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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.J H Hooten........YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
     .NPC...............YY..Niko..............Bearer..Normal/Human  ..Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell, Wolf - Will

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      Game Update #43 in sequence (file #166)

      Admin Notes: None.

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           Arawn had not been comfortable with the thought of Fremea...

           "Find Fremea!," he cried out as he rushed forward to where

           OOC: How long will it take to reach the water? Ideally Arawn
           would have at least started walking over once she started
           towards the docks as he found her appearance there a bit
         GM: Ack. It is about 180 feet from the gazebo to the dock end.
             So if doing PMR 3 then 3=30 feet every 3 seconds or 10
             feet per second so 18 seconds walking.  I suppose to run
             about half that.  BTW the email on the painting I'll post
             here since didn't seem request to make it private and since
             it would have been done in front of the others.    Don't
             forget I post the scale on the maps. :)

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
           Oh, yeah...

           "Niko!  Stay here!"

           Sit, Ubu...stay...good boy...here's a biscuit.
         GM: Ack. The director who did the Dog died recently from all
             those 80s TV shows.

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
           Kiet sees the maid come out and Fremea's not with her.

           "Unali! Raban!  Go help that maid.  Everyone else inside!...
         GM: Ack.

         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           While Z'leyra doesn't know how to swim (yet, she plans on
           learning sometime), she will help clear the lungs of the lady
           after the lady is brought to shore and if needed will try her
           healing skills and spells at reviving the lady.
         GM: Ack.

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 28th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Salaqara, Donara]

          [Time: 11:43am - Touring the city]

            In the brief time away from the group, Arawn is visiting
          the Morrigan temple.  Arawn asks the priest if he knows
          of the situation with the Faerry and if he knows of any
          contacts.  The priest simply explains he does not.  This
          far east is it extremely rare to find non humans here.  But
          Arawn can suspect the man is too aloof and not eager to
          give info out.  Probably thinking that the Donaran's
          will terrorize him and the temple simply because he
          might be a "rebel."

            Arawn uses the water bowls and performs some basic
          prayers.  Then gives 3 gold as a offering.

            The priest bows to the offering in gratitude and
          explains that he might get more help from Samma
          being closest to the Wild Forest.

          [Time: 2:05pm - The Gallery]

            Arawn is still interested in the Gorlic painting.

            Metai's attempt at what amounted to highway robbery was
          immediately apparent, his greed seeming to override his reason.
          Arawn maintained an aloof, almost bored composure while the
          gallery owner began negotiations. The Alfar's eyes seemed to
          rest upon the painting though he continued to keep a careful
          watch on the merchant.

            "It's a quaint piece, interesting though, as you mentioned,
          far less so than the piece you sold to Muon Burz, the one I had
          originally came for."  Arawn allowed an almost wistful smile to
          creep onto his face, his eyes coming to rest on the receipt he
          had just shared with Metai.

            "I see that you charged Muon the same amount for his superior
          piece. You must think highly of him to have parted with that
          painting for so little a price." Arawn met the merchant's gaze
          while a pleasant smile formed upon his fair face.

            'And of course , with a man as respectful as yourself, I can't
          imagine that you'd think less enough of me to not do the same."

            Metai fingers his chin but it is obvious he is a deal broker.
          Making all the extreme gestures.  Kell won't be surprised if
          he claims to go broke if he sells the thing for cheaper.

            By now Fremea has moved toward the door not wanting to
          stay at this useless place.  Arawn follows but slower.

            Metai tags along like a pre-teen girl following older
          brothers.  "I could not sell it for less than 11.5.  I
          am a business man and I would lose money elsewise."

            Soon the party leaves the gallery.  Fremea glances back and
          around alleys.  There is something odd amiss.  No one has noticed
          it but it is like she feels being watched.  It could just be
          the paranoia of the day.

          [Time: 3:18pm - South Salaqara - Muon Burz's House]

            Arawn had not been comfortable with the thought of Fremea
          entering the manse alone, though not for lack of confidence in
          her abilities. To ease his concerns he had toured the grounds,
          enjoying the scenery while keeping an eye out for anything that
          might seem amiss. When the maid meandered down the dock his
          suspicions were raised, his worry confirmed when she dove into
          the sea.

