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Wow!  That was a fun read.  Thanks Scott!!!

That looks like a lot of work.

+1 CEL.  Yessssss!

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   HT         Player       Character Name     Type    Status/Notes   Sex
   -- ------------------------------------------------------------------

   FH.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar... Ma
   ...Kevin Newark..........Dorhak............Warrior.Normal/Dwarf....Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   W2.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R3 Panthera..............Pyandalgor........Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra

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       Admin Notes: Edited roster above for adventure.

       [New Stuff]

           * Dorhak's IBT

           [Decalis 2nd, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Cholan's Tavern]

             Dorhak is enjoying the warm fire and warm food.  The cold ale is
           a bonus.  But when the wine and hard booze is pulled out the real
           party begins.  Dorhak begins to speak of his adventures to anyone
           that spends 5 minutes with him.  Dorhak though turns off the
           general public as he tries to share his stories with his dirty hair
           and beard as well not bathing for a very long time.

             But Dorhak is very happy as he has ale, food in his belly
           and gold!  Rather he will once these human sell all this loot.

             Toward the end of the party Dorhak and Pyan begins to try to
           sing a Dwarf Song.  They weave back and forth in a way that
           might be considered dancing for a person who is on fire.

           [Decalis 3rd, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Z'leyra's manor]

             Dorhak wakes up with a very bad hangover but finds himself
           in the stable? Unsure how he got here.  His tunic is a bit messy
           with ale and what may be a bit of his stomach contents.  Dorhak
           stumbles outside to find himself on the grounds of a estate.  A
           human tells him he is at Z'leyra's place.  Dorhak yells that
           the human should not be yelling but he wasn't.  Dorhak glances
           at the shiny ball in sky and realizes most of the day is gone.
           It must be late afternoon!

             The steward comes out and brings a tray of food and water.
           Water?  Is this human serious!  The steward directs him to
           a open table to eat.  Dorhak gets the hint that he may not
           be so welcome inside until he clean sup.  Dorhak enjoys his
           ham and eggs but avoids the water.  He giggles as he has
           some fresh ale from the tavern he must've gotten last night.
           The steward strongly suggests Dorhak travel to the local
           bathhouse and use a robe supplied.  Bring the clothes and
           they'll get them cleaned.   But when the stewad suggests a trim
           of his hair and beard that draws the line.

             As Dorhak walks to the bath house he does finger his stringy
           hair.  It does seem rather too long.  Some might think he a small
           bear than a noble dwarf.  Maybe he could trim just a bit off.
           Plus hair away from his hairs helps in combat!  But these silly
           human customs of bathing is silly.  Dwarves may be 10 in a tunnel
           and never bath for a month or two.  But it is the Healer's place
           so best go with the custom for now.

             Dorhak falls asleep in the warm bath water and wakes up
           smelling nice.  Did some worker drop perfume in the water?
           But it does smell like a nice plump dwarf female just after
           she bakes bread.  Dorhak takes the cutters and trims a bit
           but not much of his great beard.  Though he does comb out
           the crumbs and is that a dead caterpillar?

             Dorhak bags his very smelly clothing and goes back to the
           manor as the sun is low in the sky.  As he walks he smells
           the city.  So this is human culture?  But it smells like a mix
           of boot leather, horse droppings and soups in the air.  Is
           this how it smells all the time?   No scent of rock or dust
           in a cavern is missing and makes Dorhak miss home.

             Dorhak hands over his clothes to the steward and enters
           the warm place.  He sits in the parlor and considers the
           past events before a dinner is made for everyone.

           [Decalis 4th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Z'leyra's manor]

             Dorhak wakes and goes through his gear outside in the
           cool air.  It seems his gear is in good shape aside from
           his clothing which is being taken care of now.  Dorhak lunges
           in the patio chair and feels the warmth of the sun on his now
           bare upper face.  This place is fine but it is human not a good
           simple home like dwarves live.  He wonders if there is a cave
           somewhere he could stay?  Probably not.  So he thinks he
           should rent a place until he can figure out his next step.

             Before he can even think on things the guard approaches
           and says he has a delivery.  Surprised he finds a wagon with
           a barrel on it.  He helps drop it off and the driver says
           he paid for ale from Cholan?  He did?  He doesn't recall. The
           driver says he paid 2 copper for 20 quarts of fresh ale.  Really
           20 quarts?  That could last a few days.  But 2 copper?  Dorhak
           figures that is worth it.

             Dorhak uses the spout and fills his mug.  Nice ale indeed.
           The guard asks him to place it a bit hidden so Dorhak places
           the keg in the barn for easy access.

