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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.J H Hooten........YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
   -- Npc...............YY..Etain.............Teacher.Normal/Elf......Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell, Wolf - Will

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      Game Update #118 in sequence (file #459)

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        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra asks Fremea "Does the magic in the fence go...
        GM: Ack.

        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          "It does not go above the fence, it is more to stop those ...

          Combat actionsish:
          Fremea will use invis to get to the best vantage points. Sleep
          mist can be used to make guards and others pass out. Otherwise,
          she will use her stealth and martial abilities to knock people
          out. And kill otherwise if needed.
        GM: Ack. Ok.  Figured was entering the house before combat.  So
            sounds like deal with guards before then.

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 29th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Samma, Donara]

          [Time: 4:00:00 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Fremea gets close to the magical fence to inspect it and try to
          determine is power and strength.

            The magic seems to be only at the top which means that small
          animals would not be affected.  Birds or maybe a few large
          animals in trees might be affected.  She can figure that the
          price of such magic on this large fence perimeter would have to
          be quiet expensive.

            To the south Kiet ensures his javelins and gear are at hand.
          He doesn't know if Mavac can drive but his "bodyguards" Unali
          and Will don't seem to volunteering if the do.  Before leaving
          the tavern Kell had given him Mavac's clothing.  Unali had shred
          them badly but the "uniform" top was not as bad shape as the
          pants.  Kiet tries to wear the shirt an din his seat it looks
          like it fits him.  It should at least fool the guards from a bit
          of distance.  Yet the acrobat is uneasy on this plan of deception.
          Fooling guards is one thing but fooling the count might be
          harder.  After all the typical guard is no scholar thinking

            The wagon and others wait for Corona's signal to approach.

            Fremea has now removed her annoying dress and taken to some
          trees for a better view of the field of the estate.  She is happy
          to see the guards are just doing a random patrol.  But she is
          wondering based on Corona's report why so many for one estate?
          Six or so to patrol a house?  Most rich folks might have half
          that.  Either the Count is paranoid or wants to keep the slave
          from escapes.

            While waiting for the allies to arrive with Z'leyra she tests
          the fence.  Using some branch she tries to "accidentally"  drop
          it on the fence top.  Sure enough the fence sparks but it is very
          light and quick.  A bit of smoke is seen but it disipates quickly.
          She watches two of the guards on this side to see their reaction.
          One facing this way doesn't seem interested.  Course he is some
          distance away.  But either they are used to things like this
          happening or don't care.  A fool thief might climb the fence and
          burn himself and might scream.  That would alert the guards for
          sure.  But a bird would not.  This is either a bad design of
          defense or careless.  But then again maybe its to keep folks not
          from going inside but from those going outside.  Why not
          demonstrate the pain to new slaves and make them wary.

            Corona lands near a tree where Fremea is.  He reports that the
          wagons are in place and the others should be here any minute.
          Nothing out of the ordinary seems to be going on.  He then takes
          to the air to warn the others when ready.

            Raban stands on the ground and from his quick flight over the
          low ground he recalls the map layout.  The fence is 10  feet
          tall.  The shed is only about 6-7.  If it was taller it would
          be good cover.

          [Time: 4:05:00 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Soon Z'leyra, Roerick and his friend arrive fast.

            Raban quickly explains about the fence.

            Z'leyra asks Fremea "Does the magic in the fence go onto the
          air above the fence? Could we levitate or fly over without
          affecting the magic ward? Perhaps teleport? Can you tell if
          such would be interfered with by the fence?"

            Fremea lands on the ground. "It does not go above the fence,
          it is more to stop those or to warn someone that people are
           climbing the fences. I would say if it is easy enough to fly
           everyone else over or teleport inside, then we do that."

            Raban grins, "I can airlift half of the men if they can grab on
          to me."  He stretches his arms.  "You guys try to hold on to my
          arms."  The men try to grab the arm allowing two per arm and one
          on the back.  "Ok.  So I can carry at least 5.  So I'll have to
          return to get the other 2."

            Fremea knows she can just fly over and decides it is almost
          time to do so.  But she needs to wait for Corona's signal to
          start as her invisibility would run out.

          [Time: 4:08:17 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Corona can see Fremea and others waiting.  He flies
          toward the wagons to give the signal to move forward.

          [Time: 4:10:13 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            The wagon moves quickly down the dirt road toward the
          estate going northeast.

          [Time: 4:12:20 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            From above Corona can see two guards emerge from the shed
          and head toward the gate looking out to the south west.

          [Time: 4:14:00 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Corona squawks the warning to Fremea that action will soon
          start.  Fremea then casts her spell of invisibility.  Roerick's
          men watches the strange winged girl disappear.  They were quiet
          seeing the wings but Roerick warned them to be discreet.  They
          probably figure her some odd demon as most humans do but they
          will not view their opinion.

            Fremea takes to the air and Raban stretches his arms out for
          Z'leyra to take his back and 4 allies.  That will leave 2 others
          to come back to get.

