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   Arawn listened as Fremea shared the plight of the poor Faerry, sadness and compassion evident on his face.

   "I will go with you to the chamber. She has passed and it is my duty to see her spirit put to proper rest."

   He then listened as she shared the use of the Slay the Tame spell, his eyes drifiting to the prisoners still trapped in the Embrace.

   "Thank you for the suggestion, Fremea. I had considered using the spell but realized that the energy needed to cast it to affect each Embrace was far too costly, too draining, in comparison to a single Teleport and a possible Sleep spell."

   He turned to reply to Chion's question.

   "If it's not a problem I would prefer the Teleport, Chion. Calling on the power to Slay all three Embraces will drain a portion of my spirit severely and I think I may need to conserve it as we move further in. But if you do not wish to do so then let me know and I will call upon the magic.
   Either way, once we're done here let us check on our poor cousin that lies beyond."
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