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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
   -- Npc...............YY..Etain.............Teacher.Normal/Elf......Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell

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      Game Update #-17in sequence (file #22)

      Admin Notes: This is Kiet's IBT.


      [New Stuff]

          [Octagi 5th - Novehas 15th, 1634TH]
          [Sivas, Marentia]

          [Octagi 5]

            The party teleports onto the roof of the library.  A cool breeze
          whips through Kiet's thin pants leg chilling him.  But even though
          this is not his homeland it is good to be back  here - home.  He
          asks Z'leyra to stay at her manor and she agrees.  After all he
          still has some s stuff stored there.

            The acrobat climbs the ladder to the ground and scans around.
          The library windows are dark.  Course Kaylle could be hidden
          in his quiet office over some book.  But it is late.  Maybe
          another day.  He waits for Z'leyra to join and takes a good
          smell of the city.  The scents of the markets and stores
          are still lingering a full two hours after most have closed.

            The two decide a nice walk will be good to see what the
          city has been up to.  Corona flies overhead as usual.  Once
          at the manor the stewart rushes to organize things.  The
          guards are only 3 today as the last week was less to
          protect but he orders the other 2 to return.  The cook
          is sent for help.

            Z'leyra has duties to perform at the manor like the
          expenses and letters so she goes to her office.  But
          Kiet heads to get a nice warm soaking bath.  A half
          hour later he is still there when the stewart wakes him.
          He didn't realize he fell asleep but it felt so good.
          The stewart pours him a small glass of wine as Kiet
          cleans up and dresses in new clothing.  He then realizes
          there is no good shaving material so asks the stewart to
          get some for the morning.

            Kiet then takes a late light dinner with some more drink
          that is rather nice.  But he notices his eye lids begin
          to get more heavy by the second.  He finishes his chicken
          she made with great effort heads to bed for a long night of
          rest. He thanks Z'leyra by the Stewart not wanting to disturb

          [Octagi 6]

            Kiet finally wakes to the sounds of birds outside his
          window.  The stewart seems to be a uncanny guy in his late
          40s.  He opens the door, "morning sir."  He goes to the
          window and opens the curtain to blaze the room with light.
          How did he know he was awake?  Kiet asks the time and finds
          it is half past 10 or so.

            The stewart asks if he wants breakfast but Kiet explains
          he will go for that in town.  The stewart leaves and shows
          Kiet the new shaving materials.  Kiet does stop in the
          kitchen to say hi to the cook and take a nice warm biscuit
          off the stove made for the guards.

            Kiet finds the guards and ensures all know who he is so
          they don't kill him on sight.  He then heads further into
          town.  After some exploring in areas he hasn't been to
          he finds a tavern/bakery combination.  He gets a light
          breakfast and is engorged on the pastries a nice white
          haired lady makes.  But he doesn't say the stuff has
          too much cinnamon as not to hurt her feelings.

            Kiet explores a bit more until late afternoon then
          returns to the manor. He finds the horseman who takes
          care of the stables on duty.  He asks who might be
          a good place to learn horse husbandry.  The man explains
          his best advice is his brother and gives directions. He
          himself doesn't break horses just takes care of them.

            Kiet heads to the storage areas after ensuring no wards
          are active that could turn him into a frog.  He finds his
          old stuff and heads to his room so he can sort his gear
          and clean others.

            That evening they have a nice dinner of a nice steak
          imported from Maren.  Sivas does little cattle ranches
          if any so that food has to be delivered by ship.   Kiet
          sorts his gear and then spends some time in the small
          library looking at some books while enjoying the fireplace.

          [Octagi 7]

            Kiet takes a light breakfast from the manor's cook.  He
          decides to sit outside and just sit with Corona.  The
          bird tends to fly most afternoons so he just wants to
          sit even if they seem wary of each other  Kiet can't
          tell bird expressions but after an hour it seems the
          bird seems to tolerate him a bit more

            Kiet goes to find the horseman once more for final details.
          He asks what folks usually charge.  He knows the man
          would not lie and risk being fired even if he has no power
          to do so.  Kiet then heads to the market districts.  He
          searches for teachers of horse busbandry.  While he can
          ride most normal riding mounts well and a light combat
          one he is still not sued to the creatures.  In his homeland
          they are not native.

            After three hours he finds at lest 4 good candidates including
          the brother of the horseman.  But his brother is mostly a trainer
          of combat mounts.  So he settles for a nice man in his 30s who
          teaches ladies and kids to ride.  The man seems kind and
          generous.  His land has 3 stables with at least 20 horses at
          any one time.  Tarvis is there now teaching 3 girls how to ride.
          Kiet notices how gentle he is.  After they are done he
          asks if he could work for him for 3 5 day weeks with no
          pay.  Tarvis is surprised by this request. So Kiet wants to
          pay him to learn but doesn't want pay in return for his
          labor?  The man booms in laughter.  He slaps Kiet on the
          shoulder, "you are a strange one! I like you son."  Son
          they can't be what 6-7 years apart?  Tarvs agrees after
          all he can get a lot of stuff out of this man for free.
          Tarvis says he typically gets 6-7 Copper a day.  But he
          agrees that Kiet can pay him 7 Silver.  Tarvis will feed
          him the meals he may need if here at the stables.  But
          he also says that he will give him a nice new saddle that
          a merchant failed to pay for.  It is worth about 5 silver
          but too flashy for most people as it is tan in color but
          studded with nice Ba'ru leather.  Both shake heads in
          agreement and depart to return later.

