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Unali finally seems roused and speaks up: "Zhou, please lead them to 
safety. I feel the strain of all these fights is getting to the group. 
The vong are many and we are spread thin here. We certainly don't need 
the strain of having to watch and protect an unarmed group of friends.

Mun, for your safety and ours, it would be wise that you find shelter in 
the big cave or in the forest outside soon. Zhou or others could lead 
you. But with all the unknown Vong still waiting behind this door 
(touches the door with her hand) we cannot spare more than one able fighter.

Please go. If there are more friends that can be saved we will do 
everything we can. The Empire will wake to another day."

OOC: Scott, thought I had sent an email earlier moving Unali to the 
door. Missed that in the updates. Farseeker to the rescue though. No 
need to correct, but not sure if my emails reach you off list.

On 11/29/2011 09:52 PM, dasandersx at comcast.net wrote:
> Zhou looks to Kiet. "You could go with us and likely be out
> of the fight or stay and get some more Vong using your sadistic
> ropes like some bar whore who wants to punish her man."
> Kiet hears the words of this hapless ingrate. How many times have these
> 'sadistic' ropes saves his life or the lives of one of the group? Has
> not Kiet himself been put at extreme personal risk casting magic on Vong
> in order to protect this unenlightened clown?
> Kiet considers casting just such a spell as brought down a Vong
> flyer...but only barely manages to withold his anger.
> Kiet says quietly, and in low, controlled tones "I'll be staying here
> with the others. If you flee with the prisoners, thankfully,I at won't
> have to watch your back. And you're far better off that way..."
> At this, Kiet turns away from his former charge and moves over to talk
> to Kell.
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