the origin.  When we dealt with those man
           the one that spoke briefly sounded almost like a southern
           dialect from the south west.  Let's go take a look shall
           we?"  He waves Dorhak to the left away from the docks and
           Dorhak looks confused.  "There is a fishing pier over
           this way.  It should give us a good view of the ship."

             Dorhak nods and follows the somewhat arrogant captain.
           They arrive on a old wooden dock where there are a half
           done men and a couple kids fishing.  Both turn to the
           east and look at the docks about half a mile away.  The
           sun is low still on the horizon in the east to the left
           of the docks.  So both have to squint a bit to get a good

             Captain Damon points to a 2nd ship on the docks.  "That's
           the one.  Flying the Gom flag.  Hmmm...looks like a small
           merchant ship probably not a huge hold."  He squints and
           studies the ship.  "That rigging is not common though.
           Look at those iron braces?  There must be some pulley
           to drag something large and heavy from below to shore.
           Its not setup now but there are the ships of that
           reinforced rigging.  That ship probably has a crew of
           at most 8-10.  Probably even only 6.  But look at the

             Dorhak nods.  There are more than 10 on deck.  All
           milling around.  They are carrying spears and swords.
           Which is not common for most crews especially at dock.
           There must be 18-20 men on deck not 10.  Dorhak does notice
           3-4 men without weapons wearing loosely fitting clothing
           like Damon here.

             "Whatever they wanted with you the answers are probably
           on that ship.  Dock master says they are due to leave first
           light in the morning.  But notice anything?  There is no
           cargo on deck.  At least that I see."

             Captain Damon turns to face Dorhak and smiles clapping
           his hands.  "Intriguing no?  I know a few friends that
           could probably get inside and see what's up.  Course you
           can go about your business and ignore them.  But why
           you?  Why not some other person?  No offense but what
           makes you special?  I would see if Farseeker is in town
           but he is not in town.  I wonder if Z'leyra is around.
           Not talked to her in almost a year?"

             Dorhak grins.  Could this man know Z'leyra or is there
           another person named such - which would be weird to have
           2 people of such a odd name.

             Dorhak turns to the east and faces the ship with a grin
           on his face.

             "Oh no you don't!  You might take out 3-4 of them before
           you are killed.  It'd be a suicide mission alone."  Damon
           glares at Dorhak.  Damon has seen that look before.

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update....Monday...

           GM: Happy new Year!  I know I had hoped to start adventure
               a month ago.  But with 2 IBTS coming in late it just
               got delayed and IBTs took longer than expected.  I
               am still waiting for Fremea's IBT.  Tobie had a pc
               crash so lost his first draft.  As soon as I get it
               I will hold game to finish it.  But I like round easy
               dates to recall and 1/1 is a nice date!  Rather than
               recalling the adventure starting on say 1/17 or some
               such odd day.  Not OC in this regard but I like just
               simple dates. :)  So we will start Dorhak's adventure.
               As it is his adventure it is assumed he is party leader
               as Z was with the last adventure.  Will this be the
               last adventure - #8 - New Horizons?  It will probably
               take us till 2019.  That'll be our 20th year doing
               this pbem non stop.  Most give up after 6 months.
               Would I stop on top? or continue?  We shall see.  That
               is a couple years from now.  :)

               As reminder doing updates will be hit/miss.  I'm off
               Tue/Wed and so Monday updates are likely 80% chance
               based on if I work on it Saturday.  Friday's updates
               are more erratic based on factors.  I rarely have time
               to do much update work Thursday so if I don't at least
               try to do it on Wednesday it might be delayed till
               Saturday or Friday.  So keep this in mind.  For now
               I will do next update Monday since I am waiting for
               Fremea's IBT and will be busy some of Wednesday.

               Welcome to the game and if you knock Dorhak over be
               sure to say sorry!

               For old/new players see website for PBEM characters
               of campaign file.  You can read up on the folks mentioned
               here (Damon and other dwarf).

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