            Kiet spends the rest of the day shopping.  He buys 20
          sticks of incense, cheap boots and a rather nice further
          quality fur cloak.  It is gray on outside with brown fox
          fur that is decent.  He has to haggle a bit on the price
          but finally comes up with a decent price even though buying
          winter stuff in winter is not good as its always higher
          in price due to demand.

          [Octagi 8]

            Kiet asks the stewart if he know a good hill around town.
          "Lover's slide!"  The stewart explains the hill is about 80
          feet above normal ground in the city.  Most of the city
          is still sea level.  But this hill is large enough it could
          hold a campground of maybe 50 people.  But lovers use it
          to meet for picnics.  This time of year though its not used
          that much compared to spring and summer.  The cold can
          bring the lovers to run away.  But it is called a slide due
          to the slope as some lovers have been known to fall down after
          a nice romantic session.  One a poet who asked to marry a actor
          gal fell down and broke his hip as he was so excited.  But
          is mostly used by the young crowd.  Kiet gets directions and
          sets out.

            Lover slide is a tall hill in the northeast section of
          town about 5 miles outside the town walls.  Looking north
          from the hill one can see Lake Siva to the north.  Kiet
          squints.  It is maybe 3-4 miles but is that a sailboat or
          a large merchant ship on the coast?

            True enough though the hill is empty  A bit of trash from
          lovers who came before.  But a nice place.  To the west the
          city can be seen in a light haze from smoke and sea fog.
          Kiet nods this place will do well for casting spells.

          [Octagi 9]

            Kiet borrows a horse from the stable that is not being
          used.  He heads to the hill a hour after breakfast.  He
          stops buy a vendor and get some salted meat for lunch
          if time gets too long.  As he exits the city he notices
          Corona is flying over.  The bird must be wondering where
          he is going and worried for him.  Who knows maybe he
          will join him at the hill.  Kiet does have his own horse but
          Kiet suspects he may need to let it rest for the next big

            Kiet ensures no one is around and sets out to build a circle
          of stones.  He places his 8 inch gold plated Bird of Prey statue
          he found in Donara as a symbol and for attention of the air spirits.
          To others it might just look like a simple campfire boundary.
          But some know it as a ritual circle.  He begins to quietly speak
          the words of the sky elementals and praise them for this fine
          day.  He is not a very religous man but he knows he needs to
          show himself to those above who will help him in the next few
          days.  He then lights 4 incense in the compass corners.  He
          finds this a bit difficult from the sea breeze so has to
          build a wind trap from rocks.

            Kiet spreads out the five books he found from the flying
          castle/island.  He then sits and blows one of his horse to
          ensure the good spirits hear him.  He briefly flips through
          and still finds it a language unknown to him.  Maybe Kaylle
          could find someone to translate it.  He grabs his wand and
          prepares to cast some spells.  But before he does a quick
          check around the hill to ensure no one is around.

            First Kiet casts some purification spells for each set of
          spells he needs.

          He then stands and casts a pact binding spell
          with the air elements.  As soon as he does a flock of birds seem
          to fly overhead and pass him.  A strong wind flows up the hill
          from the ground and makes his cloak whip around frantically.  He
          smiles as the sky guardians must've agreed to his pact.

            Kiet then cast Sky Knowledge to learn from the wind elementals.
          He then casts a basic Knowledge spell to improve his other spell
          rites he has already learned.  Hovering his hand over each book
          he casts a detection spell on each of the 5 books to learn if any
          have enhancement rites.  He learns from the detection spells the
          results he needs.  Last he casts a detection on the shield that
          Kell gave him to see if he can gleam more info on it.

            Kiet spends a bit more time on the hill studying the area
          and the things in the sky from the birds to the clouds.  He
          then heads back to the manor.

          [Octagi 10 - 14]

            Kiet spends the next five full days working for Tarvis. At
          first is light duty and the usual stable boy duty.  Kiet
          learns quickly that wearing good clothing is not an option
          at this job.  Cleaning stalls, washing or trimming horses,
          feeding horses and other animals, fixing leather assortments
          for horses, shucking hay and even guiding the beasts around
          while the young kids learn how to read from docile ponies.

            By the third day Tarvis is impressed that Kiet has not bailed
          out on him.  Figuring the work too much.  Surprised he increases
          the level of teaching from the last couple days.  He shares the
          secrets of breaking horses, fixing shoes, fixing damage to
          hooves and best ways to mount and dismount quickly or slowly.

            Each night Kiet's bones and muscles ache from the day's work.
          After a quick dinner at the manor he heads to bed exhausted.   He
          doesn't understand how Ben'dar can do this day and day out on
          his ranch.  After the first 5 days he has lost a few pounds
          and maybe its him but his muscles seem more tight.

