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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.J H Hooten........YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
     .NPC...............YY..Niko..............Bearer..Normal/Human  ..Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell, Wolf - Will

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      Game Update #45 in sequence (file #182)

      Admin Notes: None.

         From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
           Fremea feels like a little kid again as Etain starts...
           As the party leaves behind the maid and the house, she ...

           When they get back to the city (unless something really changes
           the plans), Fremea wants to take a look at that flying creature
           again at the studio.
         GM: Ack.

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
           "All right, people.  It's after 3:00 and we need to ...
         GM: Ack.

         From David: [Re: Actions]
           Yes, what you did with Kiet is exactly right.  His glamour will
           last longer and maybe give us time to get the heck out of Dodge
           before the solid excrement makes contact with the rotating air
           displacement device.
         GM: Ack.

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           "Your recognition is acknowledged and will be remembered

           [Edit out the part where Arawn asks the elf's name when
           they stalk the streets, please:)]
         GM: Ack.

         From David: [Re: Posts]
           Sorry about that...wrong list....
           I'm so confused...
         GM: Ack. I never got the original post so it on the other list
             though.  As to being confused they have drugs for that :) j/k

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           The elf's reaction did not surprise Arawn so much as his...
         GM: Ack. Since I got this and the email I wasn't sure which
             overrode the other so I combined the two which was fine.

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 28th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Salaqara, Donara]

          [Time: 2:05pm - The Gallery]

            Arawn smiles at Metai's final offer.  Course as Kell says
          there are no final deals until its done.

            Arawn paused on the street, turning around slowly only
          after a bit of what appeared to be ponderance. He faced Metai
          with an endearing smile.

            Arawn reaches out his empathic ability and tests Meai.

            "Hmm... I had hoped to mention your fine establishment when
          I presented it to the admiral. Oh, well, I'll have to ponder my
          gift options over lunch.  Perhaps I'll return. Thank you for
          your assistance."

            Metai begins to speak but after hearing the admiral his mouth
          closes tight.  "Fine.  Good day."  With that he closes the
          door and lets the party move on.

          [Time: 3:15pm - South Salaqara - Muon Burz's House]

            Inside the home Etain seems to look for clues as to
          this mysterious person that must've been in the house.
          Of course Fremea doesn't trust him fully for all she
          knows he pushed her into the painting.  Yet there is still
          the air of teacher-student relationship.  Could this be
          how she is to the street kids back in Sivas?

            Fremea feels like a little kid again as Etain starts his
          process of walking around and giving orders. She feels almost
          obedient to him, though he has nothing to hold over her any
          more. She should kill him, just for keeping her from her family,
          from her life, from everything that any normal Fae should have.

            As Etain goes through the house she just follows, all along
          struggling to understand why he is here and what is so damn
          important about this painting and device.

            Then Etain quickly exits and Fremea catches up to demand
          some answers.  Just as she is about to ask him, he drops to
          his knees and bows to Arawn.


          [Time: 3:21pm - South Salaqara - Muon Burz's House]

            The party looks at this weird older Elf with concern,
          intrigue and confusion.  Those who are friends of the Sidh
          can tell this Elf is older than middle age.  In human terms
          he might be at least 50 or in his 60s.

            Fremea is stunned. What is Arawn that would be so important
          that even this captor would bow to him? He is just an Elf. She
          shakes her head and wonders just what is going on. To Raban as
          he carries the maid into the house, "mind the vase."

            Raban nods and carries the maid inside to be turned wild
          with memory magic.

            Arawn seems a bit nervous at this odd reaction.  In the
          court of his parents he was given deference.  He was treated
          like human nobles are here.  But this is the first time
          being treated like this here in the middle world.  He has
          seen several Fae and Elfs alike like in the Pavassa forest.
          But they did not treat him like this.

            "Your recognition is acknowledged and will be remembered. I
          am Arawn, son of Morrigan and Payan and druid of the First

            "What is your name, prizzti? Whom is it you serve and what
          business has drawn you here?," Arawn asked the Elf after
          helping him to his feet.

            The Elf's reaction did not surprise Arawn so much as his
          presence, at least in light of the situation. That he was
          prizzti in a human, much less a Donaran's, home was odd to
          say the least and the tension that dominated the yard was felt
          by the sensitive Alfar long before he crossed the threshold. He
          knew something was awry but it did not stop him from giving the
          Elf a warm smile as he lifted him to his feet.

