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The hidden imp of mischief finds the lone dwarf by the desk and pinches him. Making sure to leave behind the well chewed pencil of the author.

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> Subject: [pnpgm] Update...
> Sadly got 5 public posts and 2 private posts tonight.  Even though did say I'd work on it Wednesday night which I tried but the spells took longer than expected to do.  I was off today..my last day of this week long vacation ...I checked email up till 8pm.  No posts all day.  I thought I was clear and could gt update out.  Would finish it in a few hours after that.  
> Then check at 9 and poof! they come in as sadly predicted.  :)
> So no update tonight.  Ran ot of time.  Plus with 3 of the posts I have to rewrite what Id id last night slight changes to the text from minor changes in actions.  
> Stay tuned for Monday's udpate if dont' finish it maybe tomorrow night or saturday...but likely Monday...
> Like I say thursday updates are rough especially when I work Thur/Fri I tend to need to work on them the night before.  But with last minute actions on Thur it makes things rough.  Monday its not a issue since up late and off Tuesday.  So can handle it with teh extra 2 or 3 hours I have that night.
> Enjoy the weekend.
> Happy St Patricks day!
> Pinch your pal.  
> Pinch your girlfriend
> Pinch your wife.
> Pinch your mistress
> Never pinch a dwarf.
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