[pnpgm] Game Update #27 - File #118 - Party talks to Farmer

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Fremea seems to be a bit uncomfortable and is thinking of what she is going to say. She hoped that Arawn would just speak for her, but he seems to think she should explain something. After a few seconds, Arawn does speak up, but not about what, just to get them some where else.

In Salaqi, "Yes .. um, a private place would be good." After they move to somewhere that is more secluded. "I ... my party ... friends," she is unsure of how to even begin or what to say to this stranger that the Elder entrusted them with, "... we are here to find my parents that I was taken away from so many years ago." Looking at this farmer who does seem like he would understand what she is really wanting, but hoping.

After a few seconds she takes a deep breath, lets it out slowly and starts again. "I apologize for my nervousness and for the abrupt appearance. I hope we did not cause any harm. I am in search for my parents, who have been hiding out, supposedly dead, though I have reasons to believe they are not. We were given this spot to use to come closer to the city to start our investigation. Though you may not need to help us any further than allowing us to come through your farm, I would ask if you can give us any contacts or information that might be useful." Though it was not a question, she looks to Niv to see if he might answer.
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