             Dorhak spends the rest of the afternoon and some of the
           evening resting.  He considers writing his thoughts and adventure
           material but can't read or write.  Maybe he can express such
           things in a sculpture.  Dorhak looks around this manor is
           devoid of art in the way of sculpture.  Maybe  he can suggest
           some pieces for Z'leyra?

             Now that the steward is more cordial since he has cleaned
           up and trimmed he asks him if he knows of places to rent.
           The steward explains he is welcome here and even inside in a nice
           bed.  But Dorhak knows this place is already crowded.  That Kiet
           fellow talks about maybe getting a place as well.  The steward
           doesn't know of places but will ask around.  Dorhak asks about
           places around stone markets.  The steward does know there are no
           stone quarry areas around Sivas.  A quarry is maybe a day away.
           But he keeps this in mind as he asks some of his own contacts.
           Dorhak wonders if Kiet could check that fellow Kell's things
           for stone merchants?  He'll have to ask him later on that.  But
           for now ale and rest!  Maybe some grapes and those tasty warm

           [Decalis 5th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Z'leyra's manor]

             Dorhak eats the finn breakfast at the manor and decides
           his agenda today.  To get a teacher and do some shopping.
           He grumbles as he eats his eggs making the cook a bit nervous
           until he explains its not the food.  Its the idea of this
           learning to ride a horse.  On the plains he was like a kid on a
           log riding.  These humans do love their horses.  But the other
           dwarves would laugh at him.  Most dwarves don't ride period.
           Course most don't even leave their own mountain.  But if these
           humans want to do more riding and get him very bad saddle sores
           so be it. He profited quiet well in this short time with the
           group. Maybe next time it'll be better!  If it means riding a
           creature 3 times his size so be it.

             At the gate Dorhak pretends to pace as if considering things.
           But in fact he needs to get some advice.  Asking Kiet or
           the others might be a bit embarrassing.  So he decides
           to chalk it up and ask the guard where he might find a horse
           teacher.  The guard considers it a few minutes then mentions
           a ranch in the north west of city that has folks there
           that teach folks.  He gets the directions as he doesn't know
           this city well.

             Dorhak then knows he needs to go to a market and get some
           shopping done.  But first he needs a place.  Dorhak decides
           to go to Kaylle's library.  After all he is not human so
           might treat him nicely.  Walking there he feels strange
           begin so cleaned up.  At the library he finds Kaylle over
           a book.  Kaylle welcomes the dwarf after hearing his details.

             "A place to rent for half a year?  Near stone cutters.  This
           city doesn't have much stone workers.  Most have to bring
           stone in town to do stone work.  There is a section of town
           in the north east from what Thig told me.  It is like
           a artist enclave.  It is a neighborhood of 2-3 blocks of
           just artists.    Actors who come to town rent a place
           for a month or two.  That sort of thing.  I'm sure they have
           a lot of places to rent.  It isn't a great place as its
           not too upper middle class bit a bit lower.  I'm sure there
           are some sculptors there.  But if you need just stone workers
           that cut and no real art skill those are probably far to
           the west near the quarry."

             Kaylle the Scholar adds, "Fremea's....teacher Etain
           has been into real estate stuff lately.  He can be
           tracked down.  I think he is teaching at some schools
           around town."

             Dorhak is surprised to hear Etain is a Elf.  That might be a
           good sign as well. Dorhak leaves and heads to tto the markets.
           Dorhak hates all these humans as he can't see much above them.
           It is like weaving through water with human flesh to find a
           decent stall or shop.  After 3 shops that looked like goblins
           who banged on metal and call it armor he finds a nice armor
           shop.  Entering he asks for chainmail.

             The clerk in his 30s looks at Dorhak.  If he hadn't have a
           bearded he'd be kicked out thinking he might be a kid.  "Is
           this for some play acting?"

             Did he just imply he is some juggler clown actor?  Dorhak
           tries not to kill the man.  Dorhak explains what he needs.

             "Very well.  I assume you can pay?"

             Dorhak draws out his money bag and shows some coins.
           This is when the man perks up like any merchant shown
           true influence - money.  He takes Dorhak's measurements.
           He explains it'll have to be a human sized chainmail that
           is cut down to size.  Dorhak agrees.  Clerk demands half
           up front.  Dorhak grumbles but agrees and pays 7 gold for
           now.  If the others don't sell the loot and get him gold
           he'll be in a bit of bind.

             Clerk brings out some chainmail and marks where needs to
           cut and re-design.  "Come back in 3 days and we'll see
           how it fits?"

             Dorhak looks a bit more around the markets to get an idea
           of what to expect in future.  Then he heads to the ranch
           he was told about.  After arguing with 3 ranch hands that the
           small guy is in the wrong place he finds a ranch supervisor.
           "Yes.  We teach.   Will you ride ponies or full horses?"