            "Find Fremea!," Arawn cried out as he rushed forward to where
          the maid had disappeared beneath the water.

            Kiet sees the maid come out and Fremea's not with her.
          That's very odd considering her nervousness over even allowing
          anyone entry.  As soon as he sees the maid jump off the dock
          his internal alarms go off.

            "Unali! Raban!  Go help that maid.  Everyone else inside!  I
          think there's something wrong inside the house!"

            Will attempt to bust down the nearest door once we get to it.

            "Niko!  Stay here!"

            The group minus Arawn, Unali and Raban move toward the
          side door on the west side of the home that opens to the

            Unali begins to run toward the docks.  Raban takes a
          running leap and takes to the air as he can fly faster
          than he can run.  Arawn calculates the distance at maybe
          200 feet.

            Niko takes a sit on the wooden swing in the gazebo and
          shakes his head.  These people are a bit crazy.  Most
          folks hire a bearer for location to location or unload a
          wagon or something.  This guy just wants to walk around
          the city like a tourist.  Niko shakes his head he doesn't
          mind he will be paid regardless.

            Kiet, Kell and Will rush to the side door.  Though Kiet
          has only suggested Raban and Unali go help the lady.  Why
          does she need 4 to help her?

            Kell reaches the west side door and checks it and finds
          it locked.  Kell looks to Will to see if maybe he or the
          acrobat knows how to pick locks.  None of the three do
          so they stare at the locked door.

            Kell begins to look at nearby windows and checking them
          to see if unlocked.  Meanwhile Kiet stares at the door
          and begins to quietly cast a spell.  A few long seconds
          later the magical sphere moves out of Kiet's hand and
          enters the door.  Quickly the sphere begins to sweep the
          rooms inside.  Another ten seconds then the sphere finds
          a door to the outside.  This is the back door in the south.
          The sphere shows the door wide open.  This is the one the
          man left from.  Kiet curses under his breath and runs north
          to find that door.  As he does he sees the others on the
          dock working on the lady.  Kiet turns left to the east and
          finally finds the door inside.  He runs inside pulling his
          tulwar with Kell and Will following close on his heels.

            Meanwhile at the same time as Kiet is playing what is
          behind the locked door the other four move toward the docks.
          Raban leaps to the air and drops his bags.  Unali runs
          full speed toward and drops her own bag.

            Z'leyra determines that the lady may need healing and
          turns to help the others at the dock.  she runs after

            Arawn watches the others run and determines it will likely
          take at least 15 or more seconds to run that distance.  He
          drops his bags and begins to cast a spell.

            A few seconds later Arawn translocates to the end of the
          dock he sees.  He looks down to see the water full of foam
          from the sea but can't tell where the lady is.  She does not
          seem to be struggling.  Arawn drops his sword, quiver and
          begins to speak some words.

            But then Arawn forgets that he dropped his bag with the
          otter hairs he needs to shape change.  He growls under
          his breath.  It would take another few seconds to get them
          and start over.  Arawn decides to try to just do it the
          old fashioned way and dives into the water.

            It takes the Alfar a few seconds to adjust to wearing
          scale armor in the water.  He can handle it but it is a bit
          of a chore.  Arawn dives under the waves and looks for the

            By now Raban has landed at the end of the dock as well.
          He sees Arawn treading water and figures he can help from
          this spot if needed.

            Arawn finally locates the maid who seems to be not struggling
          but is moving her arms so at least she is somewhat alive or
          just a body reflex.

            At that moment Unali and Z'leyra run onto the docks and nears
          the end area as well.  Unali grabs a pile of rope that is used
          for some boats and hauls it forward.

            Raban leans down and tries to follow the movement of the
          black spots - Arawn it seems and the maid.  Arawn grabs both
          arms of the maid and kicks upward surging the 10 feet toward
          the surface.  Arawn breaks the surface of the water and pushes
          the maid upwards.  Raban reaches down and grabs the left arm
          of the maid and then the right and hauls the lady up with

            Arawn moves to the side of the dock as he notices Raban
          is not helping him.  He finds a small metal rung ladder
          and climbs up onto the dock.

            Z'leyra begins to treat the woman by pumping her arms
          and chest to clear the water from her lungs.

