[pnpgm] Game Update #154 - File #1071 - Goz'Yung

Mark love_to_travel_mark at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 7 00:21:48 CET 2011

[I liked the update.  Good description.  Nice how the Rising Mount fits both 
descriptively and literally.  Now to crack it open!]

Ha'Kell waits patiently for someone else to say something.  To say anything or 
point the way down, or give an opinion.  [Waiting and waiting... two days and 
nothing?  wowsa! :)  ]  Seconds pass, feeling like days in this exposed 
death-trap.  When no one else gives an opinion the half-elf can't contain 

"We need to head down now.  This pass into the valley is completely exposed; a 
deathtrap.  Let's move down.  Fremea, can you scout down there a bit? Will, you 
too, you know woods well and are dressed for it.  Don't get too far from each 
other.   Farseeker, take point in case of an ambush. Raban, can you go forward 
too?   Ben'dar, can you cover the rear?  With Z'Leyra and Kiet to watch also?  
The rest of us stay in the middle, but don't group too close.  Any possible 
flyers could hit a group.  If you think you're better at the front or rear, take 
that position.  Zhou, stay near Kiet."

"Once we're down off this pass and in cover we can formulate a better plan, and 
possibly find some entrance or find if we have to climb that mountainside."

Assuming we safely reach the forest, Kell will use his hiding abilities as much 
as possible.  He is also using his elven senses to look for mana nulls, 
listening and watching for flyers and the dog-like creatures.  Getting into a 
big brawl right starting here is very low on his list.

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