             Dorhak places hand on his mace in his belt.  Does this guy
           think he can only ride a kid's pony?!  Dorhak counts the
           insects on the ground to calm himself.  Dorhak explains and the
           man nods.  "Sure.  No problem.  Ranif is your guy.  He is off
           delivering horses to a town in the east."  Dorhak gives the
           direction to Z's place.  The man says he'll be there in the
           morning.  "If you want to learn for a month it'll be it will
           take 3 silver."

             Dorhak heads back to the manor as it is getting late and
           he hasn't had ale in hours.  There he finds Etain in the
           parlor.  "I'm told you need a place?"  Dorhak explains his
           idea and the Elf nods.  "The stone cutters is a bit restrictive.
           But I will check with my contacts.  Give me a few days?"

           [Decalis 6th - 11th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Dorhak wakes up and rushes outside the manor.  He doesn't
           want the others knowing what he is about to do. Not now
           at least.  The teasing would be too much.  When he sees
           a scruffy middle aged man in hard leathers approach the
           gate he stops him and learns he is Ranif indeed.  He is
           leading two horses.  He explains over time he'll bring
           different horses for his skill improvement.  Dorhak asks
           to head outside the city and use the hills.  Ranif doesn't
           care as he is paying.  The man is leery of this small
           person even climbing a horse without falling.  So Ranif
           has to help him up for a few days until they can get
           a stool to help him up.

             For the next week Ranif teaches Dorhak how to ride.
           There are many falls and bruises.  Sore rumps and banged
           head.  But to his credit Ranif does not laugh.  A man used
           to seeing mishaps.  It takes 3 days before Dorhak learns to
           wear padded clothing to at least help with falls.  The first
           day is only riding in a circle.  The thing bored Dorhak.  He
           can't believe humans like this!  Round and round and round.
           He wonders if he could just pay a person to drive him in a wagon?
           Save the effort and just kill Ranif now?

           [Time: 11:14 am]

             Dorhak is rushing to some trees to relieve himself and
           check his rump sores.  The first day of riding is like
           a slot riding a tree limb in river rapids.  Very sloppy.
           Dorhak stands and relieves himself and closes his eyes
           to relax.  Suddenly a noise from the bush he is watering
           makes him wary.  A goat emerges from the bush and begins
           to shake his head.  He has seen goats do this as if they
           are a bit upset.  The goat begins to bay and shakes his
           head ready to charge.  Dorhak begins to step back.  He
           isn't afraid of a goat but he is sore already from work.
           Dorhak rushes off back to Ranif.

           [Decalis 7th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 10:29 am]

             Today Ranif teaches how best to steer the horse with
           the reigns and with feet.  Suddenly a kid's laugh is
           heard.  Dorhak turns around and sees a group of 5.  Two
           men and 3 kids under 12 or so.  The kids are laughing
           and staring at the small man on the large horse.

             The adult man asks for a certain farm.  Ranif isn't
           sure but gives directions to a large farm half a mile
           away so they should give better directions.  The family
           of 5 walk away as the man tries to keep the kids from

           [Decalis 8th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 4:10 pm]

             Dorhak rushes to see his chainmail after riding all day back
           and forth.  The clerk helps him dress.  Then Dorhak stares at
           himself in the mirror.  It fits almost perfectly.  The clerk
           says it does need to breathe especially if one rides horses.

             The dark grey with red trim over padding looks great.
           The red cloak is nice as well.  Dorhak tells the clerk he
           is happy.  Dorhak pays the rest of the gold mainly for
           the custom work.

             "You know you look nice.  But it reminds me of a certain
           kid's story...something about a little girl all in red riding

             Dorhak growls and storms out. Dorhak considers smacking
           the man but with city guards around he'd spend a few days
           in jail.

           [Decalis 9th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 10:14 am]

             Dorhak has not fallen in over 30 minutes!  He is surprised.
           This stupid horse named buttercup for some stupid reason
           likes to drop him.  OR so Dorhak believes.

             Today Ranif is trying to slope climbing with the horse.
           simple slopes to balance the riding and rider.  As he is
           climging one hill a couple miles from the nearest farm he
           suddenly falls.  The horse looks back at him and Dorhak
           swears he laughs.  Dorhak grunts and gets to all fours.

             Behind him some 40 feet away is Ranif walking besides
           his horse.  Suddenly Ranif shrieks and points.  Dorhak
           glances over his left shoulder behind him and sees 3
           small ferret like dog things leaving the bushes.  Each
           is silver-brown furred and have green eyes.  The wolverine
           like beasts are 2 feet long and 1 foot tall.  Two suddenly
           dart toward Dorhak.  While one darts toward Ranif.

             Dorhak stands and grins.  The cute little things
           would make great pets.  But he notices their claws and
           fangs flare outward. These cute things mean business.
           Dorhak grabs his mace just as two leap for Dorhak.

