[pnpgm] Mini update..

pnpgm pnpgm at comcast.net
Sat Oct 21 01:56:47 CEST 2017

Finished Mournath's waiting for IBT approval to post so tomorrow or monday.
Then send in sheet.
Then get 2-3 hours re-start on Kiet's IBT.
This may take a few days.
But next week is work insurance enrollment so probably some day will 
have ot do that one day.
Then once done with Kiets..
I dunno maybe a week from tomorrow?
Start Arawn.s
I suspect his will take all the following week.  Nov 2?

Then the LAST 2 IBTS are needed.
Who will be last? :)
Fremea or Z'leyra?

Suspect Fremea's 2-3 days.
Z's could be a week and  half (lots and lots of spells - hopefully 
within the lawsof magic and Infamy rules). :)

So maybe done with IBT late Nov?

Then can start adventure first of Dec.
A nice round date would be Dec 1.  But we'll see.

So another month or so and we can start.

Course means I nee dto start adventure details huh? hmmmm

Got a rough idea..
Just to figure out how many pcs to kill off.

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