            "Then let us keep you on your feet." [in Sidh]  Before he had
          a chance to ask the Elf who he was Raban drew the Alfar's
          attention to the maid, ending further conversation until after
          the group had vacated the property. Moving through the streets
          Arawn was quite aware of the Elf's seemingly earnest search,
          the druid beginning to scan the surroundings in turn.

            Arawn helps the Elf up who clearly seems to have been
          unused to kneeling based on his wobbly knees.  "I am Etain."
          He glances over at Raban entering the house with the maid.
          "But I will explain more later you should join your friend.
          It seems he wishes your presence."

            Arawn nods and shakes his head entering the two story
          home with many questions in his head swirling about.

            Once inside the home, Arawn expands the forgetfull spell
          to hopefully help the party out in the future.  Arawn implants
          this memory into the maid.  With this implanted memory she
          will not remember for two full months.  Course the illusion
          will fade by then but it will be hard to explain.  It could
          mean her job but at least she will not remember for a long
          time and the party should be back home by then.

            She must had a standard day at the manor and after a bit of
          work took a brief break and walked out onto the dock. Standing
          on the dock she was startled by a sea bird that flew up from
          underneath and slipped off the edge, being just a bit too close
          to the edge. She'll recall smacking the back of her head on a
          portion of the dock as she fell (to cover the location Unali
          struck) and hitting the water. Luckily she was able to make
          it to the railing and pulled herself up.

            Making her way back to the house, through the open door,
          she was going to change into dry clothes but suddenly felt
          very light-headed, likely from striking her head on the dock.
          She was barely able to make it to the spot the party left her
          (the couch I believe) when she passed out.

            As Arawn does his spell work on the maid so she will forget
          they were there the others collect around Etain.  Etain's
          then explains in Donaran, "we should be moving.  Fremea
          come." He stops and turns around with a faint expression
          of doubt. "I mean. Please.  You are no longer my charge.
          Old habits are ...hard to change."  He moves toward the
          front yard and the street.  "We have work to do.  Please
          explain what you saw."

            Once at the street Kiet looks a bit concerned but watches
          the Elf with great intent.  But he speaks to the party
          at large.  "All right, people.  It's after 3:00 and we need
          to make some decisions on direction.  Do we find a place for
          the night or do we move on? Fremea?  What say you?"

            Kiet continues in Katai, "and let us not discuss what has
          happened while Niko is around.  He might not understand and,
          worse, might just turn us in."

            To Niko, Kiet says "Niko, we are on a quest.  Some of us,
          you have seen ( Raban flying, for instance) can use magic.
          That poor woman was spelled by someone or something, we don't
          know.  We helped her as best we could, and she should be fine
          now.  But it's time to move on.  I don't think we can learn any
          more here."

            Niko shrugs as if bored.  "I've been hired by some wizards
          to haul their gear.  No big deal.  You suspect magic?"  He
          gives a bit of a laugh. "I say too much whiskey."  With that
          the bearer keeps up with the others but at least 12 or 14
          feet behind the group to give the party their respect of
          their station.

            Once on the street Arawn and Rabnn jog up to join them.

            Arawn notices Fremea speaking to the group but when a pause
          comes he is eager to ask, "Who are you?.... and what are you
          looking for?" [Elf Sidh]

            Fremea started the details of what she saw in Donaran
          but when Arawn jogs up she fills in what the two missed.
          Those who do not know Donaran well others nearby help
          to translate in whispers.

            As the party leaves behind the maid and the house, she does
          her best to describe what she saw the second time from the
          painting. Stopping about mid way she asks, "What is so damn
          important about this device? And will it help me find my parents
          that you seem to know nothing about? I will not be swayed from
          getting to my family this time. You have stopped me too many
          times before. It is time you tell me the truth about why I was
          kept from them."

            Etain and the others walk up the street and crosses the foot
          bridge to the area leading to the city proper.  Etain seem to
          consider the words.  He does not answer for some time as if he
          is considering his options.