          [Time: 4:14:20 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Fremea immediately flew toward one of the guards to the west of
          the north building.  In ten seconds she lands behind the guard
          and does a side sweep kick to trip the guard.  She then whips her
          palm down onto his neck choking any outburst he can do and causing
          him to choke.  Then with her left boot she kicks the man in the
          head knocking him out.

            Fremea takes to the air for her next target.  She spots Guard #1
          south of the shed moving south but Guard #2 is north of the north
          building moving west toward her direction.  He is closer.  She lands
          on the north west corner of the north building and waits.  The guard
          soon arrives and Fremea slices outward with her dagger.  But it fails
          to hit the man who seems a bit lucky.  The man pulls his sword out
          quickly and swings it wildly only missing Fremea's left 
wing by inches.
          Still invisible she leaps up and behind the man.  This time she
          stabs forward and stabs him in the left liver killing him instantly.

            Fremea estimates she has maybe half a minute before the next
          guard comes this of the house except for Guard #1 who is moving
          away.  She flies toward the fence and tells Raban to go now.  No
          one seems to be seeing.

            Raban lifts his arms and lifts the four men as best he can.  It
          doesn't show on his face but the 800 or so pounds gives him a bit
          of pause.  But adrenaline kicks in and he moves forward about 5
          steps enough to get a flying leap.

            Raban lands on the west side of the shed in hiding from the
          house.  Raban then takes off again to get the last 2 men.  Fremea
          looks for other guards but sees none in this area.  Guard #1 is
          too far south and could be seen by the guard shack to take out.

            Moments later Raban lands with the last 2 guards over the fence.

            Fremea pats Raban good luck and takes to the air flying east.

          [Time: 4:15:15 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            "Slow down!" A guard yells to the wagon.

            But Mavac looks back as if worried about something.  Unali
          looks back as well to give more credence

          [Time: 4:15:30 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            The wagon ends up at the gate and stops.

            "What is going on!?"  One of the guards yells.  Soon two
          other guard exit the shack to move toward the gate.

            Mavac pretending to pant from loss of air looks behind him
          and points.  This allows Will and Unali to dismount and get
          to each side of the wagon.

            "Who are they?" One guard asks Mavac.

            Mavac shows his messed up clothing and dirt smeared face.

            "They after you?"

            Unali moves toward the front of the wagon and nods.

            Kiet sees two guards at the front door of the estate.  If this
          timing is bad then those guards will warn the Count and others

            By now the 6 horses with allies move forward down the
          road moving quickly but not overtly quickly.

            One of the guards looks to the others.  Then back to
          Mavac. "What have you done Mavac?"

            Will points to the dead body of Grosis in the wagon
          and then points to the riders.

            "Move inside quickly!"  One of the guards behind the
          gate yells.

            "But those riders need to be stopped before they alert
          any others of this place." One seems to point to the leader.

            Confusion and chaos this is what is needed.  Mavac complies
          and moves the wagon quickly inside the ground.  This allows
          Will and Unali to simply move inside on foot.

          [Time: 4:15:45 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            One of the guards uses a whistle to blow twice.  Kiet cringes
          and hopes those inside didn't hear it.

            From the air Corona and Fremea can see the guards on the east
          side of the house suddenly turn and run southward toward the

            Raban and Z'leyra look around the shed and see no one on this
          side of the house.  They have no choice but to sprint toward the
          north building.  They could be seen by those inside but making
          all 6 invisible would be hard.  Plus they didn't plan for that.

            Mavac stops the wagon halfway toward the front door which is
          about 60 feet from the door.  Getting too close would be a
          problem.  Kiet sizes up the situation.  He can see some guards
          moving from the east side of the house toward the front.  Behind
          him a group is cluttered near the front gate with Will and
          Unali.  But those 2 front door guards are well armed and wearing
          chainmail.   Those very sharp pikes could do some damage.  The
          other guards are only in leather.  But those two guards could
          go inside and ruin any surprise there.

            Outside in the distance the allies yell and yelp like they
          are eager to engage.  The guards count the riders as six and
          figure it might be even odds.  Then one yells, "close the gate!"

            Another guard yells, "inform the Count!"

            Kiet figures that means things have just changed.  If the front
          guards go inside it might ruin some surprise.  The other guards at
          the gate are a much richer slew of targets for his spell but the
          two door guards are a more critical situation to deal with.  He
          turns and nods to Unali and Will a very slight nod that denotes
          things have just started.

            Will and Unali know they have to keep the gate open to
          allow the allies to enter.

          [Time: 4:16:00 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Kiet leaps off the wagon holding on to his magical javelin.
          He knows he needs to get just a bit closer.  He moves toward
          the front door about 15 feet and with his wand casts a tumble
          spell at the door guards.

            The two guards hear one yell to warn the count then they see
          Mavac leap forward.  Both raise their pikes toward him as one
          moves toward the door.  Then the spell hits the ground under
          them and they suddenly lose their footing. One is forced sideways
          toward one of the flower boxes. The other instead of reaching for
          the door is suddenly leaning against it with back facing Kiet.

            Raban sees Corona circle and do a very light air burst with his
          magical eyes giving him the signal.  Raban waves for the others
          and heads toward the north building.