             First one leaps at Dorhak who dodges and misses.  The
           second one claws Dorhak's left middle ribs but his leather
           armor protects him.  Dorhak is amazed these small things
           would want to fight?

             The third charges Ranif who tries to mount his horse.
           But the thing is much faster than a human.  It leaps toward
           Ranif but misses as Ranif panics and moves to the side.

             Dorhak yells for Ranif to bring his shield.  Ranif
           looks like yeah sure when I get away first!

             Dorhak swings his mace at #2 and hits in the side
           doing 12 points.  But suddenly Dorhak yells out as well
           as it seems he was just hit or bite.  Confused he has
           no idea what just happened.  But it sure hurt!

             Creature #1 clamps down on Dorhak's right leg and does
           5 points of damage.  The second tries to bite down on
           his groin but misses.

             Ranif runs and leaps onto his horse.  But as he begins
           to grab the reigns the 3rd creature leaps and rips open
           his neck with a claw.  Ranif screams and falls off the

             Dorhak grunts he may not only lose his teacher but
           he'll lose his deposit!  Dorhak breaks off and runs to
           help Ranif.  But as he does the two behind him chase
           and they are extremely fast.  #1 leaps onto Dorhak's back
           and claws him for 5 more points.

             The third creature charges Ranif but the horse kicks
           him away saving Ranif.

             Dorhak is now only 5 feet from Ranif but knows if these
           things get to his back he could be doomed.  He twirls and
           bashes one but it escapes away in time.

             Both charge Dorhak with #2 biting his arm but his leather
           armor protects him.  Creature #1 finally misses in his
           strike.  Confused by this large horse attacking Creature #3
           charges the horse.  These things are insane it seems Dorhak
           figures.  The creature tries to bite down on the horse's leg
           but fails to hit.

             Ranif gets to his feet.  The neck wound must not be
           his main nerve.  That's good.  Ranif begins to reach
           for the saddle but reaches for the shield.  He grabs it
           and throws it at Dorhak.

             Dorhak barely sees the shield flying but falls to his
           feet 2 feet away.  Dorhak leaps for it and puts it on his
           arm.  Creature #2 leaps at Dorhak just as he raises his
           shield and it slides off.  Creature #1 fails to make
           contact.  Creature #3 charges Ranif but the rancher dodges
           the nimble beast.

             Dorhak begins to back up toward Ranif to protect him.
           But as he does he swings his mace.  He fails to hit #1.

             Creature #1 and #2 leap toward Dorhak but both hit his
           shield.  Creature #3 charges behind Dorhak and leaps but
           Dorhak raises his mace just in time and deflects the beast
           without even knowing.

             This gives Ranif time to mount up and flee  Dorhak curses.
           he didn't just leave him alone!  Dorhak bashes #3 with his
           mace ding 13 points.  But again for some reason Dorhak is
           hurt by the blow.  He is starting to suspect these things
           have magic?

             Creature #2 leaps but collides with shield.  The other 2
           fail to make contact with Dorhak.

             Dorhak bashes #1 with mace doing over 27 points killing the
           creature but again Dorhak takes pain?  Dorhak considers
           fleeing as well if these hits of his will kill him.  But
           fleeing is not the dwarf way!

             Creature #2 clamps down on Dorhak's back but doe snot
           penetrate his leather armor.  Creature #3 fails to hit.

             Dorhak bashes #2 doing 8 points of damage and the creature
           stops moving but this time the pain is expected and Dorhak
           is wounded again some weird way.

              Creature #3 leaps but fails to hit Dorhak.  Dorhak fails
            to also hit beast.

              Dorhak bashes #3 doing the final damage to kill but in
            the process is hurt again.  He notices #2 is still breathing.
            Dorhak does not want to kill him as he'd take damage.
            Dorhak looks around and yells for Ranif.

              Ranif comes back and Dorhak tells him to stomp him with
            his feet.  As the rancher kills the beast he takes damage.
            Dorhak giggles slightly.  Dorhak checks Ranif's neck wound.
            It was close but could've killed him.

              Both head into town to get healed by a healer since
            Z'leyra is still away.

            [Time: 4:47 pm]

              A healed and tired Dorhak gets back to the manor to find
            Etain waiting.  "I found you some places."  Dorhak groans
            not a good day.  But they both walk.  Mainly for Dorhak to
            avoid yet another horse today and to give them time to talk.