          [Octagi 15]

            Z'leyra's cook thinks Kiet should get a bit fatter so cooks
          up some nice pastries.  Kiet thinks she has a thing for him
          but doesn't want to offend Z'leyra by going further.  Besides
          she is missing three teeth and that kind of thing tends to
          be a deal buster.

            Kiet spends the day writing down on some blank parchments what
          he will need in the future and in a way it will be hard for
          outsiders to understand.

            Kiet heads to town to find some good places to buy a war horse.
          He quickly learns that Sivas is more commerce and so not many
          good warhorse vendors.  Maren has tons which is why Ben'dar
          has his ranch up there.  A city guard does mention that the
          garrisons buy from a certain place north of town.  After some
          time he finds the place.  The owner says that he tend to deal
          only with the military for his war horses.  He is free to
          look around but if he were to buy from him the horse would
          be good stock but more expensive than might find in other
          places.  Course this does make sense since the military would
          want the best mounts.  Some of the other places in town have
          more aged war horse or their upkeep on some of the horses
          is a bit to be desired.  But what do you expect from a nation
          that is not at great length in time of war.

          [Octagi 16]

            Kiet spends more time looking for good horses.  He hears a tip
          from a sailor that some are being shipped from Maren so goes
          to the docks.  But it turns out they are only riding mounts
          not combat.  But Kiet does find several good horses at the
          private dealer and maybe 2-3 possibles in town.  But he does
          not pay for it at this time.

            At one stable there is a general store selling horse related
          materials.  The typical saddles and such.  He buys a leather
          quiver like attachment for his horse so he can store his
          javelins.  The price was 3 CC but Kiet realizes this is way too
          high and gets it for 9 BB.

            Kiet heads to the hill in the late afternoon to cast a bit more
          of his spells.  HE notices his stone circle is still intact and
          there is no sign of others being here.  With wand in hand he
          casts the code spell upon the 5 Enhancement rite parchments he
          made the other day.  A good wizard might be able to break it
          but one day he will be able to tweak it so include a word cipher
          to make it impossible to break. But that is when one becomes
          a master in the spell.  But for now his coded parchments will not
          be understood by the casual person.  He then casts ensorcellment
          on his 3rd token he made.  He places a spell into the token for
          future use.  Lastly he grabs the last Amanranth seed and
          enhances it for his collection.

            As Kiet packs up to head to town around late 3:30pm he hears
          barking in the distance.  He stands and spots a party of riders
          with horses.  They seem to be a hunting group chasing a large
          fox.  The hounds are giving a good chase a mile or two away.
          Kiet shakes his head probably some tourist noble on a stupid
          hunting party.  He then recalls Duke Aren's place is nearby
          and wonders if that could be him.  He squints and the colors
          of the flag bearer doesn't seem to match his.  Kiet heads
          down the hill to fetch his horse and leave the waste of some
          party's time.

          [Octagi 17 - 21]

            Kiet continues the next 5 days of learning the ways of the
          stinky horse.  At least the first day he learns this as
          the horses have not been bathed or cleaned for 3 days.  But
          on Octagi 20th he is helping guide a pony for a girl of 8
          when a dangerous snake scares the pony.  The pony bucks knocking
          the girl off and hurting her.  Kiet by instant burns the
          snake to a crisp with his ring.  The mother blames him for
          guiding by hand the horse into dangerous land.  But Tarvis
          comes to his aide and explains the girl could've been killed
          if the snake had gotten close.  Instead of a scraped bottom
          and torn clothing it was a good thing.  The mother apologizes
          and thanks Kiet.  Kiet shakes his head.   What is it with
          snakes and him?  Do they just seek him out?  Kiet just leads
          the beast back to the stables.  Maybe one day he will call
          a horse something special like Ben'dar does.

          [Octagi 21]

            Kiet is leaving the horse farm for a fine day at work  As
          he enters one street he notices a small mob of 12 peasants
          shouting and yelling.  Then Kiet discovers the mob is actually
          two of maybe 9 and 4 fighting each other.  They seem to be
          shouting about a temple being taken down by some landlord who wants
          to use the land for a machine shop of some sort.  Kiet soon
          realizes this could be a full blown mob so backs up and away down
          another side street.

          [Octagi 22]

            Kiet spends the day again looking for the best war horse to
          buy though he is just shopping around or as the girls call it
          window looking.

            Just after lunch though Kiet checks in one of the shops he
          and others frequent.  Sometimes they have natural magic items
          and some times good supply of herbs and plants.  Then on a shelf
          behind glass sits what he wants.  A large pearl by itself.  He
          stares for a few seconds and the clerks tells him it a bit rare
          to have a fine specimen like it.  Some use it for magic but
          the nobles tend to use to cheat the spell of age.  Kiet rushes
          to buy but then recalls don't be eager.  He pretends to shop a
          bit more and then asks for the pearl.  He buys it like it is
          a common item.  Once outside he can't help but beam at the luck.
          Either the clerk is an idiot or the gods smile on Kiet today.