          [Time: 4:16:03 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            The six allies on horses make 70 feet closer down the
          the small dirt road.

            Kiet throws the first of his magical javelins at the guard
          leaning on the door.  He knows it is long range and may miss but
          he has to stop the guard.  But as expected the javelin misses the
          guard landing on the stone front steps nearby.

            Unali uses the surprise attack to her advantage and pulls her
          daggers out.  She steps forward and stabs toward one of the guard
          shack guards.  The magical dagger pieces his right upper chest
          killing the guard instantly while the other dagger misses entirely.

            Z'leyra heads behind Raban toward the north building.

            Patrol Guard #6 sees what Mavac just did and from his position
          in front of the house moves toward the front door area.

            Roerick and his allies move behind Raban and Z'leyra.

            Will whistles for his wolf to come from under the blanket near
          Grosis's body.  The wolf comes out and looks around.  At the same
          time Shack guard #1 at the gate was trying to shut it when he
          turns to see the barking wolf.  Will uses this chance to pull his
          tulwar and stab the guard in the upper left chest and killing the
          guard instantly.

            Shack Guard #4 exits the shack and charges Unali with his sword
          slashing wildly.  This wild swing is enough to cause a bad swing
          and force him to miss.

            Patrol 4 moves south toward the front from east side.
            Patrol 1 moves toward front gate from west side.

            Shack Guard #4 moves toward Will he swings his sword at the
          side of the woodsman but his sword is too high and he misses.

          [Time: 4:16:06 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Fremea lands on the north side of the second floor on  a very
          small ledge only the size of a small faerry could handle.  Her
          wings allow her to balance herself.  She checks the window on
          this north east side of the second floor and finds it locked.

            Kiet sees Patrol Guard #6 only 8 feet away and throws his last
          magical javelin at him and hits him in the middle right chest
          just under his heart killing the guard instantly before the magic
          of the javelin can go off.

            Unali moves toward Shack Guard #4 and stabs both daggers toward
          him.  The normal dagger fails to hit but the magical one impales
          the guy on his upper left chest killing him instantly.

            Kiet glances back to see Unali and Will fighting.  Looks like
          two maybe three are already down.  To his right he can hear a few
          guards around the east side of the house.  But then there is that
          guard (Patrol Guard #6) moving his way. But he still has to stop
          the door guards.  He moves closer to make his javelin range
          better and his other toys more

            Will moves to the last Guard shack and swings his tulwar and
          slices his left arm off at the elbow doing massive damage but the
          man still stands.  Will's wolf leaps toward the same man and
          tries to bit his other arm but the man is able to dodge in time
          to cause the animal to miss.

          [Time: 4:16:09 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Fremea rounds the corner and sees two guards heading south
          almost to the south east side of the house.  She lands at the
          door and tries it.  Believe it or not it is unlocked.  She smiles
          and enters.

            Unali enters the small guard shack and finds it empty in
          a quick survey.

            Kiet watches the guards at the front door struggle under the
          tumble spell.  But he sees one leaning on the door is using
          his brain to use his pike for leverage.  He begins to stand on
          wobbly legs.  Kiet moves to the dead guard he just impaled and
          pulls his bloody javelin out.

            Will's wolf tries to lunge at the last shack guard but again
          the man rolls away.  But Will with more skill moves forward and
          stabs the man in the side and kills the guard.

          [Time: 4:16:12 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Fremea enters a long hallway but sees a door to the right.
          She enters and finds to be a kitchen.  A male cook in his
          late 30s is cutting vegetables.  Still invisible Fremea
          creeps up behind him and knocks the man out with her dagger.

            With only about 30 or so feet to the hallway connecting the
          main estate with the north building, Raban prepares to do
          a flying leap.

            Unali exits the shack and looks south.  The allies are now
          maybe 60 feet south of the front gate.  She glances north
          and sees Kiet dealing with the guards at the front still.
          In the distance she sees Patrol Guard 4 and 5 though moving
          around the east side of the house.  She heads into that

            Will moves to the front gate to open it wider for the
          other riders to enter.

          [Time: 4:16:15 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            The six riders near the gate finally but ends up about
          15 feet from it.

            Kiet knows that if he moves toward the tumble area he
          will be affected so throws his dagger that guard at the
          door itself.  But even at this closer range it misses and
          hits the side area by the door.

            Raban leaps and flies onto the hallway connecting the
          two buildings.  He figures the roof will be smaller than
          the walls.  Landing there he twists the sword he found
          on the guard Fremea knocked out nearby.  With hilt down
          he rams the sword in the roof.  With his sheer strength
          and weight the roof cracks in a thousand shards.

          [Time: 4:16:18 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Kiet sees his javelins now at the tumble area and the
          one guard at the door is amazingly able to open the front
          door.  But as he pulls it open his balance falters and he
          falls back onto his back.  Kiet casts a smokeless flame at
          that guard but finds nothing happen as the spell fails.

            The six riders enter the estate and look around a bit
          surprised no resistance at the gate.  Will waves to the
          stable and three of the riders head that way to inspect
          the stables.

