[pnpgm] Donara Travel revamp

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Sat Nov 2 01:26:24 CET 2013

I beat the Dwarves for mis info.  What do you expect they read maps 
only for the brothels and Ale joints. Idiots.

So we go from 5  to 7.5 and now 9

18 Hexes from Salaqara to Samma from my calc via th eroad.

18 x 20 miles = 360 Miles

If folks get the slowest mount based on some not being great riders 
then wiull need Riding Horse I.

MR 25 Miles
25*1.5=38 miles
I'll be generous saying that Fremea will push folks so will do
40 miles per day via the road.

So 360 / 40 = 9 days.

Course Fremea could just get ansty adn teleport but will ssume horses for now.

So plan for 9 days of travel.

So Sepes 29-31 (3)
and Octagi 1-6 I believe

Entering Samma on Octagi 7.

Assuming no arrests or mishaps or deaths

So plan for Food use
I'll assume travel rations if on sheet if not then ...

For actions will assume Horsemanship for basic skill unless stated otehrwise.

If you wish to sign upf or the language necklace (think its still 
with party) then sign up for those 9 slots.

IF you  wish to buy the horse like Keit let me know  otherwise then 
will assume rental

I will figure out Random encounters if any on Monday..

So not sure of deadlines for now needed..ASAP I hope

Once I know will advise on deadlnes for above.

Two cities will be on the road

Xlanara and Xandona

Will assume good spots to refuel if Fremea wants to enter there.

There are 2 forts I believe which will be skipped so not to be 
discovered by Salaqara though to be hoenst you will know the power of 
Salara wans outside the city margins due to their rebel nature so 
likely the Fortnorth of the cith ywill be avoided bu tafter that 
shoul dbe safe to roam free since they will not likley report trouble 
to the Donaran overlords.

That should cover it.....I hope

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