[pnpgm] Game Update #158 - File #1097 - Recons are made

Murtha, Mark Mark.Murtha at dishnetwork.com
Thu Mar 24 19:38:36 CET 2011

[Only 1 response to Toast Day.  Dang, loosen up people. :) ]
           Unali scans it and quickly finds it to be notes.  "Two
         strange flying things day 2.  Gray headed creature atop
         small flying disk flying over forest day 3."  Then there
         seems to be short hand notes that Unali can't decipher.

           Zhou asks, "So is he local military or a ally of the Vong?"

         [Time: 9:58am]


Examing the unconscious man and listening to the note read out loud perks up Kell's ears.  "By that note he is military and not a Vong ally.  Why would any Vong agent mention Gray headed creatures, flying disk, or flying things.  He'd know what and how they are."

"Still, better to not take any chances when he wakes up.  Let's tie him up, gently, to a tree so we don't have to worry about him running away.  Take away his weapons only, and let's not threaten him.  Make it clear that tieing him up is only for our protection, we may need him as an ally.  Then we can talk to him and see what he knows.  Why he is here.  Is anyone else here?  And so on."

This is posed more as a question than anything else.  Whilst Kell thinks it is a good idea to tie him up, just waking him up and watching him is fine too.

Ha'Kell definitely wants to be there to talk to the man.

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