              Twenty five minutes later they arrive in a section of town
            in the north east of Sivas.  It is a lower middle class area
            Etain explains.  This neighborhood of 6 streets is often
            used by artists.  Actors, musicians, entertainers, dancers
            and sculptors to name a few.  Etain shows the first place
            which is a place for rent with a yard 50 by 50 a very small
            area.  But has 2 bedrooms and one kitchen/living area.  The
            hovel itself is 20 feet by 20 feet.  It rents for 12 CC a
            month.  Etain finds this a bit steep but most artists can
            make some decent money.  The second place is a section with
            a house in north, house in south, 2 on the east and 2 on the
            west.  Forming a square.  In the center of these 6 hovels
            is a small field/yard 80 by 80 feet.  Etain explains it
            is a communal work area for any artist.  The place here
            for rent is same as last one but has a bit of paint stains.
            Etain says it rents for 15 CC a month.

              Dorhak decides right away when he sees a dust pan of
            stone dust.  Sign of a sculptor here  Perfect.  If he
            can work here in the yard and maybe learn from the sculptor.
            Dorhak agrees and will pay for 6 months in advance.  He pays
            the owner 9 silver for 6 months.

              Dorhak enters his place and finds 2 beds.  But he asks
            if he can get rid of one bed to use it as a storage room.
            The kitchen has cabinets and a old table.  It'll do.  Dorhak
            sleeps that night as he is extremely tired.

              Days later Dorhak learns the creatures were called Omari
            that attacked him earlier.

           [Decalis 12th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Dorhak takes the day off from horse riding and goes
           to market.  He orders stone for work he will try to do
           on eventually.  He asks to have it delivered to his place.
           He then searches for decent stone working tools.  These
           humans have bad tools.  After 12 sets he finally finds
           one set and decides to buy it.

             Dorhak then buys some food and drink and other supplies
           for his new hovel.

           [Decalis 13th-18th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Over the next 6 days Dorhak continues to work on his
           horse skills again.

           [Decalis 15th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [time: 12:40 pm]

             Dorhak encounters a group of 9 well armed men.  They
           question why he and Ranif are around this area.  After some
           intense questions the riders leave and watch the two from
           afar.   Dorhak gets the impression these warriors were
           protecting something but its unknown what.

           [Decalis 18th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [time: 10:07 am]

             Dorhak and Ranif encounter 15 people walking through the
           hills with backpacks and bags.  Based on how they are dressed
           in robes and leathers the impression is these people are
           religious pilgrims.  They do stop and try to preach the word.
           But Dorhak just ignores them best he can until they leave.

           [Decalis 19th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Dorhak is happy to have a older man in his 50s offer to
           teach Dorhak some of his stone artistry.  They both work
           on various small items that can be easily carried like
           plaques or small stone figures.  Dorhak for the first time
           smiles at the work today.  It has been a long time since he
           worked in stone.  As he rests for lunch he watches a lady
           paint a landscape picture.

           [Decalis 20th-25th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Dorhak spends the next 6 days doing more horse training.
           He finally learns to trot and ride fast.

           [Decalis 20th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 4:06 pm]

             Both Ranif and Dorhak are heading back to city to end
           the day.  When suddenly 3 riders on horses approach from
           around a large boulder. They demand Dorhak's money and
           horse while laughing.  Dorhak pretends to dismount in
           surrender and hands the reiss to Ranif for his horse.  Dorhak
           begins to rummage through his bag for coin and yells for
           Ranif to ride on as they are only half a mile from the
           city gates and guards.

             The 3 bandits had already dismounted eager to get their
           goods.  When Dorhak reaches behind him and puts his shield
           on.  He grins and spreads his feet.

             After almost 45 seconds of fighting the men using daggers
           and sword are killed by Dorhak.  He only takes 3 damage
           past and to his nice shiny new chainmail.  Dorhak collects
           the weapons and money pouches from the bandits and finds
           12 copper.  Ranif comes back a minute and half later
           with guards.  They are both cleared due to self defense
           issues.  The guards drag the bodies as Dorhak collects
           the gear he just looted.

           [Decalis 24th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 3:12 pm]

             Dorhak encounters a mother black bear and a cub while
           riding.  Knowing how fierce mother cubs can be Dorhak
           and Ranif ride off to give them space.

           [Decalis 26th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Dorhak spends the day with retired sculptor Sayway.
           Sayway which is a odd name but humans are odd folks to Dorhak,
           sits on a soft patio chair as he directs Dorhak.  Give him
           enough lemon and prune juice the old fellow is happy.

             Seems the old man still knows a few folks in town who can
           maybe later allow him to make stone work in public places.
           Sayway did some statues that were once at the old city council
           building and one large one for the courthouse.

           [Decalis 27th - Janaq 1st, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Dorhak continues six more days of learning how to ride
           the horse with Ranif's help.  Dorhak begins to ride fast
           and hard.  At least he is padded and takes minor damage
           when he falls.  But it seems Dorhak really likes how his
           red cape flaps in the wind.  HE thinks its fun.

