[pnpgm] Delay...

pnpgm pnpgm at comcast.net
Fri Aug 16 06:46:25 CEST 2013

Well with a storm today did not get time to do much on the update.
Had to shut down.

Then ran out of time.

Then posts came in last minute..

So will delay till Monday if not sooner...if I have time..

Will give folks time to post..maybe KEll for example?

David what was that in reference to not seein gupdate?

Yeah.  The three best way sto check on updates are

1) Email.  Should come to you by Tuesday 1-3 AM EST so that mornig.
Friday 1 AM EST

2) Game Site.  Once I send out updates they are posted here at same 
time.  So if no email check here.

3) the pnpgm archives.  Sometimes the list does not send an email 
out.  Like in last couple weeks I did nto get 2 emails from the list 
so go figure. I check this each time i start update for missing posts.

Those are the ways to see and the updates are numbred so if missed 
noe you shoul dknow.

Thanks for patience..

I have figured out my vacation schedule.  I have a month to spread 
out in the next 4 months.  So I will have Thursdays off (except 
turkey day) and at least 3-5 Monday offs.  I'm normally off 
Tues/day/Wed.  So will have a bunch of 3-4 day weekends.  This will 
help for the Frida updates since i cna work more time on Thur if needed.

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