            The other 3 guards see a guard (Patrol Guard #1) which
          came from the west side of the house move along the north
          side of the guard shack and emerge there.  They all three
          charge the hapless guard.  Two of the men swing swords and
          hit him doing minor damage but the third misses him.

            Moving out of the kitchen quickly Fremea moves back
          west and then south down the hall.  Another door to the
          left shows a empty dinning room with a large table for
          receptions it seems.

            Raban on the roof of the connecting hallway pounds his
          large boots on the roof onto the cracks.  This causes
          the large giant to crack the roof and fall inside.  With
          dust, gravel, stone and other debris landing on his shoulders
          and floor of the hallway he looks back and forth.  To the
          north is a small door.  To the south is a door as well.

            Unali sees Patrol Guard #5 may pass her and may not be
          able to catch up.  So she moves north to block Patrol Guard #4.
          But she finds her feet is swift and quicker than the  guard
          (#5).  Now on his left side she lunges for him.  But in her
          haste both daggers fail to hit.

            Will moves north toward the front door to help Kiet.

            Raban hears the door open to the south and sees two guards
          in chainmail look into the hallway and gap in confusion.

            Patrol guard #1 tries to swing on one of the riders surrounding
          him.  He hits and slices the man's left leg doing minor damage.

            Patrol Guard #5 turns to attack Unali but his sword fails to hit.

            Patrol Guard #4 charges toward Unali and swings his own sword
          but her magical dagger warns her a second before and she is
          able to wave slightly to avoid the blow.

          [Time: 4:16:21 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Kiet recasts his flaming spell toward Front Door #2 on his
          back and this time it goes off.  The man begins to scream but
          it is quick as he dies in a couple seconds.

            The three riders surrounding Patrol Guard #1 all swing on
          him.  Two miss him entirely but one hits doing 6 more points
          of damage.

            Raban smiles at the two gawking doors down the hall about
          60 feet south of him.  Then using the guard's sword he
          turns right and bashes the wall with the hilt.  With the
          already damaged structure from the roof this causes it o
          crack a bit but no as much as the roof.

            Unali with two guards on her divides her attention between
          the two.  But not to kill this time she tries to knock both
          out.  Attacking one each at the same time she hits both in the
          head.  The magical dagger knocks the Patrol Guard #5 out
          instantly.  The other #4 is hit and staggers a second before
          falling to his knees and out.  She can't help but smile at the
          luck of taking two at one time.

            Z'leyra, Roerick and the others arrive just a few outside the
          hallway where Raban is.  They wait and pant from the running.
          One guard nods to Roerick, "she is locked."  He had hoped it
          would've been checked and at least one of them did so.  So the
          shed is probably empty.

            Finally the front guards seem to realize things are going
          bad.  The last of the front door guards sees his friend seem
          to die.  He realizes he must warn the others.  "intruders!"

            Will moves forward with his wolf to help Kiet.

            The two gawking guards enter the hallway and charge Raban.  They
          are wearing chain and holding pikes.

          [Time: 4:16:24 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            The three guards around Patrol Guard #1 all hit and kill
          the man in their swings.

            The other three stop at the door of the stable and dismount.
          They cautiously enter to inspect the stable.

            Raban sees the two guards charging with only about 30 feet
          to go and does one more thrust with the sword hilt which forces
          it to break.  At the same time he does a hard kick with his right
          boot.  Together the force of the blow forces the wall to crumble
          and send stone flying toward Z'leyra and the others who had not
          much of a warning.  "Sorry!" Raban grins and waves the others to
          enter.  The crumbled section is now about 3 feet tall and about 4
          feet wall with a section hanging from the top about 2 feet.  The
          hall is enough for them to  enter the hallway.

            Unali knows that the allies can deal with the two knocked
          out guards. She moves toward Kiet.

            Kiet looks around to see Unali and Will behind him.  He
          waves them away to not move yet as they could be affected
          by the tumble spell.

            The two pike guards in the hallway reaches Raban.  The
          first swings but misses.  The second hits him in the chest
          but his magical armor protects him from the strike.

            The last front door finds his senses full now and realizes
          the queasy nature is gone.  He stands.  He looks and sees Mavac
          and two others.  He could probably take two.  But there are
          others.  He turns and moves toward the door.  He open it and
          moves inside.

          [Time: 4:16:28 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Raban punches one of the pike guards but fail to hit.

            Unali sees that Kiet's spell must've stopped as the
          guard just stood.  She charges forward and through the door.

            Will waves a finger and the wolf runs after the guard
          that just entered the house.  Will then follows behind Unali.

            Z'leyra enters the hallway.  With great sword in hand she
          attacks one of the pike men.  She hits but his chainmail
          blocks the blow.

            Kiet realizes the spell is gone. He moves back to get
          his shield from the wagon.

            Roerick enters the hallway and waves 3 fingers toward
          the north to send 3 men there.  He waves the other 2 to
          help attack the pike men.  But only one of the men hit
          one of the pike men doing minor damage past his armor.

          [Time: 4:16:30 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Corona does a fly over one last time of the grounds.  In
          just 30 seconds the place seems clear outside.