           [Decalis 29th, 1635TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 8:56 AM]

             While riding to chase Ranif's horse to learn "chase
             " Dorhak
           encounters a lone sheep.  He stops and licks his lips. A nice
           sheep dinner would be very nice tonight!  He begins to walk
           toward it speaking softly.  He raises his mace as he talks
           sweetly to the poor little lamb.  Then stops when a voice yells
           at him.  He looks up to see a boy maybe 12. "That's mine!"
           The sheep herder comes and gathers the lost sheep.

             Dorhak growls especially when the brat talks about him
           looking like a red bird.  He mounts up and plans to get some
           nice lamb chops tonight at some tavern.

           [Janaq 22nd, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Today Dorhak continues work on stone designs.  He finishes
           a nice plaque for Cholan's tavern.  The ex-sailor will pay
           him 5 copper for it!

           [Janaq 3rd-5th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Next 3 days Dorhak continues to train more.  He has learned the
           skill well and developed it nicely.

           [Janaq 6th-8th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Next 3 days Dorhak trained in his new magical short sword.
           The looted weapon has a nicely crafted blade.  But when he
           was told by the Sidh this Mana Sensing thing is on it he has
           no clue what that means.  They tried to explain it but he could
           only think of ale and stone work so was distracted.

             Ranif helps to teach short sword for Dorhak with a slight
           bonus on his fees.

             The first day Janaq 6th Dorhak encounters a draft horse that
           enters his yard.  It keeps trying to get close and Dorhak
           finally figures he is lost and hungry.  Dorhak enters his hovel
           and finds a half apple.  Another neighbor a dancer brings some
           carrots.  A local boy then takes the horse to some guards for
           them to find his owner based on his brand.

           [Janaq 9th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Dorhak spends another day working with stone.  He tries
           to make a small statue for a dancer's front porch.  But
           the left arm breaks so he has to try it again.

           [Janaq 10th-15th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Dorhak spends the time at hss hovel practicing fighting
           with his magical short sword.  He kills hundreds of shadow
           enemies as he fights the shadows.

           [Janaq 10th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 11:47 am]

             Dorhak goes to a local tavern for lunch.  He decides to
           walk as it is nearby.  He gets the usual snickers from his
           red armor and cape.  Most humans in this city dress is uubdue
           colors like browns and blacks.  To be colorful is rare it seems
           but he doesn't care.

             At the tavern as he waits for his beer and ham he overhears
           two young adventurers.  Seems these 2 are destined to track
           down some foul beast in the south hills.  Something about a
           reward by the village.  Course the beast has killed a dozen
           others trying to do so.  But these brash young fools seem
           inclined to do so.  He is tempted to offer his service but
           it is at least 2 days out and back.  He has plans.  Plus
           a few chickens and copper isn't enough.

           [Janaq 11th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 11:10 am]

             Dorhak is distracted by his short sword training to noise
           by a neighbor in the north hovel of the courtyard.  The
           painter who is an older woman yells at some uniformed patrol
           man.  It seems the patrol is serving papers on her property
           and she is to leave.

             Dorhak comes forward now distracted by the noise.  The lady
           explains the situation.  Dorhak is fond of the lady as she has
           done some nice art pieces.  But her looks make her a bit awkward
           to hire.  But she still sells pieces.  Dorhak can't see the mean
           guard serve eviction papers so decides to toss down the 2 silver
           to pay her fees.  The guard demands Dorhak pick up the coins from
           the dirt and hand it over.  But Dorhak turns around and stomps off
           to work.

             The guard grumbles as he dismounts and picks up the coins. The
           lady rushes to thank Dorhak but is a bit leery hugging him not
           sure how to hug a small man without hurting him.

           [Janaq 12th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 9:20 am]

             Dorhak heads to town to get more food supplies.  His small
           pantry is bare now.  There is a local general shop about
           a half mile away from his hovel.  He exits with a bag of
           food and finds 3 men around his horse.  Seeing this they
           stop trying to steal his horse and laugh.  "Miss I'll take
           that nice red cape."  Did he just call him a miss with
           his beard?

             Dorhak calmly places his bag on the ground.  The three
           men surround Dorhak and demand his gold.  One reaches for
           his gold bag as they draw daggers.  Dorhak considers the
           saying manners maketh the man.  Then draws his mace and
           begins clobbering time.

             Some 18 seconds later the three men are on the ground
           dead.  Dorhak only takes a minor 2 point wound from a lucky
           slash to his right hand.  The shop clerk calls the guards
           and Dorhak loots the men but only finds a few brass bits.
           Not even worth taking.  Dorhak places bag on his horse
           and mounts up.  But he knows fleeing a crime scene is very
           bad so waits.  The guards come and he explains what he had
           to do.