            Kiet knows the shop has been around for 20 years so to cheat
          folks is not their game.  But the man is asking 15 Silver?
          A full pearl necklace might be only a couple silver.  Either
          this man is an obvious thief at that price or doesn't know
          what he is giving away.  Kiet doesn't look interested, a technique
          he learned from Kell.  But one can show interest without being
          obvious.  The man though states no haggle on that price.  The
          person who sold it to him bartered for the materials and he
          needs to recoup his expenses.

          [Octagi 23]

            The morning is cold with a light frost on the ground.  The
          temperature gets finally back up to the 40s but Kiet warms
          up and takes some nice hot tea with him.  He heads back to
          the hill.  He leaves his horse as normal at the bottom and
          heads up.  There he finds the stones slightly messed up as
          if a animal may have messed with it.  But he rebuilds the
          circle of stones and chants the words and song of some elder
          music he heard in the Dark Lands.  He scans the area and finds
          no one but a deer and rabbits in the area.  Lake Siva seems
          clear at this hour but the fog is thick so it may be blocked.
          In order to draw the attention of the elementals high above he
          sounds the horn again.

            Kiet then casts Purification on the ground again.  Then forms
          a new elemental pact with the air spirits.  This time there is
          no wind but a sudden gust of cold hits him that is about 25 degrees
          cooler.  Kiet then learns more from the wind spirits by a sky
          knowledge spell.  Then downloads a bit more from the gods a  new
          set of Knowledge information.

          [Octagi 24 - 28]

            Kiet spends the last 5 days of learning under Tarvis.  On
          the third day Kiet finally meets his daughter who is about the
          same age as Kiet.  To Kiet she is quite taking with nice features
          and vivid green eyes.  When he first notices her he steps in
          a bucket of manure by mistake so taken aback.  The girl just
          smiles and waves.  Kiet learns she is a seamstress in the
          city but is currently not attached to anyone.  Maybe when
          things settle and he finds a place he can maybe get a dress
          for Z'leyra or some other excuse to see her again.

            Kiet asks Tesara what duties she tends to perform and if
          she good about doing other work.  He explains he has some
          tunics to need work. His skills in that area are lacking.
          Plus getting next to this cute thing might be fun.

            On the final day Tarvis brings a horse to Kiet to break in
          the early morning.  This is the typical test given to those
          who apprentice.  This horse a nice brown and white mix snorts
          and bucks at the attention of others who come close.  Kiet
          realizes he has to learn to speak to horses like Arawn and
          that will for sure help.

            With nothing special in terms of his clothes and cloak Kiet
          enters the corral.  By now he has gotten used to them and seen
          at least two other horses broken.  Tarvis and other stand by
          and watch. Some joke that at least the healer is only a short
          wagon ride away  Kiet gulps and knows don't burn the horse or
          that will be a bad day.  Kiet does the things he has learned
          by speaking low and using his hand as a distraction.  But above
          all never be afraid when the horse bucks.  Like a bear standing
          it is a sign of power rarely used to actually hurt.  The horse
          tends to be scared more than the person or so they say.

            Ten minutes pass and he gets within 5 feet.  As expected
          the horse raises up on 2 rear legs and flails out.  But Kiet
          just stands his ground and wish he had his shield.  Even though
          it is cool Kiet is drenched in sweat.  After three more bucks
          the horse stops tired and just snorts blowing puffs of hot
          air into the cold.  The horse turns and moves away.  But Kiet
          moves forward again toward him.

            This time Kiet pulls out the apple from his pocket and
          raises it so the horse can see.  The horse snorts and
          grunts.  It moves forward a few feet then turns and runs off
          again.  Kiet stands his ground.  Some use whips and chains
          to break horses but Tarvis believes being kind is the best
          for such creatures  Anyone can beat a horse into submission
          but a good one uses his wits and will.  Though the carrot
          and stick is a good way as well.

            Finally the horse lowers his head and moves forward.  A
          subtle sign of submission. Kiet reaches out and touches his
          forehead gently.  The horse snorts and nods twice.  Kiet
          gives the soothing words and can't even recall what he
          actually said.  For all he knew he was talking baby talk.
          Then the true test Kiet brings the apple forward and shows
          the horse.  The horse snorts and sniffs it.  His forward
          right leg moves as if a charging bull about to pounce but
          it is a sign of the inner struggle Tarvis talks about.

            Finally the horse moves and takes a bite out of the apple.
          Kiet pats the forehead and moves to the side to pat the
          neck as he feeds the horse.  By now the horse has stopped

            Kiet stays besides the horse for what seems like hours
          but maybe is only 20 minutes feeding the horse.  Then
          someone tosses a new apple.  Kiet continues to feet as he
          moves slowly toward the center of the horse.  The horse
          takes the last piece and chews it as Kiet gulps.  Mounting
          a horse with no saddle is tricky but it is all about quick
          leverage.  Kiet quickly uses his acrobat skills and mounts
          the horse.