            Raban tries to punch another guard and grab him but he
          fails to hold on tight.

            Z'leyra hits the guard in front of her again but his
          chainmail seems to block the strike.

            Unali only takes a half second to look around a foyer
          like room.  She sees the wolf dive after the man in chain
          but misses him.  She continues to chase the man.

            Will follows behind.

            Kiet looks around and sees the three riders arrive and
          dismount.  To the south east he sees three of the allies
          exit the stable with a boy surrounded.  Kiet figures him
          to be some stable boy or servant.  He grabs his shield and
          moves to gather his javelins.

            Roerick and one of his men hit one of the pike men but
          can't penetrate his armor.  The third man fails to hit.

            The other three men reach the north door to the north
          building and open.  They peer inside.

            Fremea moving south sees a door open.  A young man in his
          early 20s exits a room.  He seems to be going fast and mumbling
          to himself.  "intruders!"  Fremea figures the Count must be a
          older man.  This guy dressed in more simple clothing must not be
          him.  She moves toward the man to attack but is not quite there.

          [Time: 4:16:33 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Fremea taking to wing and flies toward the young man and lands
          to the side of him. She bashes him in the head and knocks him out.

            The wolf leaps again and bites onto the man's leg making
          him to fall.  The front door man in chain groans in pain.

            Raban has to duck one of the pikes and in his dodge is
          not able to hit the man back.

            Unali reaches the wolf and with ease she does some pinpoint
          strikes  on the fallen man.  The magical dagger fails to
          penetrate but the normal dagger hits the man in the arm pit
          doing massive damage.

            Will comes behind Unali and thrusts his tulwar with ease
          into the front door man and kills him.

            Z'leyra ducks and weaves and this time her great sword
          impales the man in the chest killing him.

            Roerick and one other of his men hit the other hallway pike
          guards but does not penetrate his armor. The third one does not.

            The other three enter the room in the north.  One turns
          and yells, "slaves in here!"  Then they disappear from sight.

          [Time: 4:16:36 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Raban finally gets his footing back and punches the man in the
          face.  The blow is heavy and does over 20 points of damage to the
          pike man.  Since he was not wearing a helmet and Raban did not
          intend to hit that hard his brain rocks back hard into the back
          of his skull.  The impact is so hard it crushes teeth and cheek
          bones.  The man is dead before he hits the ground.

            Unali exits the foyer and sees a large open area in the west.
          There also is a odd sight a running fountain in the middle of
          this large room!  What insane noble has a fountain in a estate
          like this?  She sees three other doors for rooms in the distant
          west.  She hears movement to the east and hears Fremea saying
          the east side of the house is clear.

            Will joins Unali is also a bit shocked to see the odd
          fountain.  The Count must be very vain or stupid with his money.
          Then again it is a good source of water.

            Z'leyra looks both ways and sees both doors open to the
          south and north.  But if the slaves are in the north her
          healing skills may be needed.  She heads north down the hallway.

            Roerick tells the other 2, "guard that door south."  Then
          moves toward the north door.

            Fremea joins Unali and Will to explain she took two out in
          the other side of the house and gaps a bit at the sight of the
          fountain.  She sees no magic there but shrugs at the odd sight.

          [Time: 4:16:36 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Raban a bit surprised by his hard blow turns and heads north
          to join the others in the slave area.

            Unali and Will head toward the west past the fountains.

            Z'leyra enters the slave room and finds a simple large square
          room with no furniture aside from a couple chests, a dozen or
          so bad looking sleeping mats, blankets, pillows, some bails for
          water or possible waste.  In this square room with no windows
          are several slaves as they clearly are dressed in little to
          nothing but rags.  They appear to be scared and defeated.  At
          least 4-5 are huddled in one corner  But she sees the three
          allies that entered are engaged with 2 guards.  They are wearing
          leather and just swords. Z'leyra moves to help out.

            Fremea sees the others moving west and moves north toward those
          rooms that must be there.  The noise of the running fountain is a
          bit distracting.

          [Time: 4:16:39 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Raban enters the room and rushes to join Z'leyra.

            Z'leyra charges and attacks Slave Guard #2 hitting him in the
          side killing him with her great sword.

            The last slave guard hits Ally #2 and does 6 points of
          damage to his chest with his sword.

            Roerick runs toward the others to help Z'leyra.

          [Time: 4:16:39 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Raban reaches the last slave guard and tries to reach for him
          but the guard backs away just in time.

            Z'leyra lunges for the last slave guard but also fails to
          hit the agile guard.

            The last slave guard reaches for one of the slaves and points
          the bloody sword to her ribs.  "Stop or she dies."

            Roerick gasps seeing this, "no!"

            Raban and Z'leyra figure this is the one slave he wanted to
          free.  His relative?

            The other two allies stop in their tracks.

            The guard holding the slave is holding the sword to her middle
          right ribs.  He is slightly to her left an behind.  His other
          left arm is wrapped around her neck.  The man is almost six foot
          and well muscled.   He wears a simple leather suit of armor.
          "Step back and leave or she dies."

