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Welcome back and no worries. Arawn has a place in the works still for Sivas (it was really made for you, lol, as Arawn is almost never in Sivas:) so Mae could always have a good excuse to rejoin the party there whenever:)

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Sorry all, if allowed, I'll return.  Please don't kill Mae.  I know she's just loveable.

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Mae could still coe back it ientirely up to Don.

But status wise I'm
* finished pyan's IBT
* waiting for approval.
* need to finish his sheet

So tomorrow would've started MAe's thing but skipped for now.
So on to Dorkah is nex ti believe.

Dorhak I may email you next couple days if i have questions.
Doubt since should not be complex.  No magic. :)

IF I can start day on time not late I can get a normal update out as well...

Stay tuned.

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