[pnpgm] Game Update #199 - File #1324 - Party preps to leave

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Ha'Kell nods at the villagers as they leave.  

Turning to Unali "I volunteer.  I'm not the most stealthy, but perhaps my senses and vision will help.  Unless someone else wishes to lead?"

"What about an illusion?  Are we doing this or not, or should I send Squirt to scout ahead?  The illusion may just mark us more clearly for the Vong."


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Unali extends her hand to Zhou to wish him well: "Keep them safe Count. 
We will see each other outside again." She keeps looking in the direction of the exit until all are out of sight in the tunnel to the other cave.

Then she becomes all business again: "OK, let's go. Who is in front with me?"

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