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   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
   -- Npc...............YY..Etain.............Teacher.Normal/Elf......Ma
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      Admin Notes: Fremea's IBT


      [New Stuff]

        * Fremea's IBT

          [Octagi 5]

            The party teleports back to Sivas on top of the Library
          run by Kaylle.  Fremea finally breathes a sigh of relief.
          After a bit over a week she finally found and saved her
          parents.  But it still seemed a bit too easy.  She watches
          her parents eye the party and the city in wonder like new
          kids to the city.  She knows now that Varange is in it for
          himself and for their culture.  If he were to rank his
          goals it would be the Faerry, Royals, himself and
          everything else.  It seems clear now that while he works
          for the Royals as the Lord Marshall he is in it for the
          greater improvement of the Fae.

            It is late now and the library is closed.  After the party
          ends their talk on the treasure she gathers up her parents.
          But then recalls Etain.  She asks Kell if he could stay with
          him tonight until they settle things.  Kell agrees after all
          they are similar in some ways as he is half-Elf and he
          is full elf.

            Fremea then flies and shows her parents her home on the
          north side of town.  She lands on her roof and shows the
          roof hatch.  The place has no doors, just 2 windows.  Saya
          asks hoe can they enter if no lock.  Fremea will have to add
          a ward to fix that later.  She teleports inside and unlocks
          the door.

            "This is your place?" Saya asks.

            Anorlic looks impressed as well.

            The place is a simple one story one room place.  It is
          good to see everything in one place for tactical reasons.
          She gives a tour of the 250 square place.

            "You have done well daughter.  Our old place...before...
          it was burnt down was a fraction this size."  Saya smiles
          and yawns a bit.

            Fremea gives her parents her bed which is normally for
          one but both are tired and don't care.  She stays up a bit
          as they rest for the first time in 20+ years.  Fremea sits
          at her table and unpacks a bit of her gear.  She stokes
          the stove to heat the place.  Maybe one day she will get
          a full fireplace.

            For the next few hours she relaxes and considers the past
          week's activities.  She places the magical device that Varange
          left for her.  She is still shocked he left it to  her.  Either
          he expects something later or figures she can hide it well.

            Soon Fremea goes to bed on the couch and hoping this is
          not all a dream that when she wakes her parents will still be

          [Octagi 6]

            Fremea and parents fly toward Kell's Inn.  Kell tends to
          go from Inn to Inn to gather intelligence and possible
          trade contacts.  He does not seem to settle down in a home
          like the others.  He claims that may change once he makes
          the Great Deal.  It is said in Ba'ru every trader has one
          huge deal if only they can achieve it.

            When they get there Kell is gone on some errand.  Fremea
          pays for breakfast since she has to get some more food
          supplies for her place.

            After that she walks to the library.  She hates walking
          but it would be rude to wait for Etain.  Once at the library
          they find Kaylle over some dusty stacks of books.

            "...no no no...it was the Cerulean prince that killed
          the L'p'nth witch I'm certain of it!"  He murmurs to himself
          in his office.

            When Fremea closes his office door he perks up.  "Fremea!"

            Fremea introduces her parents and Etain to the Faerry
          scholar.  "You are Fae and run this place?"  Saya asks.

            "Well...after our trip to Clima I was ...more or less
          given it as a favor.  Since then I've increased some
          of the revenues and traffic a bit.  The old librarian
          was a bit set in his ways not allowing even kids to
          read books!"

            They are sit and talk.

            "Anorlic?  I don't think I ever met any of you before.
          I was mostly roaming the Wild Forest not Avalon.  But
          you were a wood craftsman right?"  Anorlic nods.  "Yes!
          You did that Arch entering the Duon village!  I must've
          spent 30 minutes studying that art of work.  That was...
          20...years ago."

            Then Kaylle suddenly realizes the ages  Fremea explains
          both were trapped by another Scholar in Donara but kept
          in a magical trance of such  So they have not aged in all
          that time.   Kaylle is intrigues by the whole story.

            "I know of Varange - everyone in our culture in that
          area does.  So the Royals wanted you to be something
          else a tool for them."  He shakes his head.  As Fremea
          explains this - it is all new o her parents as well but
          they do not seem surprised.  "So we know they got rid
          of your parents from Avalon for that emotional bond
          that might make you soft.  This scholar then probably
          set in motion to kill them by burning the house down.  But
          they were actually captured by the scholar?"  He shakes
          his head in disgust.  "Politics is not my thing.  If I
          saw this scholar I'd not let him in my library!"

