[pnpgm] Game Update #18

John Haight sang_real at msn.com
Sun Jun 14 20:10:22 CEST 2015

Enhanceable Gems:

   I'm good with Fremea's suggestion. So...

1st Choice...   Tourmaline
2nd Choice...  Ruby

Dark Ruby and Jeweler skill:

   Unless someone speaks up to specifically ask Arawn not to work on this stone please assume Arawn does so during IBT. I can work on the details when I send you my IBT list. If anyone does object then Arawn will skip working on the stone.

   And in response to the possibility of damaging the stone and lowering its worth, Arawn will pay the full 80SC to the party if this should happen.

Profit from sale of treasure:

   The details of this can be worked on later if you wish but Arawn will give his share to help the ex-slaves/liberation. Hopefully between the High Elder's farmer contact and the freedom fighters Arawn can find a way to ensure that people are being helped in the best possible way, taking care of some things in the short term but making sure the money will go towards furthering long-term goals of both freedom and equality (non-human and human alike).
   Although he'll likely be too busy to regularly check up with these individuals he'd like to maintain occasional contact for their benefit.  

Letter/Number characters:

   Sorry for not replying but waiting on a new laptop. Currently I can see 106 on email.
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