             The lead guard threatens to arrest Dorhak and the
           dwarf gets the hint that he doesn't like dwarves or
           small humans.  But the clerk backs up Dorhak's story
           and the guards let him go.

           [Janaq 16th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Dorhak asks around the markets for a teacher who could
           teach him city skills.  But most look at him like he is
           a bit insane.  Finally he asks one of Z'leyra's manor
           guards on his off time to help teach him some city
           survival skills.  He agrees to do so.

             Dorhak spends the rest of the day and evening working on
           2 statues that are small for carrying purposes.  He
           completes the first and it is well made he decides.  The
           use of the bird's eyes and claws are especially crafty.

           [Janaq 17th-22nd, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Next six days Dorhak practices with Ranif on his short sword
           skill.  For these days he learns better parry techniques when
           not using his shield.

           [Janaq 17th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 7:16 am]

             Dorhak wakes up this cold day to some light snow on the
           ground.  Before Ranif comes to help with sword training
           he walks around the neighborhood for exercise.  As he
           does he notices in the yard of a middle sized hovel a
           small wedding is taken place. There must be a family and
           friends of 40 folks there.  Dorhak feels a bit home sick
           for the time with other dwarves.  He passes without staring
           and kind of is interested in that nice cake.  But it
           seems he is not invited.

           [Janaq 19th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 9:15 am]

             Ranif decides to practice at a nice park that has some
           wooden targets setup by local constables.  As they pass
           a large group of a wagons Dorhak notices a strange animal
           with a hump in his back?  Dorhak stares at the odd creature
           as it smacks on something.  The owner seems to be driving
           a large wagon of farm food with the beast behind it tied
           up.  As Dorhak decides this thing should be killed for
           its mercy the creature turns and suddenly spits at Dorhak.
           he wad of food and spit hits Dorhak in the chest.

             Dorhak pulls his mace in anger but is stilled when
           three guards on horse stop to see what is going on with
           the traffic jam.  Dorhak tries to wipe the gunk   from his
           nice red chainmail and moves on.  Later he learns the
           creature is called a camel?

           [Janaq 2sth, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 10:50 am]

             Ranif and Dorhak are training in the park when suddenly
           from the trees something pelts them. The darts hit Ranif
           first then Dorhak in the neck.  As Dorhak yanks the dart
           from his neck he suddenly feels dizzy and falls to his
           back.  Suddenly from the bushes a group of 5 men charge and
           tower over Dorhak.  Two lean down and begin to pull out
           his coin bag and remove his weapons.  Dorhak tries to
           move but the dart must've paralyzed him.

             Is this it?  To die in some part with a smelly ranch hand
           at his side?  Three of them men try to figure out how to
           remove the red chainmail.  As they do that a voice is heard
           from out of sight.  It sounds like a old man.  He tells
           them to stop or they will suffer.

             The men laugh and stand.  A shadow comes within sight
           line and Dorhak sees a old man in his 70s with nice robes
           and carrying a staff.  As the men surround the old man
           the man begins to speak in a tone he doesn't know.  Then
           suddenly the men begin to fight among themselves?

             The old man just watches as the men stab with daggers
           and sword each other.  Confused Dorhak watches as one
           then more fall to their own allies.  The last one who
           survives stands confused.  When the Master beams him on
           the head.

             The Master leans down and grins.  "A dwarf in this
           land is rare.  You will be fine soon.  It will wear
           off.  Take nothing and move on."

           [Time: 11:01 am]

             The drug wears off and Dorhak gets to his feet. He helps
           Ranif up but looks around.  The old man is no where to
           be seen.  Dorhak considers looting the bodies but the
           old man's warning rings in his mind.  They both decide
           to leave for the day.

           [Janaq 22nd, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Ranif and Dorhak are doing more sword work at his rental
           hovel when he notices 5 well dressed people in a wagon
           laughing and moving past on wagons.  It is a family and
           they explain they are off to Maren city.

           [Janaq 24th-26th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Three more days of learning sword.

           [Janaq 27th-29th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Lofo, Z'leyra's manor guard, teaches Dorhak city skills for
           the next 3 days.  He explains was in a previous life taught
           by a grifter who was known to be a minor thief. So Lofo will
           teach him how to spot marks, trail and track folks in the
           city as well as spot possible trouble.  Lofo refuses to teach
           pickpocket or to actually take targets but will help at least
           teach basic skills.

           [Janaq 30th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Dorhak does more stone work.  But he is a bit distracted
           by the home sick mood he is in.  His first statue is
           a disaster and he smashes it in anger.  The old man
           sculptor tells him to work on simple stone walk stones
           with designs.