            Soon after more talk Kaylle turns to Etain.  "You taught
          her well.  She is quite the fighter.  In spirit, mind and
          body.  She will have to tell you about the Vong she took
          out in Katai."  Fremea switches the conversation not wanting
          to bring back those memories yet.

            The 2 Fae and Elf head off to explore the library as
          Fremea talks privately for a bit with Kaylle on the
          device and some other things.  She will need some more
          education soon.  They make a rough agenda and parts.

            By now it is mid afternoon so Fremea shows the city
          to the three of them.  She occasionally picks up some
          supplies for her home.

          [Octagi 7]

            Fremea picks up Etain again and takes him and her
          parents to the converted kid's home she owns.  There
          she introduces each kid to the Sidh.  The young kids
          under 8 or 9 seem fascinated by more winged Fae  The
          older teens are nice but seem to notice the way Etain
          moves and gestures like a teacher.

            The converted place is now home to a dozen kids
          ranging from 8 to 16.  The oldest boy gives a report
          that 3 kids decided to leave.  One found some relatives
          in a village.  One got an apprentice ship on a ship.
          The other just never returned but he suspects his
          drug habit might have done him in.  They spent several
          days looking for him but could not locate him.  But
          they also gained 2 girls who were forced as sex workers
          by living on the street but now here they can stay
          and not do that work safely.

            All of the Sidh are impressed as the place has only
          been active a short while.  Fremea turns to them and
          asks if they wish to stay and help here.

            "Oh I'd love to help!"  Saya looks at the young girls.
          "I'm not used to human children but we did that sort of
          work back home.  We could learn together."

            "Teach here...them?" Etain looks a bit wary.  Then
          he sees the shape of the kids some with bad teeth
          and bad personal problems.  Then he smiles.  "Actually
          this ...is what I was trained to do.  I may not know
          Marentian well but I could find that magical necklace
          thing that the Shaman has and learn.  I could learn
          from Kaylle how to read here.  Yes.  I think this
          new post would be beneficial."

            Anorlic seems quiet for a bit.  "I am...not a teacher
          or a person who is used to ...these people.  I could
          certainly do some work on the place.  Maybe I could find
          some work nearby as well.  IF I am ...we are to stay here
          I need to support us."

            Fremea nods and knows that she could support them but
          she knows the male ego and will let that rest for  a bit
          before she steps in.

            The rest of the day they spend with the kids talking
          and learning about each other.  They have a nice dinner
          with the older kids cooking and serving.  The kids are
          fascinated by Fremea's week in Donara.

            The Sidh are given rooms and a nice bed for now.  It
          will do until Anorlic can fix things up.

            Before going to sleep Fremea sits in her magical circle.
          Fremea casts a knowledge spell to increase some magical learning.

          [Octagi 8 - Octagi 9]

            These two days Fremea spends with her parents to learn
          of the past and any other possible family members. First
          Fremea goes over her past in Donara being a slave and

            Both parents frown at this for the sad news. "I am so deeply
          sorry."  Saya says with a grim face.

            Anorlic cheers up a bit.  "Strife creates great people.
          Conflict and chaos leads to good resolutions in the end.  You
          have clearly proven yourself worthy as a hero.  Not only to
          our people but those kids and your friends.  We are both
          highly proud of you."

            Fremea then talks about the adventures in the Pavassa
          Sacred Forest.  Saya perks up at this.  "I only went to
          one when I was a child.  It was very nice.  Some say
          our home the Wild Forest has many but they may only be
          local secrets."

            Fremea details about her time in the Dark Lands and
          the flying island with a slight history of the dead island
          race.  Anorlic grins, "only my daughter could face the
          so called most powerful wizard in this world and impress
          him enough to get gifts!"  He slaps his knees in delight.

            Fremea tells of the long Katai mission against the strange
          inter-dimensional invaders the Vong.  How with her archery
          magic she took out the most in the party.  "My brother was
          great with the bow too but he died ...well...now 25 years ago."
          Anorlic sadly recalls.

            Fremea then talks about the party and their adventures going
          back to Clima and such at least from what all she has learned
          about them.  "So that cute giant ...you and...him?"  Saya gestures
          with some glee  But Fremea explains it is not like that at this
          point.  He tends to be a big brother at most.  But who knows
          maybe one day she considers the future only privately.

            The second day both parents talk about themselves and
          any family   Anorlic tells how he was a master craftsman
          in wood and severed maybe a dozen villages.  He was also
          fairly good in statues but has not done so in 30 years.
          Saya explains she was a good cook and gardener.  She
          had good skills in herbalism and plants.  Fremea smiles
          at this knowing a bit about herself that explains her
          own skills.  They tell of their courtship and then when
          Fremea was born.

