[pnpgm] Question on Spells & Alignments - re: Law, Chaos, etc for Protection, dispel, etc

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Thu Mar 3 05:42:32 CET 2011

Back in the '80s I asked Richard Snider about alignments. And got this 

*ALIGNMENTS Are there 4 or 7 distinct alignments? i.e. do you need 1 
spell (Protection vs. Elder) to protect you from: the Kotothi, the Sidh, 
the Elder, The Shamanic Elder, or do you need 4 different spells? This 
also applies to DISPELL/BANISH and to SUMMONING.*

[4][1] There are four distinct alignments. Within the Elder alignment, 
there are four subdivisions. Dispell/Banish Elder is good for any of the 
four groups.

See http://abroere.xs4all.nl/pnp/adderrata.htm

For how to make spells or items that affect multiple alignments I 
suggest rereading Permanent Magics.

         Alex Koponen

On 3/2/2011 10:03 AM, Murtha, Mark wrote:
> Hey Everyone,
> I've been thinking on this for a bit and need to make sure I'm clear.
> All Alignments:
> Law
> Chaos
> Neutral
> Balance
> Elder       (includes Grey wizard and Shamans, and Dark elder)
> Sidh        (or is this included in elder?)
> Shadow   (not sure if this is valid, but seems it should be valid)
> So - for each alignment, there are these alignment specific spells:
> Protection
> Summoning
> Dispel/Banish
> Purification
> Correct?
> Protection question.  I read Protection and it implies that caster 
> must cast the spell against a specific target to protect against that 
> target.  In other words, it's an active targeted spell.  Against two 
> things:
> 1.  That specific target
> 2. All things of that alignment
> Side Effect: The spell then also gives a "passive" protection against 
> the Spell, not target's, alignment.  Is this true?
> Active Example.  Bob is invading a Chaos demon-infested tomb.  He sees 
> his first demon, and casts EL3 Prot v Chaos against that demon, 
> targeting that demon.  Demon gets regular MDV to resist.     Duration 
> = 8 turns. Roll Modifier = -5.  Only for that demon attacking him.
> There is no purely "passive" protection spell.
>   -  i.e. Cast Protection v Chaos on wizard Bob.  Bob now has 
> protection against all Chaos attackers at the specified Roll Modifiers.
>           Passive Example.  Bob is invading a Chaos demon-infested 
> tomb.  He casts EL3 Prot v Chaos on himself.  Duration = 8 turns. Roll 
> Modifier = -5.  For any and all chaos creature attacking him.  Other 
> alignment creatures have no modifier.  Hope there aren't any Kotothi 
> monsters Bob!
> From the Book for Protection:
> *EXAMPLE *--- Oom, a Balance Wizard, casts Protection against Balance 
> to oppose a Chaos Demon. The demon resists with triple MDV. If Oom 
> succeeds, the spell affects Chaos while retaining its virtue against 
> Balance. The attacking demon and Oom both add the Roll Modifier.
> I don't understand the point that Oom adds the roll modifier. Help!
> Followup Question. How can one create a Protection Item, of the 
> passive version?    I want to make "shield of protection" that give -4 
> to all chaos, -4 to elder, and -4 to shadow attackers rolls.  Is this 
> Protection or some other spell?
> Thanks,
> Mark
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