            The horse snorts and tries to buck but Kiet holds on tight
          with no ropes or saddle it is a matter of leg strength
          and arm strength.  The horse stops and calms down.  Kiet
          smiles and remembers to breath.  Using his legs he gently
          moves the horse forward then does a slow circle around the
          corral to the applause of the crowd.

            Kiet dismounts and feeds the horse another apple.  Kiet was
          told most horses don't break that fast.  Some may take longer
          but this horse granted was around people for the last month
          to get used to them.  Kiet exits and wipes the sweat from his

            "Congratulations!" Tarvis smiles.

            Tarvis gives water to Kiet and says he has done a good job
          these last few weeks.  He thinks more advanced training could
          be done but he should not longer be as timid around horses
          as he used to be.

            A delighted Kiet heads home and gets a nice steak dinner at
          a nice place with a singer doing old 15th century songs.

          [Octagi 29]

            Kiet takes a borrowed horse and heads out just before sunrise.
          He heads south east where there is a bit of forest though
          in this area forest is more light woods. He is on the hunt
          for Rowan and Berries.

            Hours pass and still nothing.  Kiet is starting to realize
          this area must've been cleaned out long ago.  He stops for
          lunch and wonders if he should head to another area.  But
          he knows based on Kaylle's guess there is maybe a 3-4% chance
          of finding Rowan and maybe 2-3% of finding the berries.

            But by 3pm still nothing.  There was once a small chance of
          finding berries around 10 or so but it turned out to be
          a rare set of sting berries that have no use other than in
          dyes for paints.

            Frustrated Kiet sits on a log and drinks water from his
          skin.  Then Kiet spots the hawk in the tree with a nice
          white forehead for a brown body.  The hawk is eyeing the
          area but seems to ignore him.  He is about 80 feet away.
          Quietly Kiet tries to walk closer.  Then with calm gestures
          he casts a Avian Command on the bird.  He commands the regal
          bird to find pigeons.  The bird turns to Kiet and he speaks
          to the bird to find the birds he requests.  In case the magic
          does not translate he repeats the request in the Earth and
          Elder tongues.  The bird then heads out on his task.

            Kiet places a round circle of thick sticks and branches around
          as the stones in the area are lacking.  He waits and it takes
          45 minutes before the hawk brings the captured pigeon toward
          him.  Kiet grabs his dagger and snatches the bird as it tries
          to escape.  Kiet lights a incense and speaks to the air spirits
          and the wood spirits in hopes that this death will help those
          who are in need.  This is not to be a wasteful death.  Then
          Kiet gives mercy to the bird and kills it.  Gutting the bird
          he searches for the natural "stone."  Then he offers the hawk
          the remains who sweeps in and takes it away.

            Around him the trees bristle with the wind but he hopes the
          wood spirits will see it a good thing.  Kiet goes on the hunt
          again until 5pm and then leaves with no Rowan or Berries.

          [Octagi 30]

            Kiet tries to find another "forest" area in this region or
          maybe even some hills that might have what he wants.  He
          sets out hunting again for Rowan and Berries.  Sadly around
          5pm there is a lead that might be Rowan.  But it turns out the
          item is so decayed and affected by some tree disease that is
          useless.  Kiet frustrated returns to the manor again.

          [Octagi 31 -  Novehas 4]

            Kiet sets off into town in search for a new place of his
          own.  It seems all but Kell, Raban and himself have places.
          Raban doesn't really need a home as long as he has a bed to
          share with a nice girl.  Kell tends to like Inns as he can
          travel to various places.  But after spending over 3 weeks
          at Z'leyra's manor his stay may be a burden.  So it is time
          to find his own place.   Plus it would allow hi to make
          his own defenses and place to do his fine work.   As he
          walks to find people to help he suddenly realizes he is making
          a home here in Marentia.  Why doesn't he travel home to the
          big island?  He was shipwrecked in the Dark Lands but maybe
          he should return?  But this place is far more tame than home.
          The place is more barbaric compared to this civilized people.
          This mix of various nations around the Sea of Tears.  Opportunity
          abounds here but at home not so much.

            He hopes this new place will be a base of operations so in case
          one day he decides to settle down.  So a quick investment in
          a manor will be good for the short term.

            There are people who make their living selling homes and finding
          buys.  But for the first day its good to visit taverns and
          hear places from folks.  Get a feel for what is on the market.
          He is wanting a medium sized place with a neighborhood for
          middle to lower upper class folks  Most ones are simple on
          structure places but Kiet wants a workshop and gardens so makes
          it a bit more complex to find.

          [Octagi 31]

            After 4-5 hours of looking around for a place, Kiet finds
          himself in a decent area.  But its a bit after noon so he
          needs to find a place to eat.  As he passes these single
          story places that are good but not for him a group of 3 men
          are coming up carrying instruments and bags.

            They are shouting and arguing.  They see Kiet and say,
          "don't go in that home!  Idiot guy is doing black magic!
          Skulls, incense, candles and drugs all over the place.  The
          place is full of about 12 naked guys!  They wanted us to
          play for them and enjoy the party but ....what they had
          in mind we don't swing that way!"  But the others continue
          to argue that they do need the money.  But they continue
          down the street arguing until out of sight.