            "We saw your mark.  We figured it was a natural birth
          mark.  One of the village leaders consulted a old scholar
          of the Fae and learned about it.  While he kept it secret
          the scholar alerted the Royals.  They demanded a audience.
          We went as instructed.  Entering Avalon was a thrill for
          the first time.  Some believe all Faerry go there or from
          there but not many get that honor.  You were examined by
          the court for 2 days  We figured it was just some thing
          on how cute you were.  We then learned of your ...destiny.
          At first they explained you would be a great leader.  But
          we soon learned when Etain was assigned to you that you
          were primed for a lot more.  We protested saying you should
          have the freedom to choose.   After a week of debate the
          Royals decided for the greater good you would be trained
          at Avalon."  Says ends it with a bit of tears starting to flow.

            Anorlic continues for his wife, "we were quietly asked
          to leave so as not to interrupt your natural progression.
          At first we got reports of your life.  Some years passed
          and then they seemed to stop.  Some more time passed and
          we considered to return to Avalon after letters were ignored.
          We even asked Varange by letters and he just would say
          you were fine.  Then one day our house caught fire  But
          then out of the blue Varange appeared inside and whisked
          us away as our place burnt down."

            Fremea sits up and leans to this as news as it was not
          what she learned.  At the fire the scholar captured them.
          But Anorlic continues, "he hid us well in the western
          forest with a new place.  He said that the court wanted
          us dead.  He never said the Royals but just the Court
          but not sure if that was politics or not.  Weeks passed
          and then suddenly a well dressed Faerry showed up with
          a half dozen humans.  We talked but suddenly they captured
          us in nets.  The Faerry was well spoken like he was well
          educated.  It seemed like a week later and we were suddenly
          in this ...that cave you found us.  The Faerry was there
          alone.  He said that he had news on you.  We didn't at
          first trust him but said to stand on those stone platform
          things to see you again.  We were wary but did so.  Then
          you found us and ...it was...20 years later."

            Fremea considers this all.  So Varange actually helped
          them then the Scholar took them.  She considers Kaylle
          who seems a good scholar.  Were Varange and the royal
          scholar working together?  No.  That makes no sense why
          not just take them when Varange showed up?

            Saya wipes her tears away.  "We are both sorry t have
          put you through that stuff...the training..the slavery
          and then losing us."  All three embrace and Fremea realizes
          it is getting late.  They head to bed as Fremea goes to
          the roof to sit and think.

            There is this loose connection of the Scholar.  Etain said
          he was replaced as he left.  Varange mentioned he was killed.
          Was that so she didn't go after him?  Is that the truth?

            For the last few days she practices her dagger skills alone
          to release the tension and confusion in her mind.

          [Octagi 10 - Octagi 17]

            These 8 days Fremea spends at the library with Kaylle
          learning more on reading Katai.  She does this for the
          written materials she has in Katai.

            During this time she also studies at home and in a nearby
          forest the magical

          [Octagi 13]

            After spending time in the library Fremea heads home.  She
          is walking through the markets near sunset.  She normally
          flies but only when it would not be obvious and scare folks.
          Folks see a flying thing and think it a demon.  So as a sign
          of goodwill she walks.

            Fremea is studying some nice woodworking tools for Anorlic
          for her home when a large group of riders is coming fast.
          She turns south and sees they are wearing Marentian uniforms.
          There are at least 14 of them meaning they must be either
          on heavy patrol or shift changes.  Two of the riders point
          in her direction and she looks around.  "You girl!  Stay there!"

            Fremea realizes they mean her.  She considers just flying
          away but she does have to live here.  Ignorant people can
          be so frustrating.  She waits.  The patrolmen surround her
          as the others nearby flee.  The leader dismounts and eyes
          her over.

            "We got a report from some lady a winged demon was in this
          area."  The man states.  "It fits your height and description."

            Fremea rolls her eyes why do all humans see Fae as winged
          demons?  The man looks at Fremea's dress she wears as a
          slight disguise.  He pats her back and Fremea leaps and almost
          draws her dagger but with those repeating crossbows aimed at
          her she stops.  She growls.

            "Take that dress off."  One of the men says.

            Fremea considers doing a teleport but if her face gets
          sent around town she might not be able to stay.  "Now
          girl!"  Another says.  Who do these guys think they are?
          Just ordering a girl to strip?