            Then the Elf finally speaks in Donaran again so as hopefully
          to share a common tongue.  For those who do not know the
          language others in the group help translate.  "I will be glad
          to go over things in much detail once we sit and get to know
          each other.  For now I am Etain N'ie'veri.  I am prizzti or
          for the humans here I am like an ambassador. I was trained in
          Elysium  as such to work with the Faerry.  I was sent then
          to Avalon where I would live there for the extended duration.
          You might say I was a go between the Elves, Human
          the Faerry.  In human terms I might be considered a majordomo
          or a chancellor or minister or such.  Why I am here is a long
          story that will have to wait.  But once I lost track of Fremea
          who was my student I sought...refuge here in this area.  In
          that time I...was lackluster in my well being.  I learned a
          few things from our mutual past and tried to learn more.  But
          I was blocked.  The painting is part of what I learned.  It
          was made by a man in the Gorlic family.  It was said that he
          could see the future and the past.  In such cases he would
          document the visions in his head by his magical paint.  I
          believe this painting showed an ancient past before the humans
          even had what they call civilization in many nations.  At least
          a thousand human years.  I learned from my research that it
          documented a event where a Kotothi Shaman of great power sought
          to end what fledges of human culture existed.  A allied force
          of Elven, Faerry and Humans had to battle and take him down
          at great loss to the thousands of lives and heavy damage to
          the Wilf Forest.  The device the shaman used was broken up
          by a ritual into three pieces.  It was debated that a piece
          should be in each of the three allies area. So a piece for
          the Elves, piece for Faerry and one for the humans.  But the
          my kind used great logic..and fear to sway the allies.  They
          took all three pieces.  Though they were wise they were not
          so in hiding the pieces.  For some reason instead of spreading
          the devices to the three corners they did it all here in what
          is now Donara."

            "The device itself can cause great chaos and havoc on
          humans.  Turn them against each other.  Turn their pets
          and animals against them.  Can even so they say affect
          the weather.  I learned that at least one piece was here
          in this city.  I also learned and kept tabs on the painting.
          They say that only a...select few of the Faerry can see
          the visions.  Suffice it to say I knew that Fremea might
          be able to see it."  He raises a hand to silence the
          Faerry before she speak up which angers Fremea more as if
          she is still a child.  "I can explain that later when we
          have time.  I did not know the location of this piece.
          But it seems another person did.  But I do not understand
          how she, he or it knew you were coming here?"

            By now the group has made it at least 2 miles inside the
          city away from the more secluded prime residences of the
          Burz area.  The group sees they are now moving from east
          to south again.  "The flag you describe has to be from
          only a few.  After all only companies like shipping or
          the nobles can afford such things.  This particular flag
          is the Gorlic family."  He stops briefly to turn around.
          "Coincidence I think not." He turns around and moves
          quicker south.  "We must find the Gorlic estate and see
          if this other person who was in that home is there as well
          to see if they will track the first piece."

            Fremea notices the party passes the street heading to
          the gallery.  She really wants to go back to look at
          a certain painting.  But if they do that the other
          person or thing could be too far ahead and hard to track.

            Etain moves over to Arawn, "as part of my training in
          Elysium I recognized your family - the Alfar."  He speaks
          in Elf Sidh.  He then leans in to whisper, "what brings
          you to this world?  Shouldn't you be up there?"  He
          then raises his voice higher.  "I almost one of your
          brothers he was visiting Avalon.  I was helping someone
          with something and by the time I was finished he was gone
          so never got to meet him."  He then lowers his whisper
          even further so on one can hear him.  "Why do you...
          associate with these people?  Especially the one with the
          hat?  He is a bit of a stain to us."  Arawn realizes he
          is talking about the half-Elf Kell.  Most Elves do believe
          pure lines are superior and half breeds are beneath the
          common kind.

            Before Arawn can reply Etain says out loud in Donaran.  "I'll
          check this store to get some directions.  Will not be long."

            Etain enters a half tavern, half general store.  Kiet and Raban
          can see in the window the Elf speaking to the bar tender.  They
          laugh and Etain drinks some small shot of something.  It is
          bad enough the Elf smells of rum and ale already he is drinking
          again.  As the Elf is waving hands and getting directions this
          gives the party almost 4 full minutes to discuss the situation
          and the Elf.

            Raban looks to Fremea, "there is something I don't trust about
          him.  I mean all Elves are more...dignified.  This one is a bit
          sloppy, unkempt, hair not trimmed, booze on his breath and his
          clothes are a bit tattered if look close enough.

            Soon Etain comes out and wipes his chin. "We are not far.
          Probably another 20 minute walk south west.  If this other
          person or thing is heading there he may have a head start. So
          we best hurry."  With that the Elf takes lead.

          [Time: 3:45pm - South Salaqara]

            The party moves quickly through the streets.  As they do they
          begin to see more of the wharf district with docks and warehouses
          all dotting the waterfront of the Sea of Tears.  As the group
          moves they notice the people thin out and less family oriented
          foot traffic to more workers and not so kind looking people.
          There are sailors, gang members, dock workers, warehouse
          bearers, clerks and once in awhile a lone guard on patrol.
          But no one seems to bother the party though they do gawk at
          Raban's huge form.  He could probably raise attention among
          Hill Giants as well.

