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Sadly this is for the old players.  New Players can drool  But maybe 
they will share...

   Ok.  I think I found the gear claims in quesitn from
   File 373 Update #94

   Here is the info in question

          GM: Treasure

                  Item               Claimed by
                Meteorite  [1]    Z'leyra, Kiet
                Ruby       [2]    Fremea, Arawn [2]
                Diamond    [1]    Fremea
                Turquoise  [2]
                Emerald    [1]
                Sapphire   [1]    Kiet
                Tourmaline [1]    Kiet, Arawn [1st]
                Toadstone  [1]    Unali

                 Copper Coins    -  117
                 Silver Coins    -  367
                 Gold Coins      -  256
                      Total      -  293 GC 7 Silver

                 Arawn     Donates to girls
                 Kell      Donates half to girls, take half
                 Kiet      Takes share or 1/3rd or 1/4th
                 Raban     Donates to girls
                 Unali     Takes share
                 Etain     Donates to girls

               * Gems
                 Ruby            -   42
                 Diamond         -   28
                 Turquoise       -   25
                 Emeralds        -   39
                 Sapphires       -   17
                 Tourmaline      -   34
                 Onyx            -    2
                 Toadstone       -   11

   So the coins were already divided up.
   The bottom gems i assume are the many non magical ones.
   So the top must be the special ones.  But I can't find
   the original file.  My guess they were so many i did not
   do anything but a quick number generation.
   That is a lot of large, flawless items ..though.  I wonder
   if its just claims from the bottom list.  But i'm getting
   there on finding the info.

   Stay tuned.

   The claims were started back around file #339.

   Ok!  I found File #322 Update #88 This section

               * Gems
                 Ruby            -   42 [2]
                 Diamond         -   28 [1]
                 Turquoise       -   25 [2]
                 Emeralds        -   39 [1]
                 Sapphires       -   17 [1]
                 Tourmaline      -   34 [1]
                 Onyx            -    2 [-]
                 Toadstone       -   11 [1]

    That to me means the [X] Are the magical ones.  So they were
    magical.  Ie Large, etc.  But notice I did not post values on
    those items.

    So how about we sell the bottom ones outright?

    Then we can dicker on the special ones?

    These are the arguments

                Meteorite  [1]    Z'leyra, Kiet
                Tourmaline [1]    Kiet, Arawn [1st]

      That i see.  So want me to just sell the basic ones
      and generate the values for the special ones?

Is this what is in question or am I missing more?  This explains why 
not in sheets now.
Fremea you are still leader can technically give orders but 
technically once back you may not be leader. :)
So who gets the first duel to the death?

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