[pnpgm] Progress...

pnpgm pnpgm at comcast.net
Wed Jun 10 03:05:25 CEST 2015

Sheets all done.
Waiting on Pantheras.

Sadly I'm upset cause my behind scenes file I did start is 
missing.  It was up till Salaqara  but I can't find it.  Errr...
If you guys really want to see it I can restart it.  It is just 
filler in what happened behind scenes that might fill in gaps.
I started this last adventure.  #5.  Had hoped ot do it for #6.  Fro 
old players is this critical?

Now I gathered up the treasure files from Bogan and Count Estate.
It follows.  I also added it at bottom of site so i can update it as 
the arguments fly.
Keep in mind none are magical to be magical would need to be flawless 
and other factors.
Let's start the arguments or duels :)

Now my next steps are...
* IBT once they come in first come first serve
* Clean up old computer
* Research for new map makers for universal maps.  If you guys have 
suggestions I'm open.  Keep in mind it needs to be easy to edit and 
fast.  Why I prefer text hex maps as can be done in seconds.  Plus 
I'm NOT an artist so doing a simple line in graphics is a pain.
Plus needs to be done by all since we have US and Europe formats differ widely.

* work on adv 7 details from my rough outline.

Stay tuned...

Anyone hear form Wout lately?  Hope he is ok.

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