            By now the party is thoroughly lost.  At times even Etain seems
          to be lost. But he finally asks some dock workers playing marbles
          for gold and get the final directions.  With that the party moves
          slightly north and then south again to a more excETain
          lusive residential area.  The street seems to be lined with 
2 story estates that
          line the small street.  Across the street is the Sea of Tears with
          docks.  Some docks are occupied with medium and large boats.  These
          docks seem to be able to house even a 150 foot long ship if needed.

            Etain seems to ignore the houses and then sees a dock with a flag.
          It is a blue flag with a anchor and stars.  Likely the rich owner
          of a merchant shipping house or something.  The second set of
          docks is where Etain stops.  He points to the flag.  It is the
          same one that Fremea saw in her vision.  Etain turns to the
          estate which is blocked by a high shrub.

            There is a single gate in the center about 7 feet tall which could
          allow two men side by side entry.  The shrub itself is about 11
          feet tall.  It is unclear if it is shrub or a fence is behind
          or among the shrub.  Etain begins to move toward the gate to
          get a better look.  The gate is wide but can show a 2 story
          estate that could probably have 30-40 rooms.  But it hard to
          tell.  Looking back there is a large 30 foot sailboat and a
          couple of large 8 foot row boats.  One side of the dock is
          empty but has large piles of rope for possibly a large ship.

            "Admiral Gorlic's estate I'm told."  Etain says out loud.

            "There!"  Raban points to the gate and just at the base of
          the gate the party can see two boots sticking out from the
          left with some legs.  The legs don't go up far but maybe
          a few inches above the ankle.  But it is clear that if it is
          a person he is sleeping or dead.

            Getting close to the gate the party can see the estate is
          about 50 feet away.  In the front yard is a small garden with
          outdoor chairs.  Then the party sees the front door of the
          estate which is under a arch and set further inside from the
          front steps. The party then notices two uniformed men on
          the small porch that is in front of the door.  At this distance
          it is unclear if sleeping or dead.  But at least one sword can
          be seen lying besides one man.

            The gate itself is like that of a jail cell.  There are thick
          bars rolling vertical from top to bottom about a foot between
          each bar.  There is a diagonal bar going from top left to bottom
          right to strengthen the gate structure.  There is a metal lock
          on the right side of the door.  Raban checks the gate and finds
          it locked.

            A couple of the others including Kiet, Z'leyra and Unali look
          inside the gate to the grounds.  The shrub seems to be the entire
          perimeter of the place but it is unclear if in the back.  There
          is another building in the right that could house a horse or two.

          [Time: 4:10pm - South Salaqara]

            Etain sighs, "we are too late."

            Raban speaks up, "maybe whoever whatever is inside?"

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update....Monday...

          GM: Sorry for the delays.  Couple times ran out of time.  Other
              times I need to do stuff. I still HAVE to do at least 3
              big chores here.  So hopefully won't be another delay.
              Course it could be maybe a test to see if some who
              aren't around like Will/Kell will post? :)  Nah. Maybe not.
              Next week starts my vacation periods so will have 4 days
              off next week.  So I hope to get the critical chore done
              by then since I need do.  If not I may delay the game.
              Time will only tell.

              Slight change on the spell on the maid which was from
              Arawn's email.  I reacted slightly different in the update
              But it still works out in the end.  Good add on the spell
              already did.

          GM: Mana report updated
              * Changed Kiet's Mana Sensing to Reading and readjusted
                experience and mana.

              * Arawn added to his forgetfulness so more mana spent
                so readjusted that part.

          GM: Map of Area -

              /I\ = North
               1 Row = 10 feet
               1 column = 10 feet

                   1         2         3         4         5         6
         B        I      :        Estate          :    [@@] I
         C  House I      :____________[,,]________:    [@@] I House
         D        I           ...                      [__] I   3
         E   1    I<-Shrub    ...                   Barn?^  I
         F        I   I                                     I
         G        I  \I/             Gate                   I
       _ H________I____________________/\___________________I________
         J                       Street
         L=                                  =
         M=                                  =##
         N=##                                =
         O=                                  =
         P=                                ##=
         Q=                                  =<--Dock
         R                              ======
         S                                 **=
         T                        Sailboat>**=
         U                                 **=
         V                                 **=
         W                                 **=
         X                                   =
           I = 10 foot tall shrub
           : = Side of estate walls
           = = wooden docks
           * = Sailboat
           . = Garden/outside furniture
           @ = Barn?
          ## = Rowboats

         Distance from Gate to arched foyer/front door 50 feet.
         Behind the home is not known or seen from this angle.

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