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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.J H Hooten........YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
     .NPC...............YY..Niko..............Bearer..Normal/Human  ..Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell, Wolf - Will

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      Game Update #56 in sequence (file #225)

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      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 28th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Salaqara, Donara]

          [Time: 9:22pm - South Salaqara - Inn/Current]

            Upstairs in the short rented room Fremea paced  in anger.
          One thing that Etain did teach her was that anger leads
          to distractions but it can also fuel motivations to success.
          "A double sided blade," the old Elf had said.  Then she
          gets more upset that he still has lessons to show her in
          this time of need.

            Fremea stands and let's Arawn do his best to sense for
          any magic or unknown aura's around or on Fremea.  She
          remains clothed at this point not wanting to strip in
          front of the Alfar.  They are friends but that is a line
          that even friends should not share yet.

            Arawn takes about ten minutes to inspect all of Fremea's
          stuff.  But both can easily explain each item.  In the
          end Arawn only senses the gray cloud over Fremea.  The
          anger is boiling over and even a Alfar can see this.  Other
          than the thunder of anger around her there seems nothing
          out of the ordinary.

            Arawn then leaves and Fremea a bit nervous strips down to
          only her wings.  Being a healer and especially a female, Z'leyra
          is more comfortable with body inspections so the faerry
          allows it.

            Z'leyra is fascinated by the naked Faerry.  This is the first
          time she has actually seen one fully in this state.  The academic
          investigation alone is very educational.  How the wings connect
          to the body alone could be studied for pure anatomy and future
          possible wounds.  But Z'leyra remains quiet and tries to be
          a bit fast.  She finds many scars including a deep scar on
          her left wing where Fremea explains was when the slaver threatened
          to cut off one of her wings for failure in a job.  There are several
          minor scars on her legs and one on her stomach.  Fremea explains
          they were from jobs.  Z'leyra also finds several small marks on
          her body which Fremea advises are birth marks.

            Z'leyra uses the mirror in the room to allow Fremea to inspect
          the areas she can't see.  Doing this she can sense for magic but
          finds nothing other than her own normal magical aura.

            While Z'leyra is taking academic liberties with Fremea, downstairs
          Arawn finds Etain.  He explains that Fremea wishes him inspected
          or she will not let him journey.  Inside the banquet room the party
          has been using for the dinner and meeting, the Elf paces.  Finally
          he nods, "if that is her wish.  You may proceed."

            Arawn begins to inspect Etain's few items in a quick bag he
          gathered before he joined the party.  The Alfar finds ink, quills,
          parchments, some rations, water canteen, socks, 3 space shirts and
          a spare pants, a winter style scarf to match his coat he wears and
          some bag of coins and gems.  There is a old fashioned dagger that
          may have seen better days.  A book is also in the bag that looks
          to be Elven writings of Cuvo.  Arawn recognized the name as a Elf
          famous for his painting and sculptures.  He lived a few hundred
          years ago.  Even in his parent's court he was known.  Arawn
          flips through the pages of illustrations and a letter drops out
          of one page.  Etain steps forward to get the letter but realizes
          it is too late.  Etain paces back and forth.

            Arawn reads the letter and determines quickly it was from some
          long lost love.  Seems she waited for him to return to the Wild
          Forest but he would not return.  "I was...looking for Fremea and
          her parent's when she disappeared."  He points up to the air likely
          to Fremea's room.  "I learned later in another letter that she
          married..."  The Elf turns away from the Alfar.  Arawn feels a bit
          sad to intrude on such privacy.  But if this man is to  be trusted
          it has to be done.

            Arawn then inspects Etain's personally.  Finding a half sharp
          knife in his boot.  Looks like it might have trouble cutting
          a piece of meat not a person.   He finds a few coins in his
          pockets and nothing else.  Then Arawn asks for the Elf to discreetly
          lift or shift clothing.  But when a Alfar commands or strongly
          suggests a Elf to do something they do.  Etain removes his shirt
          and pants.  Arawn inspects the Elf for runs or magical emplacements
          but finds nothing.  But he does find scars.

            A deep scar on his right leg runs from his knee to ankle.  He
          explains that was a riding accident.  Several on his back and
          chest indicate possible stab points or knicks.  "Fremea could
          get a bit...over zealous.  In training her she had to be fully
          in her part for the combat sessions.  Then Etain removes his
          underwear but Arawn finds nothing of note.  Doing a quick double
          look Arawn finds the naked Elf with only a gray aura as if his
          magical energy is on the decline but that would only explain
          his natural age.

            While Arawn enters the main room, Fremea and Z'leyra come
          down.  Arawn explains the Elf is clean.  Fremea looks around
          wondering if the other party could be at fault.  How the enemy
          could be one step ahead?  "Trust is abstract.  You can't hold
          abstract things.  You can hold weapons at the neck of your
          enemy."  Etain always taught her that.  But to find the truth
          it would ruin possible relationships.  But then again looking
          at Raban naked might be a bit of a thrill.

            Fremea is thrown out of her day dream when the bar keep
          rushes to Etain as he enters the main drinking room of the
          Inn.  "You need to leave.  The guards came and looking for
          your friends.  I sent them to the East Gate but they could
          be back in half an hour.  That guy with the earlobe I heard
          may be gathering his dock worker pals.  So I don't want another

            Etain nods, "we were planning on it already."

            "Rooms are no refunds!"  The bar keep wipes a glass in his
          hand with a not so clean rag.

            "Course not.  For the what..three hours of your time the
          small gem I gave you should be enough?"  Etain waves the
          man's pocket.

            "Of course.  But we are paid up on my debt."  The man turns
          and heads to the bar.

