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Fremea looks puzzled. "Truly I do not understand your thinking. It is a simple spell. As I was taught to use it with our language itself. Though I suppose if I wanted to just cast it, I could do that too, without speaking the tongue. Though I am not sure if there is much resistance, the other device withered very quickly, only once it did the implants and bugs inside her were free to do what they wanted without constraint. Your ways seem far too complicated."

She turns to Chion, "If will not take too much time to transport her, I will go with and Awarn will stay here to tend to these humans. I understand the ways of the Fea it seems." With that she waits.

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   As he waited to hear from the mages and unsure as to what Chion and Caladan would choose to do, Arawn seemed to ponder something for a moment before adding,

   "If I need be that I should Slay the Tame, Fremea, the spell you cast, was it taught to you in a proper manner it or was it cast through the power of your spirit? If the former, were you able to free her with the most basic of castings (EL 0)?

   I'm sorry to ask but I wonder if the life-force of the Embraces is strong enough to resist a basic casting or if something stronger is needed."


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