            "What is the meaning here!" A female voice is heard from
          the horses.  "Move this smelly beast!  Let me in!"  A girl
          in young girl in her 20s approaches.  She eyes Fremea and
          glares at the leader. "What is the meaning of this?"

            "We are questioning on public endangerment.  We were-"

            "This girl a threat?"  She laughs.

            "You need to leave we have authority here."

            "Do you know who I am? I am Marta Valnon."

            The leader seems to be clueless.  But two of the riders
          shift in their saddles.  Fremea notices one waving behind
          Marta wildly.

            "Unless your King Maros's daughter-"

            "My father is Duke Valnon.  We are personal friends to
          the court."  Marta crosses her arms.

            The leader then goes pale at the sight of a noble berating
          him.  "I'm...sorry..we were following up on a lead.  She
          does seem-"

            "Fine take her in.  I'll contact my father to get an
          advocate."  Marta glares at the other riders.

            "No.  That won't be done.  It was probably some lady
          who hit the sauce early."

            "So now women are just drunks to you?"

            "No.  I mean...hmm...we are late for the garrison
          duty.  Sorry miss."  He glances at Fremea.  "My lady
          good night."

            The men leave quickly.  Marta looks down at Fremea.  "You
          are Fae?"

            Fremea's eyes widen.  She nods slightly.

            "Kaylle was one too.  I know how he has dealt with things.
          These idiots.  Why not ride with me in my carriage to where
          you are going?"

            Fremea looks wary but she did say Kaylle's name.

            They drive home and talk.  "Fremea?  Nice name you have."
          After the introductions are made.  "I heard about you from
          Kaylle.  He is impressed.  I understand you are working
          with some street kids?"  Fremea nods.  "I have been working
          with Xian on those orphanages.  By the way I've not heard
          from him in ages.  Is he ok?"  Fremea shrugs and never got
          to know him well.  "You are doing noble things."  She leans
          to a cabinet under the seat and pulls out a bag.  She
          tosses the bag to Fremea. "This isn't much.  But I am
          a supporter.  Use this for your kids.  It might keep the
          place running some time."

            "I seek nothing in return.  Except that you should use it
          for the kids not yourself.  By the way say hi to Unali for me."

            The carriage soon ends near Fremea's home.  She never tells
          where it is not trusting anyone.  Fremea exits and hears
          coins inside.  She thanks Marta and the carriage leaves.
          Fremea opens the bag and counts 30 gold.  Fremea grins at
          the luck.  Those expenses will indeed last a good long time
          for her home.  Marta did not want anything in return which
          makes Fremea nervous.

          [Octagi 14]

            Today was light and after the library she casts some
          invisibility spells to play some pranks on vendors and
          guards.  Nothing too serious but her Faerry nature is
          deeply rooted.  They like to prank folks.  So it might
          be a few apples suddenly in the next vendor's grape
          cart or it could be pantsing a guard in front of a noble
          woman.  She has fun but it seems less exciting as if she
          is maturing more.

          [Octagi 15]

            Fremea is heading home from a reading tutorial day with
          Kaylle.  Kaylle was in a mood today giving a lot of awful
          jokes he learned from some kids.  Fremea pretended they
          were funny. But he is not a funny guy.

            As Fremea is walking back the sun is low but not down.
          She hears crying up ahead and sees a peasant woman and
          3 kids from 3-6 or so.  She checks her dress and goes down
          the alley to see what is wrong. The woman grabs her kids
          on seeing her.  Fremea asks what is the problem.  The
          woman explains a thief just stole their last money.  She
          is dirt poor and yet she warns Fremea to be careful he was
          just here a minute ago.

            Fremea feels bad for most peasants but knows the humans
          put that out with their apathy.  Their society needs to
          improve all people not some upper classes.  But then she
          watches the 2 girls scared and in shock.  She does not
          want kids to be scared.  She turns to leave and feels
          her mom saying help them in her mind.  She growls but
          only for a half second she is getting too soft.  She
          leaves the alley and finds a place to hide.  She removes
          her dress and takes to the sky.

            She scouts the area and finds other people.  Then a
          couple minutes later she finds a man moving quickly into
          a alley.  She watches as the man opens a bag and he seems
          to count it in his head.  The man laughs and that is
          the last straw.

            She lands a few feet away.  "Go away."  The man says
          without looking.  He continues to count and looks like
          his head will explode by the numbers in his head.  "I
          said leave! or I'll..."