          [Time: 4:16:42 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Raban and Z'leyra stop as they ponder the situation.

            Unali stops at one door and opens it to find a large
          study/office.  A large desk, bookshelves, chairs and other
          such items are in the room but no one else.

            Will gets to his own door and opens it to find a large parlor
          area.  Complete with couches and chairs of upper class design.
          There is a female in what looks to be a maid's uniform here.
          She stands and looks at the Wolf at the door and seems to ignore
          Will.  The wolf growls eager to attack.

            Kiet arrives at the fountain and looks at it closely.  It
          is fine marble with nice clear water.

            Fremea reaches her own door and opens it still invisible. She
          finds a large den.  The smell of a lit fireplace is first thing
          detected.  There are comfortable chairs, tables, couches  This
          seems like a game room or more informal place for guests than
          a parlor might be.  Across the room is a man in his 40s sitting
          on the couch.  He is wearing a blue silk tunic of fine cloth
          and beige stripped pants.  He has a nice ring on his left hand.
          He looks up confused by the open door but sees no one there.
          The girl is within inches and is topless with just a short skirt
          on.  She must be maybe 15-16.  She looks a bit bored and
          disinterested as the man strokes her leg.  At least he was until
          Fremea entered.

            Outside the allies gather and check the dead.  They find the
          two knocked out guards Unali took out and binds their hands
          and hauls them toward the front door area.  They also bind the
          young stable boy.  Corona sits on the ground and cleans a wing.

          [Time: 4:16:45 pm - Samma city, Donara]

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update...Monday...

          GM: Well a big update.  I had hoped to do a full minute of combat
              but only got to 45 seconds.  That is where we end now.  This
              took 11 hours to do.  That includes prep time, rolls, etc.
              A typical 2 phase combat takes 3 hours.  This was 15 phases.
              But most updates are 300-500 lines.  This is already over
              700.  So good place to stop. I think I'll stop a minute run
              and do TWO phases for next update since we have two possible
              situations here.  So plan for 6 seconds (2 phases).  But since
              I'm late with this one consider it the Friday update.  I started
              last week, worked on it a bit Saturday and Monday a lot but
              ran out of time.  However if I get enough posts I could work
              on a update for Friday.  But that's pushing it since I'd have
              to start it tomorrow (Wednesday).  So I'm cool with working
              on next update around Saturday.  This helps to get a head
              start on Monday's update since when I get home 6:30 EST Monday
              I only have maybe a hour before TV (Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, etc).
              Then after TV I might have 5 hours to work on update till bed
              at 3am but do get tired.  So working on it early does help.

          GM: Arawn - I did not get time to include your stuff.  Since we
                are huge size I'll do it for next update.  If you need to
                add/change let me know.  Else I'll use your emailed actions.

              Fremea - Figured the attacks on guards were death if possible
                and KO if able.  KO for the cook/young man until you figure
                things out.  But if not let me know and can change their
                status from KO to death.  Your in the DEN now if you need
                more info on the lay out let me know.  Basically behind
                you and to left is a active fireplace.  In front is the
                couch with man and slave.  You are still invisible.

              Kiet - See the illusion worked until you attacked them. :)
                 I hope the actions were good. I figured the threat was
                 the front the most not the gate.  Then the guard that
                 ran toward you.  Got some good hits in.  Once inside
                 you can select where to go.  Will/Unali went left from
                 your spot and Fremea you assume right since that door is
                 open and saw no one.  To the far north and north-west are
                 two unexplored areas (see map).  You could also see the
                 door to the hall-slave pen area in the north.  Did not
                 use the active illusion thing yet.  Due to the guard
                 rushing you figured you didn't have time.  But things
                 all worked out for the best I hope.  But you are inside now.
                 Since no obvious targets I can go with the planned sphere
                 thing for second floor if need be unless want to explore
                 the NW rooms

              Unali - Good shot on the KO hits twice.  Let me know where you
                want to go now or explore the room.

              Will - Wolf may attack poor little maid.

              Z'leyra - Visible.  Sadly I found later some note saying
                 you might go Inviso but since lost those actual actions
                 I went on what I had currently.  So figure vislble since
                 the others were visible.

          GM: Rules of Engagement -

              Based on what I know of characters I will assume this - if not
              let me know otherwise. LTBD - Later to be determined like to
              kill.  If different let me know.

                 Player   Guards     Estate Staff     Count/Others
                 Fremea    Kill      Knock out/LTBD   Knock Out/LTBD
                 Kiet      Kill      Knock out/LTBD   Knock Out/LTBD
                 Raban     Kill      Knock out/LTBD   Subdue
                 Unali     Knock Out Knock Out/LTBD   Subdue
                 Will      Kill      Kill             Subdue
                 Z'leyra   LTBD      Knock Out/LTBD   Subdue

          GM: Tasks to do -
                * Find mysterious Mage      - Upcoming updates
                * Sell loot if possible       Upcoming Updates

          GM: Maps -

              I've shrunk the maps just showing the area inside the
              house.  Remember see it online if email messes it up.
              It has been shown to view the full normal hexes in
              IE and I hear Firefox.  Assuming using default settings.
              If you need a map without the hexes let me know.  I
              keep them in for scale/distance purposes.

