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Kell's ears perk up at the mention of gambling.  That is one of his favorite pastimes!  "Please try to find where Ozon gambles.  I will look and ask at other gambling halls too."
"Admiral?  Admiral?  Can you tell us more about this admiral?"

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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.J H Hooten........YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
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      Game Update #32 in sequence (file #133)

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         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           Arawn knew it could take some time for Fremea to release...

           "Thank you for that. We appreciate the concern, truly....
         GM: Ack.

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 28th, 1634TH]
          [Location: North of Salaqara, Donara]

          [Time: 7:39am]

            Arawn knew it could take some time for Fremea to release the
          anger and tension generated by Niv's unsanctioned touch, knowing
          that for her sake it would be best to direct attention from her.
          The touch was a violation, even an innocent bump likely to be
          registered uncomfortably by one with her past, and having eyes
          or concern focused on her in that moment was likely feel like a
          further invasion to one who found vulnerability a challenge. As
          such he decided it might be best to continue leading the
          conversation until and if Fremea was ready to speak.

            The Alfar followed Niv as he directed attention to the blue
          vase, his eyes scrolling over its surface to study it.

            "Thank you for that. We appreciate the concern, truly."

            "I know little of this land but even I had heard mention of
          the wars that have been waged between Donara and the Sidh,
          among others. But hopefully we will not be completely without
          hope of allies there.

            My mother had told me of the nobility of the Salaqi, another
          group that had fallen to the Donaron's some time ago. I was
          told they still worship the Elder Gods, in particular Morrigan,
          Manannan and Epona. If this is true then perhaps we might find
          shelter and aid from them.'

            Arawn took a moment, seeming to consider certain things before

            "If it helps I seem to recall hearing that Ozon enjoys
          gambling as a pastime. Perhaps the gambling halls might prove a
          good place to begin a search.

            Also, if you know anyone who might have excellent knowledge
          of art that might be  useful as well, in particular the paintings
          of Gorlic."

            "As you're far more aware of the situation locally and the
          risks we might face in Donara, do you have any advice for us?
          Perhaps a change of attire, coinage, or disguise?"

            Niv waves a hand in the air, "I know nothing on the gods.  I
          only know what is here around me.  I'm not for the rebels or
          the Donaran people.  I'm here for myself and now for my family.
          Even in the midst of the rebels gold is king.  Like I say I
          hear Ozon works out in the west in Samma as I last heard.  I
          would have to find my contacts to get updated info.  If you
          suspect him in town here then I can point you to a few places
          to gamble depending on the style he likes low, medium or the
          rich games."

            Arawn looks at the vase with his other senses but finds no
          magical value to it at all.  It does seem to be a low level
          vase not too expensive though.

            Niv looks to Fremea and softens his expression.  "I am
          sorry I...went into your personal space.  I actually had
          no idea.  We humans touch a lot.  That means shoulders and
          backs.  I had no...idea."  He turns back to Arawn.  "I
          have seen Elves before so recognized some of the finer points.
          Believe it or not the Elves don't seem to scare most people
          here.  The ears can simply be explained as farm accidents and
          it works.  But her," he nods toward Fremea, "will have to
          remain in disguise for her safety.  They fear them and more
          so in the west near the Wild Forest.  None of you but maybe
          that giant friend of yours will have trouble in town, as you
          are now.  He will probably get a few looks.  Which will draw
          attention from her."

            Niv's eyes glisten with acknowledgement.  He turns to
          Fremea after he realizes her words.  "Your parents are
          missing and here?  That could be a problem. I do not know
          your...society well."  He considers his thoughts and takes
          a moment to continue.  "But I can certainly think on it and
          ask around town..quietly."

            Niv then turns back to Arawn with a bit of a laugh.  "I
          do not know art but there are a few art dealers and studios
          in town.  You do know who Gorlic is right?  Gorlic is a long
          family line in town.  Currently there is Admiral Martin Gorlic
          in charge of the local fleet.  His son is a captain as well.
          Beyond that I would have to research more."

            "Horses.  Where can we buy horses?" says Kiet.  "And, as you
          can well see, most of us are not from around here.  Is there a
          moneychanger you can recommend?"

            Kiet thinks for a second and says "Also, you should not worry
          about the cost of feeding us.  We can help pay for it."

            Niv grins, "it is not cost I worry about it is my wife.  She
          sees y'all and wonder if the circus raided the house."  He
          shrugs and waves a hand. "No offense.  We are not used to
          folks here especially this many at one time.  She would have
          to cook anything if you stayed.  But she is not back for
          hours.  As to horses I can say the Broken Saddle.   No.
          Owner is on vacation fishing and his partner would rob you
          blind.  So I'd say use the Crooked Back stables.  The owner
          is nice and will be fair.  I can supply directions when
          needed.  As to money lenders I rarely use them. I can't
          directly say who is the best.  But there are plenty around
          town.  I can give some directions near the stable as well."

            Niv stares at the window as Raban approaches.  A shadow
          drops on Unali's shoulder and she hopes that is Raban.  In
          fact it is.  He opens the window and leans down to say
          something.  "You know a Elf nearby?"

            Niv shakes his head his sons have big mouths.  He sighs
          and nods.  "Yes.  What of it?"

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update....Friday...

          GM: A good short update.  Good to see others post.  Anyone
              is free to chat/post.  Happy Birthday (this week) to one of
              our players who will be nameless.

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