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Sun Jun 7 00:52:58 CEST 2015

Finished 2 more sheets Kiet/Unalis.

So I thik I have 3 left?
Arawn/Freme and the big one - ZL.

Just a status update..

New Players!
I've decided you can do IBT.  Its only fair.  But let me review and 
finish your characters first.
I posted the IBT stuff here and it is now on the links secton on site.
This is OPTIONAL.  But it gives you 40 days to improve skills and such.
If you have questions ask.

One can practice skills like bow.  But some like Assassin might need 
common sense.  Unless you go out of your way to kill
40 people - 1 day then you might draw attention to you :)  Just use 
common sense.
If questions ask.

I do the final results and show it to folks if they are to be public.
For examples look at last game site #6 (link at very bottom of site)
updates 9-15 or so are examples.

Old Players and NEw
If you do IBT and you are dealing with another player you need to 
coordinate their IBT those days.
IE if Z wants to spend Octagi 20 with Arawn then ARawn should be in 
town else Z'leyra will have issue.
So plan it that way for thsoe times.

More as I go...

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