            The thief looks up now to see Fremea only a couple feet
          away.  She flaps her wings to show she is not a typical
          street person.  His eyes widen and he pulls out a long blade
          while placing the bag in his pouch.  "I will hurt you."

            Fremea steps forward and doesn't even draw her dagger.
          The man swipes a warning strike but Fremea ducks to the
          side.  The man is so obvious with his moves.  The man
          steps back and lunges for her.  She steps forward and
          grabs his arm pulling the man forward.  With her other
          hand she chops the man's wrist and he drops the blade.  With
          her foot she trips the man.  He falls to the ground on
          his back.

            "I'm protected!  The guild will not tolerate this!"

            Fremea actually considers this a bit having a full thief
          guild trail might be tricky. But who would know?  She
          grabs the pouch and places it on her shoulder.  She turns
          and walks away.  The voice of Arawn is in her mind that
          killing is not always the answer.

            Then the man stands and rushes her with his a new dagger
          he found in his boot.  Fremea leaps up and lands behind
          him.  The man twirls and lunges.  She grabs both of the
          man's dagger hand and pushes him back with the dagger
          facing him and pointing down.  She is not a strong person
          but the man is surprised. She then shoves her shoulder
          into his ribs and he looses his grip.  She pushes the
          hand back and he twists to free himself but the dagger
          is now a inch from his body.  She then releases him
          and twists him so fast and toward the wall of a building.
          The slam is hard and the dagger digs into his stomach.

            The man falls back to the ground with the dagger in
          his stomach staring up in surprise.  Stupid idiot stabbed
          himself - more or less.

            She takes to the air not caring if he dies or lives.  She
          lands on a roof and opens the pouch.  The man had some
          other coins.  She combines the copper and brass bits
          into the peasant's bag.  Then she recalls what Arawn
          told her that when good luck comes to one they should
          pay it back in a circle of goodwill.  She digs into her
          own pouch and draws a coin out.  Then takes to the skies
          to find the people after placing all the coins in the
          one bag.

            She finds the peasants limping back in dread.  She
          drops the bag and flies off.  They stare at the bag and
          then to the sky.  After a few seconds the woman picks
          up the bag and shouts in glee.  She then draws out
          a gold coin and stares in amazement.

          [Octagi 18 - Novehas 14]

            Raban had told of a actor in town that could help teach
          her more on disguise artistry.  She finds the man and
          asks to help teach her.  She could learn on her own but
          would progress at half the speed.  The actor agrees for
          a few hours a day but it will require a lot of personal
          experience in disguises on her own.  Raban did mention
          he might need some gold to help so Fremea offers the
          usual rate of 2 gold for the month.

          [Octagi 19]

            Fremea learns that Kiet is at a ranch learning the ways
          of horses from one of the guard's at Z'leyra's manor.  She
          decides to test her skills.

            She arrives to get a lesson in riding as a very small
          young girl.  Kiet walks along the side of the horse.  Fremea
          tries not to speak but a few quick words.  Voice can be the
          hardest to fake.  Kiet takes her round and round in the corral
          for almost an almost and never seems to realize who she really is.
          One down and more to go.  She is surprised as Kiet has been
          one to disguise himself with illusions.    She figured that
          might give him an edge but it didn't work for him.  Maybe she
          will tell him later.

          [Octagi 20]

            Fremea decides to try Unali today.  Today she dresses as
          a older lady.  It takes time to find Unali almost 4 hours
          to track her down but finally does.  She approaches and
          asks if she would care to donate to some charity for kids.
          Evening hinting at kids should be a clue.  Unali stares down
          at the short lady and cocks her head.  Unali goes to get some
          coins but stops her.  Fremea tries her own voice and smears
          the face paint a bit off.  Unali is surprised but seems to
          have been fooled.  Fremea tells her what Marta did a week
          ago and Unali is happy to hear the news.

          [Octagi 21]

            Near bedtime Fremea casts another Knowledge spell.

          [Octagi 22]

            Fremea decides to track down Z'leyra to test a disguise on her.
          This time she tries to look like a short older man.  But
          Z'leyra recognizes Fremea in about 2 minutes.

          [Octagi 23]

            Fremea tries to fool Etain today.  She comes to him while
          teaching two girls how to write their names.  As a young
          boy this time she tries to ask him if he could teach him how
          to fire a sling.  Etain looks up and studies Fremea as the boy.
          But nods.  "This afternoon out back?"

            Fooled Fremea tells him in her normal voice who she is.
          Etain is surprised but impressed.  Though always the teacher
          he gives suggestions on how to change her voice.

