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   Just had a chance to read the post and I'm working on other/new ideas but for the time being but, seeing as the element of surprise is gone as far as this chamber is concerned, perhaps if someone calls out to the rest of the party regarding the last human.... 

(Arawn may do just that but, as he's invisible, he's not sure if he wants to ruin his chances of taking out the orb by alerting the Vong to his presence:)

And don't worry, there are several of us the dwarves failed to alert- the dwarves are gonna get flogged but good!

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OOC - Ya know, Ditto from Kell. He's too far away to change 
anything.  Unless the time warp happens to restore Ha'Kell's arm, in which 
case he'll impale the Vong in the face and attempt to help the human and prevent 
I didn't get any inclinatin there were 
humans/slaves/captives in the room.  Flog the dwarves 

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  #175a - File 1220 - Hold time


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    I've halted the update for now.  I thought I had a plan
              with Will's teleport but in thinking it 
    over he wouldn't
            have known 
    about the slaughter.  So doing a 1 phase teleport
            isn't realistic.  Arawn has a plan as well. 
     But there
            is some issues 
    I outlined in his email.  Arawn will have to
          consider the option to cast a spell to save the human 
            prevent the Orb giving a 
    warning.  If the human is saved
      then the Orb could notify all the Vong and stealth is ver.
              If the Orb is destroyed which he could do 
    by hand then
            the human MAY die 
    but he could save possibly hundreds more
        humans who may be captive elsewhere.  By the time the 
            leaves this cave hundreds 
    could be slaughtered.  So is
      one human worth hundreds?  If Z'leya's telepathy was 
            active I could say she 
    warned Will about the humans during
      the fight and he turned and teleported.  But the spell 
            gone so it would take a good 
    phase just to discover it and
    might be too late by then.  So I'll hold things off here
              so folks can re-iterate or replan 
    strategy.  I can still
    Arawn's emailed plans and it could still work.  The spell
              in mind could affect the human and shaper 
    at once. But
            if the spell fails 
    or the effects fail.

    think about new options. If not I'll try to work on
          Arawn's plan and invoke them next update on 

            I would say go back 
    2 phases due to the mistake by the
      Dwarves.  But sadly the detail already done in terms 
            experience and other data 
    would be difficult to back
    track.  Its not impossible it would be highly difficult.
              I'd have to reverse engineer some 

  OOC:  I thought that Will was probably to far away and to involved 
  to be of much help still hes open to suggestions.  It seems to me that 
  rescuing the human and stopping the shaper form using the orb are both 
  priorities.  We have already let one Vong escape and the clock is 
  ticking.  The human could give us the edge in information that may help 
  us get to the next phase of the operation ahead of the curve and still 
  surprise them.  Of course if the shaper alerts the entire complex then 
  all bets are off.  If the vong could at least be delayed and Will be 
  alerted maybe he could still be of help.  

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