            As Z'leyra helps the maid, Kiet enters the house.  The
          acrobat uses his magical sphere to move ahead of him going
          from threshold to threshold.  As the trio moves to the center
          of the house they can hear voices upstairs. They move toward
          the stairs and climb.  Kiet uses his sphere to get there before
          they do.

            Kiet sends the sphere left and finds bedrooms with empty
          rooms.  Then Kell hears voices behind him to the left.  Kiet
          turns as Kell moves that way.  A couple of seconds before
          Kell reaches there Kiet can see Fremea and some man as if
          in some heated discussion.

            One hand with a dagger in it still, Fremea reaches over and
          touches the painting that she is standing facing.

            Prepared this time, Fremea places feet apart ready for the
          impact.  This time the visions come fast and larger.  So many
          images that will take time to process.  Fremea tries to
          concentrate on the images and directs the focus to where the
          nearest piece may be.  Thanks to time with Arawn she is able to
          focus her mental power to the task.  Years ago she might have
          just given up. But thanks to Arawn her focus is

            The images blur and mix.  A city.  A building.  A city.
          Water.  A forest.  A city.  Fremea's mind begins to ache.
          the man's voice is heard.  "Focus.  Draw upon the past and
          the future.  Use the present.  Will yourself to the nearest

            Will that man just shut up!  But soon Fremea's mind slows
          and a set of images swirl and then sharpen.  It shows a Elf
          in the dark.  He is entering a city gate.  In fact it looks
          a bit like the one the party entered in the north.  Yet all
          city gates are pretty much the same world wide.  Soon the Elf
          is walking on a street with large homes ending up in great manors
          and estates.  These homes could fit 30 or 40 rooms.

            The Elf seems to select one home and then the image changes
          to a man well dressed.  The Elf and Man seem to talk a long time
          in the shadows of a study.  Then the Elf hands over some object
          to him.  The image changes to show the Elf leaving and walking
          past docks out back.    The Elf stops to look at a lantern on a
          flagstaff.  It shows a waving flag in the light of the lantern.
          It shows a shield like crest of what looks like reptile
          creatures in green and a series of blue ovals around the crest.
          The reptiles look like salamanders and are inside the shield
          interior.  The color is a light red with the shield being white.
          The Elf looks at the dock to see berths that are empty but based
          on the length and ropes laying about this is not a simple dock.
          It could probably house a capital ship or two.

            The image fades and Fremea tries to draw more information
          but hears running footsteps toward the room.

            With the dagger now dripping with sweat from her palm and
          and from her forehead, Fremea looks at the man.  Fremea is not
          sure if this visions is a local city here or across the globe.
          Fremea hears voices coming and draws up to the center of the
          room awaiting for the others.

            Kell rushes in with spear in hand then Kiet.  Soon Will
          follows.  All three see this man standing in the room near
          the window in the far wall.  The group sees this man as a
          tall but hefty person with a long gray beard that reaches
          down to his chest from his chin.  When the man turns the
          party recognizes him as a Elf from his ears.

            The Elf does not seem to be in good health as if he has been
          in the sun too long with crinkled skin and his eyes show signs
          of age as if he must be in his upper 50s in human terms at the
          very least for Elf age it is hard to tell.

            The Elf looks at the ground to spot Kiet's sphere and Fremea
          then notices it as well.  Kiet is surprised since the other
          two men besides him did not see it.

            The room is on the south side of the house with windows
          facing the Sea of Tears.  It is a study or library of some
          sort with a desk, chairs and book shelves.   Between the
          two windows on the south wall is a large artwork.  It looks
          like to show a scene of a valley in the distance at night
          with a moon as a light focus for the viewer at the top
          of the painting not seen.

            The Elf simply ignores the newcomers.  He turns to Fremea.
          "Cut the painting out of the frame.  We...you may need it
          later.  Is there a illusionist in your party we could fake
          a painting here to give us time before its noticed being

            To Kiet and Kell it is clear Fremea is seething.  It
          seems the temperature in the room must be 30 degrees
          hotter or maybe its just Fremea.  The way she is holding
          the dagger near the Elf's stomach doesn't concern the
          party members too much.  At least she is safe for now.

            "Come on.  Get...I'm sorry your too old for commands
          now.  Please get to it.  What did you see?"  The Elf
          speaks in Elf Sidh.