          [Octagi 25]

            Today Fremea is disguised as a very short but older lady.
          Fremea has been used to playing the girl but doing older
          ones is a change.  This is the third day trying it  With
          heavy makeup to age her hair and face.  At 5' 8" she
          can pass as an adult.

            The actor assigns tasks to do within the law.  To obtain
          coin for a charity or pretend to be a traveler who needs
          help finding a place.  She has to study he person's reaction
          and see if it worked or the person was looking up and down
          to study her.

            In late afternoon she is walking along the street and
          was given a task to seek out a guard or two and fill out
          a report but to fudge on the report to see if they see
          her as young or old.  Today she finds a group of 7 on
          horse riding past and spots one guard from the other day.
          The one who told her to remove the dress but not the leader.
          Now dressed in middle class tunics she approaches the
          man who is all standing around.  She comes up with a story
          that someone broke into a bakery on a street nearby.  The
          guard seems distracted but listens and makes notes in a journal.
          She gives her fake name and moves away glad that the guard
          did not recognize her.

          [Octagi 26 - Octagi 27]

            For the last few weeks Fremea has put off studying the relic.
          These two days in her spare time alone at home she tries to
          do that.  She studies the runes and he magical auras.  She
          tries to separate the pieces but it seems she can't do so.
          Which may need intense rituals to divide up like the Elves
          did long ago.

            She asks Kaylle to research the An's'alum as it has such
          a unique name.  But not to send for research from Ticasi
          or other sources.  If it can't be found in the library then
          stop there.  She is disappointed that Kaylle finds nothing
          on it. But this is not a shock as they are in a human culture
          and if the Elves did their work it would be secret.

            Fremea does notice that when she touches and holds the
          talisman that the aura brightens as if the Sidh is intended
          to use it.  Which if the story is true they were.

          [Novehas 1]

            It is past sunset and Fremea is heading home after visiting
          her kid's home.  She is tired from her disguise field work.
          She never would've figured it was this hard.  This time since
          it is night she is flying . She suddenly hears some yelling
          and screaming for help. She flies toward that way a bit wary.

            She nears a small park in this side of town. She finds the
          yelling is from a boy in a tree.  Below are a pack of 4 wild
          looking dogs - probably a hunting pack.  They are trying
          to jump and leap up to the branch.

            Fremea scans the limb from her angle and hopes it will hold
          her weight as well.  She lands on the limb startling the 10
          or so old boy.  He almost falls but she grabs him.  The dogs
          continue to bark.  The boy stops screaming and stares a bit
          more scared at this sudden new thing by him.

            Fremea tries to coax the boy to her but he is too scared.
          So she points to the dogs and tells him to watch.  She casts
          a spell and creates 7 marbles under the feet of 3 of the
          dogs.  They begin to trip and fall.  The boy begins to laugh
          and almost loosen his grip.  The dogs continue to slip and
          fall on the marbles for a minute and the boy finally looks
          back at Fremea.  She waves the boy over and she grabs him.

            The boy is surprised by her wings but seems to want help
          more than the dogs biting him. Fremea flies with the boy
          toward the street.  She lands and asks where he lives.  He
          points down the street.  "Are you an angel?"  Fremea smiles
          children are so innocent not tainted by stories of demons.
          She grabs the boy and then flies the boy home to his door
          and pats him on the back and flies away.

          [Novehas 3]

            This day Fremea is trying a very difficult disguise.  A
          old man in his 60s.  The actor applies gray to her temples
          and a fine set of thin paint to her hands to show age.  She
          is able to fool a few people.

            Around 4pm Fremea notices a park full of 8 troopers.  It
          seems they are engaged in the captured the flag with 2
          teams of 4. She then recognizes one of the men as the leader
          who caught her on the street.  The leader's team is advancing
          on the tree of the other team leaving their flag unguarded.
          Fremea sneaks into the bushes and snatches it with ease.

            She walks away and back again from another direction.  She
          as he begins to yell.  Help that he lost his cat.  The guards
          seem to ignore this   She walks behind the leader and taps
          his in the shoulder.  "We are busy!"  But she begins to tell
          her story and demands help and offers a reward.  This makes
          the guard turn around.  Fremea pulls the red cloth of the
          flag and sneezes into it, balling it in her fist and explains
          what the cat looks like.

            The leader takes the info but rushes her and he only looks
          once carefully at her cheeks as if seeing something odd.  But
          it is cold and the makeup remains in place.  She walks away
          but asks one of he other team members to help him to the
          street as the rocky ground may force him to fall.