          [Novehas 1]

            Second day of looking for a manor, today and the next 4
          days he chooses to hire a agent to show him around town.
          The older lady seems to know her stuff.  She charges 1 Copper
          per day but can waive that fee if the client buys.

          [Time: 9:01am]

            After 30 min of the lady talking on and on about houses
          they both head out to look.  Around this time a group of
          10 men in what look like sailor clothing are approaching
          down a street in a residential neighborhood. Sailors can
          be rowdy so Kiet prepares to watch closely.

            As the men approach one steps forward toward, "excuse you.
          Where be...." The man clearly gives this in a very clipped
          Marentian that 2 year olds only know   He tries to speak
          the words but they translate out in different language.  Kiet
          perks up but can't place the accent.  The man tries to speak
          again but gestures with his heads on his chest as if showing
          a woman's chest.  Kiet sneers and thinks the sailor is giving
          offenne.  The sailor continues, "Danti's...fun...funner...
          plesant tavern?"  Both realize the men are looking for some
          probably pleasure place.

            The lady begins to speak up but Kiet holds back.  He
          finally realizes the accent.  He grins and nods, "three
          streets that way, 4 up, 3rd house on left, statue of
          naked warrior out front."  As Kiet speaks he gestures with
          fingers and hands to describe.  It takes 4 times repeating
          it then the man nods and grunts thanks.

            Kiet smiles and waves the lady onward.  "They wanted a
          sex tavern or something..maybe a brother...sounds like
          you sent them...to a home?"

            Kiet nods but doesn't elaborate.  Sending the men to
          the crazy man's home the entertainers didn't like yesterday
          is worth it.  Especially for Fomorians!  Kiet smiles so much
          that the agent seems wary but soon gets on her agenda.  If
          Kell could see him he'd say he hasn't smiled this much in
          the last week or so than in months.

          [Novehas 1 - Novehas 4]

            After 5 days looking for homes the prospects in Sivas are
          limited.  The lady agent says Maren is the place to be for
          rich people these days.

            They found many decent small homes that were only 4-5 rooms
          at best but with only one story.  Too small for him.  But
          after 5 days there are three good leads.

            There  is one place with a basement and a floor above as well
          as a half attic.  It is 600 square feet with land for a small
          garden but nothing else.  It has furniture already.  It is being
          sold for at least 32 Gold.  But she explains the King set new
          laws that full disclosure is required after the Duchess Yeara
          incident.  So she informs Kiet that the previous owners were
          killed in a incident in the home.  Wizards got rid of the scene
          and its fine.  "Course you don't believe in ghosts!  Your not
          that kind!"

            The second one is very nice for Kiet but Kell taught him not
          to show interest.  This home has 2 stories and a small basement.
          This is 500 square feet both levels.  It has a walled in yard
          that is 6 feet high.  There is a courtyard in the front surrounded
          by its own small 5 foot tall wall with a fountain and small flower
          beds inside.  The fountain is simple stone but looks in decent
          shape.  Outback a separate wooden shack for storage is there
          but Kiet can see promise there by making it a workshop if get
          some windows and air.  That will require some work.  There
          is plenty of rooms including 2 guest rooms.  But there are
          issues with the outer and courtyard walls which will need to
          be repaired.  Some wood inside and the doors may need to be
          replaced for the manor.  A decent kitchen with well line
          in the home as well as pipes for the bathroom which is a
          big luxury in this city.  Sadly there is no furniture.  "This
          was once the town tax collector's place.  Rumors are he used
          the basement for those who could not pay. But no deaths here
          or so they say. It is a place that needs work.  But the land
          is large enough for gardens and even a small one horse stable
          stall if need be.  The furniture was taken out when they
          were reassigned to a different town."  This place sells for
          48 Gold.  But since furniture is missing owner will sell for
          as little as 42.

            The third place was home to a scholar who died years ago.
          It is a 2 story place with a small half basement.  The half
          basement could be digged out to make larger but it was mostly
          used for storage or ice/food.  The place has furniture and
          no courtyard.  It does have a nice workshop where he worked
          on various inventions with nice windows. This place is large
          for gardens but only has a small metal fence.  It sells for
          28 Gold.

            Kiet has to get back to her and decide.  She reminds him
          that customers may buy them soon.  She has at least one
          merchant who owns a shipping firm interested in the one
          with courtyard.  She has one painter interested in the last
          one but only a few leads on the first.  So she says to pick
          soon.  Course Kell also warned this is a tactic they use.  Kiet
          is surprised by the prices but realizes that city manors
          are more expensive.  Maybe a country one might be cheaper.

          [Novehas 5]

            Kiet heads to town walking to buy his new warhorse.  He
          considers asking the manor's horseman to come along but
          he now has a decent skill in horses and should be able to
          figure things out.  The horseman did cover all the details
          on how to buy horses and check them out.

