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      The elf's reaction did not surprise Arawn so much as his presence, at least in light of the situation. That he was prizzti in a human, much less a Donaran's, home was odd to say the least and the tension that dominated the room was felt by the sensitive alfar long before he crossed the threshold.  He knew something was awry but it did not stop him from giving the elf a warm smile as he lifted him to his feet.

   "Then let us keep you on your feet." [in Sidh]

      Before he had a chance to ask the elf who he was Raban drew the alfar's attention to the maid, ending further conversation until after the group had vacated the property. Moving through the streets Arawn was quite aware of the elf's seemingly earnest search, the druid beginning to scan the surroundings in turn.

   "Who are you?.... and what are you looking for?" [Elf Sidh]
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