[pnpgm] Game Update #68 - File #564 - Raban gets a suit

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Fri Jan 29 09:01:17 CET 2010

<'jhooten at windstream' should replace 'jhooten at binary.net' as that one 
will be retired finally after 20 or 30 years of use or so. At least that 
will get rid of 500 spam emails a day!
<I could not find a way to change the email address on the server
<LOL Fremea could have dressed him any way she wants and he would not 
complain....much. That is his role and it helps draw looks away from her 
to some extent.
<It could get hard to maintain dignity if she went too silly though so 
it could have caused some unneeded deaths of fools. But that too could 
fit the role.

"She's a spit fire isn't she." As he wraps the tape around his neck.

    Toban (Raban) replies softly so as to not mess up the measurement, "As the Master's only living child she can do as she pleases. But I am honor bound to do as she asks and many have died from not showing her the respect she is due."

    "No, I do not like hats as they can be distractions. I trust in your judgment of such details, but be sure to allow for fast fluid movements. I am faster and more flexible than most men even though I am so much larger. That is an advantage I prefer to keep."

    "Leaving them with the clerk this evening is acceptable."
<There is some confusion on timing with evening and tomorrow? But I believe the correct one was evening.>

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