            As the man gets her to the street she deftly places the
          flag of the other team into his rear pocket.  Then she
          smiles and walks away.

          [Novehas 4]

            After some disguise work Fremea spends time at night trying
          to determine the safe places for the An's'alum.  Chion and
          her own place have hard to enter places.  Z'leyra has some
          advanced wards on her manor.  Duke Aren has a vault in
          his castle according to Unali.   Unali also has stated that
          the royal vault in the palace is quite secure.  She spends
          a long time to figure out the best place.  But she can't
          seem to decide.  The item itself seems impossible to destroy
          so maybe a good place is a natural place like in the water
          or something.  She goes to sleep hoping to solve this problem.

          [Novehas 5]

            Fremea casts another Knowledge spell today

          [Novehas 7]

            Today Fremea is back into her young human girl disguise.
          Tired to using the others.  She tries to use the skills
          learned to con apples from vendors or ask to ride a very
          nice looking tan horse.  All work in her tasks.

            Around 2pm she is walking from a shop when 3 men seem
          to approach.  They stop and in strong accents ask her, "where
          is...Golan's...gaming ..ahh..." Then a word she doesn't
          understand.  It seems it in some accent she does not
          recognize but in rough Marentian.  She has no clue of the
          place and shrugs.  As she walks away one man seem sot
          trail her.  The other 2 soon follow and talking quietly.
          Fremea then realizes the men want more than a gaming day.

            She enters a alley and finds a trash container to hide
          behind.  She can hear the guy talk.  "Girl you...pretty.
          Got candy.  You want?"

            The other 2 men round the corner and start looking for
          the girl.  Fremea casts a sleep mist spell and takes them
          all out.  She inspects the bodies and finds odd coins but
          looks like RE in one.  She recalls Kell saying those coins
          are from the Rogizini Empire.  Such coins would be hard
          to spend so she leaves them.  She decides to position
          the men in a certain way.  She rushes and then heads away.

            Soon the men wake up but find themselves all without
          pants or underwear.  Those things are now on one roof
          somewhere.  One was sitting on the lap of another guy
          and one was leaning over a crate with his butt in the air.
          Fremea wonders what their thoughts were and how they got
          back to their ship or whatever.

          [Novehas 8 - 13]

            After spending time on her disguise skill, Fremea spends
          time for a couple days at home.  She cleans and stocks up
          on new supplies.  She also decides a good set of wards for
          the place is needed.  No place is fully safe from a simple
          hovel to a palace fortress given a decent and determined
          person.  But at lest the simple common thieves will be easy
          to deter.  Her place has no doors just like Chion's place.
          For him he just teleports in and out.  But she does have 2
          windows and a roof hatch.  Most thieves will not even care
          to check the roof.  But those windows are the most vulnerable.

            She decides what spells to use.  She does not have powerful
          stand alone spells that kill. Most spells need her to be there
          like her archery powers.  Plus it would be bad to kill a
          curious kid who may wander in the yard.  But she does have two
          spells that may be useful.  She will place a ward of paralysis
          and a ward of Sonic Blast on both windows and roof hatch.

            It takes time but the six wards are completed with
          one failure.  She places the Paralysis spells to activate
          if the window is touched from the outside without a cancel
          order. She casts the sonic blast spells but one fails on the
          south window so she has to start the two spells over again.
          Now her place is warded.  She will have to warn her parents
          and some of her friends.

            Then she has an idea to add one more spell to the roof
          hatch.  She casts a teleport and then a ward pact
          She adds a command word.  This way all she needs to do is
          hover or stand on roof and speak the word and she will
          be teleported inside without her doing so.  Also a low
          level spell will allow her only and she will have to
          unlock it from inside.   She had to get some advice from
          Z'leyra who has setup some clever wards on her place.  But
          the trick is spell first ward after.  Some forget that and
          do the reverse.

            Because of the big cost of the wards she spends days to
          do each set.

          [Novehas 10]

            Fremea takes the relic toward the forest.  She wants
          to test it in the field.  She can at least try to address
          two of the powers.  The one about humans fighting other
          humans is too dangerous.

            After talking in depth with Kaylle, Etain, Arawn and others
          she tries to invoke the magic.  But she finds this is rather
          easy.  She can fell her mark seem to warm up.  She does not
          understand how they are related.  Maybe those with the mark
          use Sidh relics better?

            She tries to create a storm starting with a fine mist.
          In seconds a large sheet of mist about 2 miles around
          falls on the woods.  She then points to a tree and concentrates
          and speaks the words from her visions.  The storm is hit by
          a bolt of lightning and almost falls.  She stops and ends
          the storm.