           [Janaq 31st-Febris 5th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Lofo helps teach Dorhak more city skills.  On the 3rd day
           Dorhak tries to trail a merchant as a technique.  On the
           5th day both see a pickpocket try to steal from a messenger
           and prevent it.  They get the thief arrested.

           [Febris 6th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Dorhak continues to relax and work on stone pieces for
           his artist improvement.

           [Febris 7th-12th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Next 6 days Lofo continues to help Dorhak improve his
           city skills.  On the 5th day they encounter a brawl at
           a market and Lofo shows how to dodge and weave through
           the crowd without taking damage.

           [Febris 13th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             The day is rainy so Dorhak has to work on his stone pieces
           in his own hovel.  It causes severe dust inside taking almost
           2 hours to clean that evening.

           [Febris 14th-19th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Logo shows how best to keep his horse from being stolen
           in a city while inside a store or such.  Simple tricks
           like unclipping the saddle to prevent one mounting and
           falling out - thus causing a scene is interesting to Dorhak.
           Since Dorhak has no horse Lofo uses his own to show this.
           IN the past Ranif supplied horses to loan for a few days.

           [Febris 20th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Dorhak is hired to make a small statue for Kaylle's library.
           It should be a scholarly man holding a book and looking
           serious.  While the statue is only 6 inches tall it is a bit
           of challenge making sure the arm holding the book doesn't
           break as it is chipped away.  In the end the statue is
           completed after several late night days previously worked
           on for minutes at a time.  Kaylle is happy but Dorhak doesn't
           like the man's head as its not real expressive.

           [Febris 21st-24th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             The next 4 days Logo continues to help and train Dorhak
           in city things.  This time they work on inside places.  How
           to avoid bar fights and best to spot bad clerks and places
           of bad food.  Dorhak finds this stuff a bit boring but it
           is part of it.

           [Febris 25th-Marqi 22nd, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             For the next few weeks Dorhak relaxes and works on his stone
           pieces.  Only 2 of those days does his teacher not help so
           he has to work alone.  Dorhak continues to have stone sent
           to his hovel to restock his supplies.

           [Febris 26th-Marqi 22nd, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Dorhak is delivering two stone door knobs to a house
           in a nicer neighborhood.  But today he notices 5 thugs
           picking on 3 women.  The women yell for help so Dorhak
           attacks the thugs and takes them all out with no damage
           on himself.  Three are knocked out so they are arrested.

           [Febris 28th-Marqi 22nd, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]
           [Time: 7:18 pm]

             Dorhak enters his hovel for supper of nice stew when he
           notices a young boy around 11 hiding in the storage
           room he converted from a bedroom.  Dorhak is not known to
           be very empathy oriented.  But when the boy is seen with
           bruises the runaway explains why he is here to avoid his
           father.  Dorhak knows there are laws to just not allow
           some kid to run away.  But he decides to let the boy stay
           the night.  In the morning he tricks the boy by taking
           the kid to Fremea's place.  She is known to house abused
           kids. Fremea's mother talks the boy out of staying.  She
           explains she will have to warn the family by law.  But
           only if can find another relative.  Dorhak shrugs and
           leaves to get back to his stone work.

           [Marqi 2nd, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             Dorhak is rudely interrupted by 4 pilgrims who say they
           are off to a monastery in the hills.  They wish to give
           the dwarf a nice set of flowers.  Dorhak is not rude but
           takes the flowers and leaves them later in some other person's

           [Marqi 18th, 1636TH]
           [Sivas, Marentia]

             As Dorhak works on his stone pieces 4 patrolmen stop Dorhak.
           They are here to question him on days past when he killed men.
           They distract him for a hour for these questions then leave.

           Actions? Comments?

           Next Update....Soon..

           GM: A fun but long IBT.  Simple and Efficient.

           GM: Expenses

                   Expense             Price
                Ale from Cholan       -   2 CC
                Ranif Fees            -  40 CC
                Healing fees          -   4 CC
                Chain mail custom     -1532 CC
                Rental Hovel          -  90 CC 6 months till Ma 1636
                Stone materials       -  80 CC
                Eviction fee paid     -  20 CC
                Stone tools           -  14 CC
                Bandit loot sold      + 212 CC
                Cholan's plaque       +   5 CC
                Stone items sold      +  42 CC
                Taverns, Food, etc    -  37 CC
                            Total     -1745 CC
                                      + 259 CC
                                      -1447 CC
           GM: Skills:

                  Skills        Expertise   Notes
                Mace                56      x14 +1 EL
                Horsemanship        56      Learned, +3 EL, 2 Partial
                Short Sword         36      +3 ELL
                City Survival       50     Learned, +2 EL
                Artist (stone)      72     +14 EL

             CEP: 258 +1 CEL/OCV/DCV!

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