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   Not sure if the party has decided whether to keep the 4 volunteer villagers with the party  or have them return with the rest of the villagers and Zhou but in case it hasn't been decided....


   Upon rejoining the others Arawn listened patiently as he was caught up on the party's discussion regarding disguises and the possibility of having villagers joi the party for further exploration into the cave complex. When the others were done he waited until the villagers were out of earshot before voicing his concerns.
   Siding with Lin he advises against it, warning that the villagers lack of training and their anger towards the Vong could cause them to react in unexpected ways, possibly ruining the party's chance for surprise if they should charge at the wrong time, cry out or go against a plan, thus compromising the mission or serving to distract members of the party when focus is necessary. In addition their lack of combat experience and proper equipment means that it would be a suicide mission for them. He also supports Lin's view that the villagers would likely react quite negatively once they discover the party's ability to use magic.

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