            He heads immediately to the place he found the best
          choice.  But when he gets there the horse is suddenly
          way under price then first quoted.  Wary, Kiet checks
          the horse and finds a wounded rear left leg.  He realizes
          why the horse is less.  Kiet frustrated heads to his second
          choice from the past days of looking.  But when he gets
          there the horse he wanted is gone.  Now upset he heads
          to the private dealer.  It helps to have friends in high places.
          He sent for a note from Farseeker to vouch for him.  Farseeker
          did and a messenger delivered the note.  Being a commander
          in the military and in charge of a fort he has some influence.
          With this note the dealer lets him explore the military only
          stables.  He spots the horse he saw before a nice brown that
          is not overaly tall, one that he can even get up on fast.
          Kiet checks the mouth, the eyes, the mane, muscles and legs.
          All in great shape.  Even the tail which some fail to really
          notice - since its a sign of some horse problems - is in great
          condition.  The dealer says they are selling for 12 Gold.  He
          can charge more since the military has the funds.  But with
          Farseeker's letter and influence chance the man will go no lower
          than 9 Gold and 3 Silver.

            By now its 3pm and getting late.  Kiet pays the man and the
          man shows him the combat routines.  The battle commands are
          in Marentian so this is easy to learn.  An hour later Kiet
          leaves with his new horse.  He walks the horse to Tarvis's
          place to get the saddle he offered.  This gives horse and
          man time to get to know each other in the walk.

            Tarvis grins at the horse and finds him in great shape.
          "So what's his name?"  Tarvis then hands him over the nice
          leather saddle and some assorted items for the horse.  But
          Kiet will need to buy more spurs as his spurs are not as
          sharp as could be.  Kiet decides on a nice name for his
          horse - Ma Siwang.

            Frustrated Kiet wanted to hunt for Rowan again but it is
          dark in a bit over an hour so he heads to the manor.

          [Novehas 6]

            Kiet gets up and has a hearty breakfast with some odd pink
          juice the cook says is from the Cerulean Empire.  But it is
          a bit tangy for his taste.  Kiet heads to hunt for more
          rowan in another section of the hills.  The berries last
          into winter so should be fine he hopes.  The problem is
          the berries are often eaten by animals.

            Leaving the East Gate Kiet takes the horse into a full
          gallop to see how fast he goes and handles.  Kiet feels a bit
          giddy as the cool air tears into his lungs and rips his cloak
          about.  But the horse seems to be well trained.  Finally the
          hunt begins.

            After all afternoon the hunt is frustrating.  Around 2pm
          he does encounter a mean goat but so far no Rowan.  He wishes
          the detection spell was far longer in range.  If this was the
          Wild Forest his chance would improve but the towns and villages
          all around have stripped this land lean.

            Frustrated Kiet starts to head home around 5pm.  But as he
          passes a shadow of trees he notices a shrub that fits the
          description. He dismounts and rushes over  Based on what
          Kaylle has said what this should be it must be Rowan.  The
          shrub is only 4 feet tall.  The leaves have all fallen off
          due to the cold but he desperately looks for berries.  There
          are clumps of stumps where berries were but all seemed to
          have been eaten.  Frustrated he takes his borrowed axe out
          and cuts the thing away.

            Kiet knows herbalism well enough to find the Rowan trees
          But rumors are some so called Rowan trees are small bushes.

            Kiet looks all around and there on the other side in the
          shadow are two berries intact.  He stores them gently in
          a flask.  Then sits down to examine the shrub.  He is no
          plant scholar but it seems in moderate shape.  But it is
          a thin shrub at best making a 2 foot wand only that is only
          a couple inches wide.  Which means it will be a thing that
          could be broken if in battle.  But it is Rowan.  Kiet carves
          a couple of strips of bark so others can help determine if it
          is useable.

            Now with twilight approaching he heads home quickly.

          [Novehas 7]

            Kiet heads out to the hill after a good breakfast of eggs.
          Z'leyra was not there today probably doing healing or something
          like that.  The cook is again trying to match up her daughter
          who is "good with cooking and presentable to look at...."
          But Kiet just smiles and nods.  Kiet may not be a player but
          those code words means she is probably fat and ugly as a
          donkey.  But then there is Tarvis's daughter.

            At the hill there is sign of a deer or two but they are gone.
          Kiet does the usual stone circle, 4 incenses, chanting and blowing
          the horn.

            The horn this time startles a flock of birds nearby and Kiet
          cringes hoping the wind spirits don't get annoyed.  He casts
          Purification and the elemental pact again with the air spirits.
          The temperature on the hill is in the 30s and hopes this does
          not take too much longer.  He then casts Sky knowledge for the
          wind language and a basic Knowledge spell but it fails the first
          time.  He recasts and downloads a bit more information for
          another spell.

            Before Kiet leaves he meditates for a bit even though it is
          cold.  He considers his future and his friends.  Where will they
          go next?  They saved the world at least twice in the last few
          years.  Well a third if you count the flying ships from Clima.
          But stopping the Flying Castle with the Lymrian magic.  Then
          stopping the Vong threat.  When will it be time to just
          settle down like Cholan or Ben'dar? Maybe after he has enough
          money to settle down like a true gentlemen.

            Kiet rushes to the manor and a nice warm fireplace.

