[pnpgm] Happy New Year...

Scott Adams longshotgm at netzero.com
Sat Dec 31 06:56:25 CET 2011

Staff has been slacking..I took away their cookie and pudding snacks so maybe they'll strt back again.

On the ongoing computer fun...Last sat got computer back cleaned of the virus.  

Memeo Send a file sharing program was coming up at boot saying needed a new version.  Well I have no need to use Send as it was part of the Memeo package which I mainly wanted for backup.  So I figure just run windows and have it uninstall it. No uninstaller but found the program and removiedi it or said it was done.

So reboot to check teh startup agan..

It boots..and boots and boots..
Seems some failure..I run system recovery and says Windows corrupted.  
This was X-mas.  I sepnt most of my day going over options.  Could try to reinstall reformat or run chkdsk. In past we know chkdsk has messed up HDs.  But didnt' want to do that untll tech checked it out.  So took it back to shop Monday.  

They were busy due returns and holiday and tech not in till a day later anyways.  So finally tonight (Fri) gets it done with a new format.  Send is now removed after Mememo installed. It is working fine.  

So in case record or betting pool is going on this is 2nd format in a month first due to some odd DLL issue afer printer driver upgrade.

So I go to pick it up again tomrrow.

So another week of installs and such.

I know things with game ahs been slow. But I figure folks are also busy with holiday.

Tried to work on update last couple nights.  Had some issues with the files.  

So ran out of time.  

So I will whip staff int shape and hopefully start new year great.  If none by Monday will try tuesday.

Sorry for the trouble..

Hope all had good Xmas
and hope a New Years!

Till then...

Frustrated Windows 7 user..
(Why doesn't Bill G answer my calls?)

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