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During Arawn's Inspection of Etain- 

   Despite the influence his status afforded him Arawn was not keen to order Etain to strip down as had been done. To him it was undignified yet understandable considering the mistrust and tension between Fremea and Etain.

   “I apologize for the indignity, prizzti,” he said to the aging elf. “But it must be done if there is to be any chance at trust between Fremea and yourself. And it is better that I do so instead of another amongst our company.

   I would spare you this if I could but Fremea has asked and I have given my word to see her to her parents and discover the truth to the mystery before us.”


   When the contents of the love letter were discovered by the alfar he took note of the woman’s name before handing the letter back to Etain. As he passed it he gave the elf a strongly sympathetic look. Bit by bit his past seemed to indicate one who followed orders over his heart, doing what was asked of him regardless of the consequences. Leaders desired such men as servants though often with little thought to the sacrifices they made. As he had sacrificed love for duty had he done a similar thing with Fremea, doing what he was told even against heart or conscience?


   “I’m sorry but perhaps once we’re done you might be able to see her again.”

Teleportation Issue-

   "I can Translocate myself and Unali back to retrieve her map if that would help," Arawn chimed in.
   "Or else, as Fremea has been Samma, she can Teleport herself and another teleporter there, a role I am willing to take. After, the teleporter can return to bring others with them to the teleport spot."

OOC:   After the initial teleport Arawn can return and bring along 5 people via Translocate. I'll have to check my Mana but if there's enough I should be able to Translocate everyone plus animals and gear.
   Otherwise, each return trip could have at least one other teleporter brought along, that person then returning for others/gear and rotating out with the most recently arrived teleporter.

   When Kiet voiced his concerns regarding the animals acting up again the alfar grimaced.

   "Other than general magical defense I'm afraid I can't say. The An's'alum was only active for about a month before it was dismantled so extensive knowledge is limited. But perhaps mental warding might prove useful or the application of natural magics such as the warding provided by sapphires or a topaz."
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