            She then finds in the woods three female deer  This time
          of year most deer are hunted by they have moved from the
          hills in the east and east to the west to forage for the
          winter.  She concentrates and invokes the spell to make
          animals fight each other.  But this time nothing seem sot
          happen.  Then she recalls that it may have been tame
          animals.  She tries twice more and notices a aura around
          the deer.  Deer normally never fight unless males are
          looking for mates.  Females are ver docile beasts.  But
          suddenly two of them begin to ram heads into ribs even
          though no antlers.  They try to stomp and kick but the
          deer are so limited in their attacks Fremea stops the magic.

            Fremea is worried that the magic could be detected so she
          heads back home.

          [Novehas 11]

            Over the last month Fremea has occasionally hunted and
          searched the local forests - more light woods than forests.
          There is even aware of a rumor that Kiet even got lucky
          on some hunts.

            While in the forest today she looks for a good tree to
          get wood for a wand.  She is not planning on making an
          actual wand but to practice carving.  Anorlic has been
          showing her a bit of how to carve.  Not true skill use
          yet but some tips.  If she can make her own virgin wand
          then some day she can make a good one.  After some time
          she finds a tree with a large thick branch.  It seems
          quite healthy and if done right could make a dozen or
          more wands.  She cuts the branch to take back home.

            After collecting the wood she casts teleport a couple of
          times to ensure her skills are still good.

            She does notice a man in the woods walking with a decent
          riding horse nearby.  He is holding a spear at time and
          at other times seems to be using a sling to hit birds in
          light hunting.  She watches the tall 6 foot hunter do his
          thing and collect a few game birds for dinner.

            Over the next few days she practices on carving the wood
          using Anorlic's tips in her spare time.

          [Novehas 13]

            Fremea is still testing her disguise skills on some
          vendors as a old lady.  But the second vendor seem sot
          spot the makeup and begins to yell at her  Fremea leaves
          and tries to reset her makeup.

            As she is nearing one alley she sees 2 men in an alley
          on the ground.  One is in a pool of blood.  She with
          some caution goes to investigate.  The man in the blood
          pool is dead.  But the other man in his early 20s is still
          living.  Based on their clothing and hands they seem to
          be hard laborers like farmers.  Strings on their belts
          indicate where money pouches or bags might have been but
          now missing.

            She does not know if these men are bad but they seem to
          have been robbed.  The one wounded has bruises and marks
          from looks like sticks or something.  She does not do
          healing of humans as good as Fae but casts a healing spell
          on his heart to help him regain strength.  The sell
          enters him and his breathing and heart rate seem to be
          getting stable.

            She leaves and tries to find a person to tend to them
          and finds a messenger boy to get them help.

          [Novehas 14]

            Fremea gets word from the others of a party at Cholan's
          place for Damon.  She doesn't know the sailor but has heard
          stories from Unali.  Before she goes tomorrow to the party
          she visits Cholan's tavern.  She asks if Balrog has been
          seen lately.  Being a good thief maybe he can give suggestions
          on hiding the relic.

            While in the tavern she notices the same hunter from the
          woods at a table.  She asks Cholan about him. "Him?  He
          is looking for a caravan to the northwest.  Not sure why.  He
          doesn't speak Marentian but oddly he can write simple basic

          Actions?  Comments?

          Next update...Monday?

          GM: Another fun IBT.  For our hunter friend a easter egg.
              I have started Unali's IBT.  For old players see below
              on update of treasure.

          GM: Skills

                Skill               Points    EL Changes
              Fighting Dagger          5
              Read/Write Katai        16         +5
              Disguise Artist         56         +11

          GM: Expenses

              Gold Coin to Peasant    -   - 1 GC
              Gold from Marta         -   +30 GC
              Gold for Actor          -   - 2 GC

          GM: Spells

             Spell      EL   Exp  Expertise     Notes
           Marbles       1    3       2
           Healing       1    3       2      +1 EL
           Teleport      0   48      48      +1 EL
           Knowledge     1   45      30      +1 EL (15 points)
           Ward Pact     0  300     301      +4 EL
           Paralysis     2   36      18      +1 EL
           Sonic Blast   0   18      18      +1 EL
           Invisibility  0    8       8      +1 EL

           MEP: 461

          GM: Old Treasure

              I have heard back from 2 on the final gem selection
              from the old update.  I put the deadline as 7/1 so
              I will assume all agree unless stated otherwise.

                   Player       Approved
                Kiet              Yes
                Unali             Yes

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