[pnpgm] The Manor+

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Tue Jun 9 03:05:17 CEST 2015

By the time the group has returned to Sivas it's dark.  All Kiet wants is a bath, some food, a drink, and some sleep...and not necessarily in that order.  But there are a few things to deal with.

"Can we all get together tomorrow to split up our shares?  I know everybody wants to go off to do their own thing, but it eventually needs to be dealt with."

Kiet tiredly looks over to Z'leyra and gets her attention.  "You have been a most gracious hostess previously allowing me to stay at your manor.  I hope to find some other arrangements soon.  Until then, may I stay until I find my own place?"

OOC...we never did do anything about Will or Raban's shares yet...and the new conditions for natural magic knowledge will prove most interesting.

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