[pnpgm] Status..

Scott Adams longshotgm at netzero.com
Sat Jul 30 06:13:29 CEST 2011

      * Update: Got swamped.  Plus I wanted to get the details out
      in depth so can let you guys plan.  So stay tuned.

      * Assassin/Execution skills: I've had a couple questions on the
      two skills.  I decided to type up a rules file on it.  These tw
      skills I've found to be the 2 most difficult skills to award
      experience.So I've typed up some comments.  I hope it answers some
      questions asked.  Sadly, i'm not happy with the file.  I spent
      a couple days working on it and the words didn't flow out as well
      as I wished.  It might even be a bit confusing and wordy (babling).
      I hope not.  I'll put it on the website soon.  If you don't care
      about these two skills then ignore the next post.

      * Past adventures: Two have mentioned interest in past adventures
      on the website.  Any others?

      * Yuuzhan Vong: Finally!  One of the players has figured out the
      Vong.  It was never a secret.  Been out there in the wild for
      what 5 or more years?  Another has some theories.  But I'll type
      up a big file on this for gee whiz fun to see why I've put them
      into P&P.

Thanks to Alex for proofing all the junk I produce.

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