[pnpgm] Riding to the Farm on the way to kick the Vong's butts

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[Great last post.  I enjoyed it a lot.    Although Kell would hang out of range of a dagger fighter and not charge.  Spear & Shield v dagger?  Use the reach and defence.  But still fun.  :)  ]

[Augado 7th, 1634TH]
 end of the second day riding, at camp

Ha'Kell has been normal over the last three days for the half-elf, meaning talkitive and friendly with anyone who wants to chat.  Squirt is a favorite topic he brings up and anyone listening notices he misses the little furry critter with red eyes.  This is the longest that Squirt has been apart since he was born, and he can be somewhat mischevious with anyone but Kell.  Maybe the people watching him still have a house, hopefully.

That night in camp, preparing for combat practice Kell opens one of his packs on one of his pack horses.  Taking out a long item, he carefully unwraps it, revealing a somewhat plain looking but well worn large sword.  A bastard sword some know, whilst some just see a bigger sword than usual.  He carefully places the wrapping back on the pack horse and begins to clean and oil it.  Once it shines to his satisfaction, he straps the sword onto his back then joins in the combat practice.

As the practice progresses people can tell he's better with the larger sword than any of his other weapons, even his favorite spears and tulwar.  During a break he says, "A good friend taught me how to use this and gave it to me back at home.  It's old and plain looking, but he knows its long history and thought I should have it.  I wish he were here now.  He might even be a near match for Farseeker!" grinning at the big man; wondering how that fight may progress were it to ever happen.

As practice starts againg Kell finishes with "I save this for special occasions.  This is one of them."  Brandishing it and practicing both single handed with his shield, and two handed usage of the weapon.


           Caladan stops and rests, leaning characteristically on his
         tall war staff.  "Been thinking on those flyers.  If we can
         create strong wind and get them near the ground we could in
         theory crash them.  I have some wind magic but it would be
         tricky timing.  Those things on the front and back seem to
         suck in things...not sure how it would do when hit the ground
         but a strong impact could crack the shell of those things."

Ha'Kell looks to Caladan with his piercing blue eyes, "Good idea.  I can summon a variety of things that may work, including Air Elementals and Jinn, but I don't know any spells strong enough to directly do that.  Perhaps my Whirlwind, but I doubt it's strong enough.  Maybe if we merely point them into the ground, they'll drive themselves down and crash?"

Taking a drink of wine and a nibble of food, "I was planning to summon two, maybe three, Living Earth Elementals.  They should be both a great distraction and a great frontal assault.  The way I account balances, each of them will occupy several Vong.  And attrack the bugs, hopefully, that will just either burrow into earth or bounch off them.  Those bugs I don't think can impact living earth.  Being nearly pure magic I bet the vong go nearly beserk after them, leaving us more free."

"Whilst we don't have two hundred lancers," glancing at Kiet, "they will help tremendously.  Have you seen what one can do, let alone two or three?"

[More to come.  Out of time for this right now.]

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