[pnpgm] Status...

Scott Adams pnpgm at comcast.net
Sun Dec 4 06:50:35 CET 2011

Installed Cuteftp for here to do teh ftp site updates for 
website.  Though Wijndows doesn't like the firewall acess.  But I 
don't fear from Tobies site.  MAybe I'll get a firewall friendly ftp later.
It is tested.

Also using Dosbox for my faster processing.  Also tested my ancient 
Edit dos editor.  I simply find it FAR faster than GUI editors.  So 
as long as I can save the file editor is up.  So I think I'm almost there.

I know stupid huh?  But I find GUI and windows so slow.  By time I 
click on icon I could be done in Dos 10 minutes ago.

Tuesday mom has second cataract surgery early 6am so will have to 
likely get up again at 5 something.  Sadly if I sleep at 3am Mon 
usually that could be bad. So Update could be affected.  I'll try to 
work on it Monday night but we'll see how it goes.

Also Trillian and Email is all working. Some already are 
sendingemails to menew address.
IF your on ICQ I can add you asap to Trillian and chat with you.
Used to chat with ARawn.  But chat wtih Alex nightly.

I'm not sure if Trillian can add users say if your on yahoo without 
me having a yahoo account.  I need to research that.  Example I'm not 
on Twitter but Trill can add contacts from TWitter but I think I have 
to be on Twit with an account.  So will research it.

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