            Kiet growls why is the Elf speaking in a language he
          does not know.  But clearly the acrobat sees the half
          Elf understands his words.

            Kiet uses the time to send his mana sphere around the
          room.  He notices behind the left book case is a small
          alcove that must be some kind of safe.  It is dark so
          Kiet can't see what is in it.  Kiet sends the sphere to
          other rooms and finds them all empty.

            Outside the maid coughs up the water in a few quick
          gushes.  "What in the name of the gods are you doing!
          Get off of me."  She tries to stand up.  "Why am I
          wet?  You fools toss me in?"

            The maid begins to walk down the dock pushing Unali
          out of the way.  "This is highly irregular!  I'll
          have to call for the city guards!"

            Raban glances to Arawn and the others wondering
          why the women is acting weird.  Maybe she is drinking
          a bit of the master's secret whiskey?

          [Time: 3:22pm - South Salaqara - Muon Burz's House]

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update....Friday...

          GM: A delayed update but I had to get some stuff behind
              the scenes with Fremea done some live chatting.  The
              details will be done after the adventure during the
              Behind the Scenes posting.  I still need to update
              that file a lot.  Sigh.  Had to also figure out
              the time frame for what happened inside and outside.

          GM: Arawn - Sorry a bit of fun.  Since the details on
                this Otter shape change was missing a few details
                like stripping gear off and then finding the heirs
                I had to do with what I had.  :)  By taking the
                gear and such off that might have been a few
                phases at least.  Then another to find the hairs
                and another for the spell.  So I think this was
                the best/fastest way.

              Kiet - Another missing piece of info.  Wasn't sure
                if you were willing to break the door down or not.
                So I assumed you would not and thus stalled and
                then found the other open door.  Logically if one
                saw her leave from the BACK of the house one could
                assume a back door not the side door.  I know
                its hard to get these maps in a 3d view.  But I've
                done them for over 20 years so this stuff is
                second nature. I forget maps may not be easy to
                read at times.  But couldn't resist the missing
                details to exploit.  :)  If Raban was there he'd
                have just torn the door off and been in right
                away.  But you did order him to the docks. :)

          GM: Next update? I am off Thursday so can work on update
              then all day if needed. BUT I'm behind some work I
              need to do at home like I got to plan my vacation
              days this fall, work on some 401k cleanup, got to
              research some computer stuff and the like.  This
              stuff I really need to do in the next couple weeks.
              So I MAY delay the update so don't panic if that
              is the case.  We shall see how it goes.

          GM: Map -

                South     1 Row = 10 feet
                          1 Column =10 foot

               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@#~~~~~~~~~/  Bridge
               :                              Dock       :
               :                                         :   S
               :               OO                        :
               :          SSS                            :   t
               :          SSS                            :
               :    -----------------/\-----------       :   r
               :    [  Fremea->X                 ]       :
               :    [ Libray                     ]   $$$ :   e
               :    [                            ]      *:
               :    [          2 Story           ]      *:   e
               :    [         Home 35' high      /   ****:
               :    [                            ]       :   t
               :    [                            ]       :
               :    [                            ]       :
               :    [____________  ______________]       :
               :               I \/  I                   :
               :       Porch ->I     I                   :
               :               I-,,--I                   :
               :                 ,,                      :
               :                                         :
               :                                         :


              Legend - /\ = Door
                 : - Hedge 10 feet tall of thick bushes
                     on street side a small wooden fence (N/W)
                 O = Outhouse
                 S = Shed building
                 ,,= Steps to porch
                 ##= Dock
                 @ = Rowboat
                 ~ - Water/Sea of Tears to south
                 **= Outside chairs
                 [ ] - Walls to home

             City is North and West (Bottom /Right of map)
             South is the top of the map

             Remember look at website if need to see map better.

             While the bulk of the city is in the north (Bottom of map)
             the residential area is secluded and so the party had to go
             a bit off the side track and then back over this way rather
             than a direct way.  So this is why the Bridge is in the south
             West area.

           Arawn, Raban, Unali, Z'leyra, Maid - Docks
           Fremea, Kiet, Kell, Elf, Will      - Study, House 2nd floor
           Niko                               - Gazebo sleeping

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