     /I\ = North -> East  <- West
         1 Hex = feet   1 '_' (Space) is 5 feet 1 Row is feet

          1         2         3         4         5         6 
7         8         9        100       110       120       130       140
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    17
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   18
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ 
_________________________________/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    19
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/ 
S\__/  \__/ S\__/I 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   20
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__SSS\I_/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    21
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \__/I \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   22
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/1 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \I_/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ 
\__I  \__/  \__/    23
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \S_/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \__/I \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   24
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__Z  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \I_/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    25
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \__/I \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   26
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  R_r/23\__/ 
\__/  \__/ S\I_/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    27
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/S \__/I \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   28
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \I_/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    29
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \__/I \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   30
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \I_/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    31
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \__/I \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   32
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \I_/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    33
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \__/I \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   34
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \I_/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    35
\  I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/ 
\__S  S__/  \__/I \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   36
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ 
I______________________________I_/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    37
\__I  \_________  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_I/ 
\I_/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   38
/  I__/  [__/  \]_/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ I\__/I 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    39
\__I  \__[ Shed/I 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \Hole->_    \I_/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   40
/  I__/  [__/? \I_/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ I\__/I 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    41
\__I  \__[__/]__I 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_I/  \I_/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   42
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    43
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__[  \__/  \__/  \_I/I 
\__/  \_I/  \__/``I[***]\I_/  \__/  \__/ 
]\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   44
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  :__/  \__/  \__/ I\I_/  \__/ I\__/ 
````I  \__/I \__/  \__/  \_]/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    45
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__[  \__/  \__/  \_I/I 
\__/  \_I/  \_````I#_/  *I_/  \__/  \__/ 
]\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   46
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  [__/  \__/  \__/ /\/_/  \__/ 
I\__/_____I# \___I 
\_Kitchen/  \_:/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    47
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__:  \__/  \__/  \_I/I \__?? 
\_I/  \I@/  \__/ I\/_/  \__/  \__/ 
]\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   48
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  [__/  \__/  \__/ I\I_/  \__/ 
I\__/I@*__/  \_I/I 
\__/  \__/  \_]/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    49
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__[  \__/  \__/  \_I/I 
\__/  \_I/  \I@/  \__/ I\I_/  \__/  \__/ 
:\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   50
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  :__/  \__/  \__/ 
/\I____/____I\__/I@@@_/  \_I/I_________/_____]/  \__/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    51
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__[  \__/??\__/  \_I/  \__/  \__/ 
\I_/  \__/ I\__/  \__/  \__/ ]\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   52
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  [__/  \__/  \__/ I\__/  \__/  \__/I 
\__/  \_I/  \__/  \__/  \_:/  \_**********\__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    53
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__:  \__/??\__/  \_I/  \__/ 
\______I_/  \__/ I\__/  \__/  \__/ ]*__/ 
*########*/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   54
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  [__/  \__/  \__/ I\__/  \__/I 
*__/  Den/  \$I/  \__/  \__/  \_]*  \__######## 
\__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    55
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__[  \__/  \__/  \_I/  \__/ 
\I*##*\__/  \__/$I\__/  \__/  \__/ 
I*__/  ########_/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   56
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  :________________I\__/  \__/I \*_/F 
\__/  \$I/ ______________/]/  \_*########*\__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    57
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__[  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \/_/ 
\__/  \__/$I\_I/  \__/  \__/ I*__/ **********/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   58
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  [_________________\__/  \__/I 
\__/  \__/  \_I/ 
I\__/  \__/  \_]*  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    59
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__:  \__/  \__/  \_I/  \__/  \I_/ 
\__/  \__/ I\_I/  \__/  \__/ :*__/ ***[---]***  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   60
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  [__/  \__/  \__/ I\__/  \__/I@@__/ 
[=?S==]\_I/ I\__/  \__/  \_]/  \__/  ***/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    61
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__[  \__/  \__/  \_I/  \__/ 
\I_______________I\_I/  \_Dining_/ 
]\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   62
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  :__/  \__/  \__/ 
I\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ 
/\__/  \__/  \_:/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    63
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__[  \__Study_/  \_I/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \_I/  \_Area\__/ ]\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   64