          [Novehas 8]

            Kiet goes to find Tarvis to talk to him about improving his
          horsemanship.  Tarvis does say that his season for teaching
          riders is waning due to the winter.  But he has some safety
          riding courses to teach soon.  Tarvis says he could fit him
          in for at least 3 days.  More he'd need to work with one of
          the other trainers.  Kiet asks where his daughter out just
          in terms of chit chat like his wife.  But both are away visiting
          family.  Both shake but Tarvis does not want to be paid.  Just
          use him as a reference for new clients.

            Mid afternoon Kiet heads to Cholan's tavern.  He finds the
          man behind the bar.  He asks about the family and his daughter
          is doing well.  He does say that Damon is wishing to see old
          friends and wishes to get them together.  He has booked a day
          on Novehas 15 if possible.  Cholan asks to spread the word.
          Kiet doesn't know Damon too well but the others have said he
          got his ship from the King after the Climan mission.  He tends
          to go up and down the coast of Lake Sivas or nearby other places.

            Then Kiet notices a danger on the stage.  He glances back to
          ask Cholan.   "Some dancer from Rogizini.  Don't tell the others
          many folks around here don't like those people.  Worse than
          the Ceruleans.  She is a looker isn't she?"  Kiet watches as
          the young dancer twirls and weaves with scarfs and clothes
          of many colors.  He has heard stories of those belly dancers?
          But how one can dance on the belly he has no clue.  This
          one continues to shed scarfs and cloths.  Going down to her
          underwear when she stops and collects her things.  Very nice
          looking gal with thin cute legs.  Distracted he almost doesn't
          hear Cholan explain that this is still a family place so
          no more shown in this place.  Kiet looks at the dancer on stage
          and realizes this isn't danger but just a dancer.  Such a nice
          sight to see in both aspects.

            Then regains his composure and recalls why he came in.  He
          asks if Cholan still now where his old tulwar teacher is?
          The one that just taught him only 2 months ago.  Cholan gives
          directions for him and Kiet leaves.

            Not sure how long the party will be here until the world is
          on the brink once again he finds the teacher at his home.
          They chat up for about 20 minutes then asks if Kiet could
          improve his skill if time allows.  Both men do a rough
          sketch of when maybe in a few days.  Both shake and depart.

          [Novehas 9 - 11]

            Kiet spends the three days learning more riding horse
          techniques on his new horse.  Tarvis sets up some obstacle
          courses and uses blinders on the horse for riding.

          [Novehas 12 - 14]

            Kiet spends the next 3 days learning Tulwar.  The teacher
          soon learns he has used it over the last 2 months.  But he
          helps to teach some more parry and slash attacks.

          [Novehas 14]

            For the past month Kiet has been at time working when not
          exhausted on a money pouch by needle and thread.  After
          a month the needle pricks may be finally healing.  It would
          help to know the tailoring or sewing skills but he is
          a acrobat not a seamstress!  The money pouch will not be
          sold on a fashion street at high value but it might at least
          last a short while.  Z'leyra does offer some tanning experience
          at least but not much more than that.

            In his spare time at night Kiet has always used his carving
          knife to carve the 5 strips of wood he has been working on.  In
          the shape of wands.  Skill is not needed greatly hear it is
          just practice when he makes a good wand.

          [Novehas 15]

            Kiet spends the very early mornings with the tulwar teacher.
          But he has to get to Cholan's tavern for the party at noon.
          so he only gets a partial day of learning.

          Actions?  Comments?

          Next update...soon...

          GM: This was probably one of the most fun IBTs I've done
              in a long time.  Not much work at all.  Think it took
              me 3 technical full days but maybe only 6-8 hours since
              not many spells to cast and such.  Also the role player
              interaction in scenes and the laws of magic was good.
              If interested in his old IBT its update #13 and File #45
              for Adventure 6's site.

              New Players - This is how IBT is done.  David choose what
              he wanted to do.  For next adventure you will have that
              option.  But would prefer to know you a bit more.  So I
              did the rushed IBT in email we did.  Julian hope you
              liked the easter egg. :) Panthera (can I call you Pan
              since I'm super lazy? :)) nothing for you . But I'll
              try to throw you in some of the other IBTs.


    * Expenses

      Food             -                 2 CC   4 BB
      Town Food expense-        1 SC     8 CC   2 BB
      Husbander Fee    -        7 SC
      Buy Incense (20) -                 2 CC          [20 Sticks]
      Buy Cheap Boots  -                 7 CC
      Buy Cloak        -                 7 CC          [Gray/Tan/Fox Fur]
      Buy Javelin addon-                       9 BB    For Horse/Javelin quiver
      Real Estate Agent-                 4 CC          Waived if buy
      Buy Warhorse 2   -  9 GC  3 SC
      Others not listed
               Total   -  9 GC 11 SC    30 CC 14 BB

    * Skills

          Skill                   Experience     Notes
        Horse Husbandry               30         Learned
        Horsemanship                   6         To next level
        Tulwar                         7         Partial Expertise

    * Spells - Skipped from public posting.

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