            Fremea tells the others to gather their bags and leave in a few
          minutes.  She had planned on a quick journey to Samma but a teleport
          this time of night and with very old knowledge could lead to
          issues.  Plus the thief might be on foot or ship or horse. So
          maybe the party can beat him/her there.  There is a place on a roof
          of a brothel she used to rest in between missions and to heal.  But
          with the bird cages on the roof it might have changed.  It might
          be dangerous to get there now.  So it will be five days of travel
          by horse.


          [Time: 9:47pm - North Salaqara - Stables]

            The party finds themselves back at the stables from earlier
          that day.  Indeed it is still busy with activity.  Some wagons
          being unloaded with horses or horses being corralled up.

            Raban explains their trip to Samma.  Fremea cringes at the
          mention of their destination.  But the giant is known for his
          looks not his intrigue or secrets.  The stable owner nods,
          "That's 5 or 6 days.  Return trip?"  The party seems to not
          know.  "Find.  If not you can barn them at the Ulask Barn
          in Samma.  Ask for the place.  I partner with him and he can
          send my horses back with people or new riders.  Since you
          are not sure how long you will need the horses.  I'll figure
          out a basic rate."  He does some quiet figures in his brain
          which seems to show pressure as a vein is sticking out on his
          forehead.   I'll charge for two weeks of use.  After that you
          will need a late fee and penalty.  If you do not return the
          horses we have people to track you down.  Our horses are all
          marked so can't resell them.  At 13 Copper per day for 2 weeks
          that is...182 Copper.  With 8 horses that is...with fees for
          extended period...15 gold."

            "For another 5 gold I'll thrown in all the gear you need like
          saddles and such."

            Raban grunts, "I have my own saddle."

            "Yeah...you..you riding one of these?  You..might might
          break my poor horse.  You may have to buy your horse out
          right."  The owner looks serious but not wanting to anger
          the giant.

            "No need.  My saddle is enhanced. It will be as if this
          small person."  He points to Kiet. "Were riding it."

            "Enhanced?  Ahh.  Magical?"  The owner seems unaffected
          by the mention as if he has seen it before. "Fine.  But
          if you break his back I will want payment or that pretty
          face of yours."

           "Understood."  Raban nods.

            Z'leyra directs the party to the horses she questioned
          that day avoiding the ones not so well off for a trip.


          [Time: 10:03pm - West Salaqara]

            While the transactions were done Unali and Etain find
          some info on the city.  The authorities are indeed searching
          for the strange people seen at the estate of the admiral.  But
          the leaders have decided it is not a Donaran attack.  The
          North, East, South Gates and the docks are now fully in force.
          Etain finds that the west gate is lightly guarded as that
          gate is closed this time of night.  It will have to be the
          only way out.

            Approaching the gate, Corona reports there are 5 guards that
          seem bored.  There is no traffic in this area which is good.
          Around the corner the party figures a plan out.  But then
          from the corner yelling is heard.  Some peek around to see
          a giant man - no, Raban approaching the gate.  What is that
          fool doing?  There is some yelling and then the giant runs
          away south away from the gate.  Three of the guards make
          chase.  One runs this way probably to alert other guards.  That
          leaves one left.

            When the guard passes the alley corner Fremea swings her
          leg and trips the guard.  Fremea uses her dagger to quickly
          knock the man out.  Unali decides to move silently in the
          dark street toward the last guard in the guard shack.

            A few long moments later Unali waves a torch to signal
          for the party to approach.  It takes four of the party
          to raise the gate.  As the last horse leaves Raban lands
          behind the party and explains the guards are still chasing
          him to the south.  The giant lets the party through and
          holds the gate as it lowers all by himself.  To not make
          a noise the giant lowers the gate to the ground.

            Raban then flies over the city wall and joins the others
          on his horse.  The party move fast away looking for the main
          highway.  The party knows they will be sought after but Etain
          explains when they left the bar he asked the owner one last
          favor.  He had to pay the owner a gold just to do it.  But
          the owner will inform the guards the party is fleeing on
          a  barge in the morning.  That should delay any pursuit for
          a day maybe two.


          [Time: 11:58pm - North of Salaqara - Roadway]

            The party moves a bit west to eventually find the
          river.  Since it is very hard to travel at night they
          are miles from the road so it is decided to camp for
          the night.  For the future once on the main highway
          going west that will give the party 2 cities and about
          300 miles of travel.   Camping at night will be a few
          miles off the highway but not on other land.  Since many
          places along the road will be farms it will be needed
          to find non-farm sites.

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update....Monday...

          GM: A short update for now.  I need to figure out travel
              stuff. I may have miscalculated the time.  It should
              be 20 hexes = 300 miles.  If all get Riding Horse I's
              that's 25 MR with road (1.5x) that's about 37 miles
              per day.  I'll be generous and do 40 a day.  So that
              is about 7.5 days instead of 5.  I will redo the
              math this weekend and then figure out any possible
              random encounters.  The map is out there already.
              Using the road north then the main (red) highway
              due west to Samma.  So for now if you want to plan
              for let's say 8 days do so.  But keep in mind I have
              no clue what encounters will happen yet.  If you want
              to do stuff let me know.  I'll have better idea by
              next update on timelines.

              Rough idea -
                 Seeps  29-31  -  1-2
                 Octagi  1-6   -  3-8 days

              Stay tune for more info.  Keep in mind supplies each
              person has.  There will be 2 cities and maybe towns
              but that may be a factor.

          GM: The rental fees for horse was also over estimated at 5
              days.  But I am rushing the update due to time so can't
              fix now.  But I'll say 20 Gold for 2 weeks.  The bag
              of gold from Burz's place was about 37 gold.  If someone
              wishes to donate 3 more gold you can have the horses for
              a full month.  Let me know.  If not will assume the gold
              from the bag used.  I'll assume all get Riding Horse I's
              since that's the slowest horses for the party

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