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  [__/  \__/  \__/ 
I\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ 
I\__/  \__/  \_]/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    65
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__:  \__/  \__/  \U//  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \_I/  \__/  \__/ :\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   66
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  [__/  \__/  \__/ 
I\__/  \__/(OO)_/  \__/  \__/ 
I\__/  \__/  \_]/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    67
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__[  \__/  \__/  \_I/  \__/  \(OO) 
\__/  \__/  \_I/  \__/  \__/ ]\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   68
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  :__/  \__/  \__/ I\__/  \__/ 
K\__/  \__/  \__/ 
I\__/  \__/  \_:/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    69
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__[______/_________I/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \_I______________]\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   70
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  [__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_]/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    71
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__:_________________/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \________________:\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   72
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  [__/  \__/  \__/ 
I\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ 
I\__/  \__/  \_]/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    73
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__[  \__/  \__/  \_I/  \__/  \__/ 
\__/  \__/  \_I/  \__/  \__/ ]\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   74
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  :__/m 
\__/  \__/W/\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ 
I\__/  \__/  \_:/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    75
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__[  \__/Parlor  \_I/ 
\__________/_________/  \_//  \_Office_/ 
]\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   76
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  [__/  \__/  \__/ 
I\__/  I__/  \__/  \__/I \__/ 
I\__/  \__/  \_]/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    77
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__:  \__/  \__/  \_I/  \__I  \__/ 
\__/  \I_/  \_I/  \__/  \__/ :\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   78
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  [__/  \__/  \__/ I\__/  I__/  Foyer 
\__/I \__/ I\__/  \__/  \_]/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    79
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__[  \__/  \__/  \_I/  \__I  \__/ 
\__/  \I_/  \_I/  \__/  \__/ ]\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   80
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  :__/  \__/  \__/ 
I\__/  I__/  \__/  \__/I \__/ 
I\__/  \__/  \_:/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    81
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__[  \__/  \__/  \_I/  \__I  \__/ 
\__/  \I_/  \_I/  \__/  \__/ ]\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   82
    I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  [__,____,____,___I_,____I____,_/ 
_,____,I___,____,_____,____,_]/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    83
\__I  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_******_ .. 
__******/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \_   84
/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \../ 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__I  \__/  \__/    85
          1         2         3         4         5         6 
7         8         9        100       110       120       130       140

   Legend =

     I = Column  4, 127   = Fence side walls
     _ = Row     3, 104   = Fence Top/Bottom walls
     [ = Column 34,  96   = Side Estate walls
     _ = Row    43,  83   = Top/Bottom Estate walls
    /] = Row 83 Col 65,66 = Front estate door
    /] = Row 44 Col 65,66 = Back estate door? (estimated location)
    /] = Row 57 Col 95,96 = Side patio door
    ## = Raised (5 foot off ground) wooden deck with rails and furniture
  [--] = Large swing/gazebo (wooden)
    ** = Flower boxes (due to winter not many in bloom)
     : = Window (5 feet tall in most cases with shutters)\
     , = Window
    [] = Row 104 Col 65,66 = Front Gate
    .. = Simple dirt path to front door
    X? = Estimated to be Guard shack
     ` - Stairs to second floor

   Fence - Metal - chain interlaced links and webbing 10 feet high that
      is interlaced with plants and shrub.
      Exception - Front fence Column 30-130 has low to no shrubs for
      easy viewing front of property.  Sparse bushes/trees only 5-6
      feet tall at most.

   Windows - (:) Shutters since day are open so can see in windows.  But
      80% on first floor are open, 30% on second floor open with no
      curtains (open being no curtains not actually physically open).
      Rear hallway/building has NO windows. If you need to know exact
      window status ask with coordinated.

   Shed - Simple metal alloy 6 foot tall shed (no windows)
   Barn - 1 story wooden stable/barn - no windows
   Shack- Simple wooden structure

   People -

        Patrol Guards     - KO - 3    Dead - 3
        Front Door Guards -           Dead - 2
        Shack Guards      -           Dead - 4
        Hallway Guards    -           Dead - 2
        Slave pen Guards  -           Dead - 1  Alive - 1

     R - Raban       - Col  58 Row 27
     Z - Z'leyra     - Col  61 Row 25
     W - Will        - Col  58 Row 75 [with wolf]
     U - Unali       - Col  58 Row 66
     K - Kiet        - Col  63 Row 69
     F - Fremea      - Col  68 Row 57
     ? - Unknown man - Col  71 Row 61
     S - Slave?      - Col  72 Row 61
     r - Roerick     - Col  60 Row 27
     2 - Ally        - Col  62 Row 27
     3 - Ally        - Col  63 Row 27
     4 - Ally        - Col  64 Row 43
     5 - Ally        - Col  67 Row 43
     1 - Slave Guard - Col  56 Row 23
     S - Each S is a Slave in Slave Pen North Building.
     C - Cook in Kitchen Knocked out
     m - Maid looking- Col  38 Row 75
     Other Allies (6) Outside
     Stable Boy (Outside) - Tied up

   Room Notes
     Kitchen - Cook Inside, Furniture not n map for clutter sake
     Office  - Young man exited here.  Fremea only glimpsed the
         room as a office with desk, chairs, tables, etc.  Items
         of this detail not on map for clutter sake.
     Dining Area - Formal reception/dining/banquet area.  Items not
         on map for clutter sake.
     Foyer - Simple foyer, reception area.  Shelves for clothing, table
        of clothes for cleaning clothing or drying off.  Chairs for
        waiting for entrance.  But items off map for clutter sake.
     Study - Typical area for research.  Chairs, tables, couches,
        chairs.  Not for business like office.  But for rec reading
        or research.  Items not on map for clutter sake
     ?? - Unknown room

     Den - Furniture Legend
       [**] - Fireplace (lit)
       [==] - Couch
       @    - Table/cabinet
       #    - Table
       *    - Chairs
       $    - Book case

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