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   At the man's words Arawn gently pulled his hand back, respectful of his wishes. He remained silent as the man spoke, though compassion shone in his eyes when the man dismissed his own worth. He understood the sacrifice the man was making and his desire to live or die with dignity. Looking to Farseeker and Unali he nodded, letting it be known that he was willing to allow the man the peace of death should they be willing to strike the blow. Arawn knew that he could do it but guessed that the human would find more dignity in passing from the hand of one of his own.
   In the precious few moments the man had left Arawn turned back to him and asked in a soft and calm voice,

   "We will save them but we need to know, how do we get to the others? And do you know what these beings great plan is? Where their leader is or where they are coming from? And, odd as it sounds, have you seen any sign of a great brain?"

   He paused for a moment before adding,

   "Time is short but whatever you share may make all the difference."

OOC: Scott, I'm up for having Adventures #1 onwards listed somewhere. I've been speculating on the Vong but think that the clues (or big clues) probably predated my time and I'd love to dig into their mystery:)
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